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// Do you feel that you are stuck in a way of life that is repeating itself over and over again and looks a little like:

  • Being in survival mode
  • Feeling fearful
  • Worrying about the future
  • Thinking of the past


// Do you know that you have more to offer; yet withdraw, play it safe, play it small and hide?


// Are you sick & tired of feeling locked, trapped into a way of life that you don’t prefer?


// Every time you try and make a change you just get sucked back into your old habits?


//Do you tend to focus on things not working out vs. things working out?


// Do you tend to doubt your abilities and what you can offer in the world?


Most people are stuck in a way of life that they don’t prefer. Do you feel powerless & live a life that is predominately fear based?  Do you know why you do what you do?  Most people take action because they are afraid that if they don’t then negative consequences will affect their life instead of feeling inspired to create what they want.


The good news is it’s possible to live in an alternative way.  The alternative is to be an empowered person.  A courageously empowered person no longer believes that their circumstances dictate how they feel.  An empowered person has spent the time to get clarity on what it is they truly want in their life.  Not buy into a dream that society has sold them, which may be completely out of the scope of your own values.


Retail price $397 special offer for the summit $197


inner-strength3My name is Nicolas Perrin and since 2006 I have been exploring transformation, authenticity and real, heartfelt empowerment.  I’ve exploring the big questions such as who am I? Why am I here? What is life all about? I have transformed my life from being a puppet, fragmented individual to an empowered courageous human being.  I am deeply connected to my heart and intuition and can play in the uncertainty of the unknown. My life hasn’t been this way always you see….


For most of my life I lived as a puppet version of who I thought I should be.  Like a chameleon that changes colours depending on its environment, I would morph and change depending on what I perceived was necessary to fit in, belong and be acceptable.  I never did super exceedingly well or did particularly poorly because standing out in either side of the spectrum would create attention.  Life was perceived as a struggle, dangerous and judgemental.  My strategy for survival was to blend in and be like everyone else.


inner_prisonThe first 23 years of my life consisted of blood, sweat and tears. With the countless hours in the gym, partying up a storm and constantly looking to be validated and approved in my finance career I realized I was missing something ….  That missing piece was ME! Instead of spending all my time out in the big wide world … it was time to spend time finding me.  The catalyst of change occurred when I cancelled my New Years eve plans to sit at home and draw a circle which I divided into 4 quadrants: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  I realized that all my attention was on the physical and I had almost no relationship to the other 3 segments.  The penny dropped in that moment that for me to live a fulfilled and happy life I was to embrace, accept and know all parts of myself and to start an epic quest of “Knowing & experiencing me as me”


be-the-change-ghandi-quoteThis decision changed my life forever. I realized the only way the outside world would accept me was when I accepted me.  Through building a strong relationship with my heart, following my intuition and creating an expanded mindset I now am an inspirational speaker, coach and facilitator. As Gandhi said “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  We are all a unique expression of creation that is experiencing itself through it’s own unique perspective.  Find and own your piece of the humanity puzzle if you truly want to find eternal happiness, joy and inspiration.


I have mastered many modalities such as Reiki, Reconnective healing, Theta Healing, Matrix Energetics, coaching, authentic communication and the unconscious body/mind mechanisms, in the world of transformation. I know how to play in the quantum world of infinite possibilities. I can guide you and show you how you can too.


I have created a powerful 4-week course that will give you the pathway on how you can move from feeling stuck in a reality that you don’t prefer TO being empowered, certain and inspirational so you can live the life you love.


Over the 4-week’s we’ll be looking and sharing 4 X 90minute live master class calls on:


Week 1:

Laying the Foundations: Welcoming you to the world of Infinite Quantum possibilities.  Moving you from the Newtonian view of reality to Quantum reality.

  • What is physical reality?
  • Understanding how you create your reality (Be -> Do -> Have model)
  • What does it mean to “Be” the person I need to be to experience the life I’d love?
  • Moving from a victim consciousness to an empowered consciousness
  • Understanding the power of beliefs
  • The 4 over arching laws of the universe
  • Getting clear on what it is you’d absolutely love


Week 2:

Getting crystal clear on the type of person you’d absolutely love to be in your life.

  • Go through a deep transformative meditation where you get to experience what it would be like to be the ultimate version of you
  • Get clear on the qualities & virtues you would most like to embody
  • Importance of Intention -> Attention -> Focus
  • Start to shift your focus in life on what you’d absolutely love
  • Learn how you can start to embody & integrate the new version of you


Week 3:

Dealing with your old patterns, fears, limitations

  • Understand what is happening when your fears, limitations and old patterns come back
  • Beliefs & Perceptions creating your reality
  • Learn how you can neutralize negative energies in an easy and fun way
  • Learning the importance of being present & how to be present
  • What happens when we think of old stories in the mind (living in the past or projecting into the future) and to break free from these patterns


Week 4:

Mastering Transformation

  • Learn the key elements of transformation?
  • Experience transformation at the deepest of levels (resonance work)
  • Learn how you can implement it in your life going forward
  • Taking inspired actions now.


The thing is if you keep making the same conscious & unconscious choices nothing will change.  To bring in new opportunities and possibilities it requires action on your part.  Life rewards action because it shows your willingness to live a life you love.


Retail price $397 special offer for the summit $197


We will be spending 4 X 90minute calls together that will be experiential as well as learning all the latest wisdom to support you in becoming an empowered individual.


I will record the master class calls so you can access them later too.


This is a powerful course which I have crafted together incorporating over 9 years of practice, integrated knowledge stripping away the most necessary and effective practices to create the most effective results in your life.


This is what you can expect to take away:

// Know how you create your reality and begin to learn to create a reality life that is heartfelt, authentic and ultimately a life you love.

// Moving out of a victim consciousness to an empowered consciousness.

// Have clarity on where you’d like to be

// Experience & start creating the new version of you now

// Living in the present moment and being more mindful

// Learn how to neutralize emotions from the past that keep us stuck in old patterns

// Know how to self transform and what are the key elements of transformation

// Instead of change and the unknown feeling scary, have a new profound relationship with the unknown.

//You will receive the 4 audios, interactive exercises and you can email me directly with any questions you have on the course.


As Albert Einstein says, To solve the problems you are experiencing in your life now you must raise your level of thinking and energy to be able to access the solutions and create new results in your life.


Einstein-geniusStaying where you are now will keep creating exactly the same things.  If you want to live up to your potential it will require changes.  By taking a step forward and receiving support from someone who has been in your position will be like walking down a dark pathway at night with a torchlight switched on.


Retail price $397 special offer for the summit $197

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