6 Reasons people stay in a job they hate & 6 steps to freedom


Are you stuck in a job that you don’t fully enjoy OR are you in a career because you’re ‘good’ at it and because it pays the bills?

According to Forbes 70% of people in a job they don’t love. If your life feels like one big routine, boring and mundane then you are experiencing some of the symptoms of not living on purpose. Perhaps in your spare time you are a visionary that wants to live an inspiring life yet the fear, doubt and old habits keep you stuck?

If you’re waiting for the weekend to come along so you can go out and let loose, forget your worries and life then something is clearly not right. Why wait till a midlife crisis or some big disaster to come into your life that is highly stressful to force you to look at what is not working? Stop creating excuses or deceiving yourself that next week it’ll be better.

Here are some of the key reasons why people sell their soul for money & choose to stay in a job they don’t love:

a) I can’t earn a decent living doing what I love & feel passionate
b) I don’t have the skills & knowledge to transition
c) I don’t even know what my purpose or values are
d) I’m afraid I can’t be supported
e) I have loads of debt and feel stuck
f) I’m afraid to step into the unknown

Ultimately even though so many people are not happy with their lives they perceive that the pain they are experiencing now is better than stepping into the unknown and taking a risk. The mind has 1 very simple motivation mechanism that works for everyone which is:

Your mind will always move in the direction towards perceived pleasure and run away from perceived pain. I used the words “perceived” delibrately. What I mean by this is, the stories & beliefs made up in the mind is what creates the fear NOT the actual experience or event itself. A classic example of this is, there are many entrepreneurs who jump right into the unknown on a daily basis yet their experience of the unknown is one of excitement. So if one person’s experience is excitement and another’s is fear then what is creating this difference? The answer is the beliefs or definitions that you hold to be true about yourself & life.

The good news is that all these perceptions, fears and limiting beliefs can be changed. Letting go of these blockages is one of my core competencies if you feel stuck. Here is a road map that I use to support people in moving forward & getting awesome results in their life:

1) Clarity – Finding out what lies in your human potential & what is your next step in life to be on purpose
2) Creating the new version of you “State of being” that reflects the vision you’ve created from a place of clarity.
3) Integrating Universal Laws & knowledge
4) Transformation: Letting go of fears & limiting beliefs,
5) Heart/Intuition – Knowing how to navigate in the unknown
6) Tracking/Measuring against the outcomes you’d love to experience in your life

Ultimately the question lands back to the following:

Are you prepared to make some changes in your life so that you can live a whole, happier, fulfilling, successful life? Only if you say “yes” I’m willing to make some changes and commit will anything new unfold for you. The good news is you don’t need to know how things will happen. This is not your role and nobody on planet knows how things will unfold. You only have to make a decision on what you’d prefer to experience in your life.

I made this transition myself having been in the corporate banking world in my previous life and I am now a transformational & intuitive coach supporting people like you to have clarity on your purpose, release & let go all those fears, limiting beliefs & perceptions that keep you stuck & build an expanded mindset to create a life that absolutely rocks for you in all ways possible. If you’d like to find out how please check out my 4 trainings videos found on my home page www.LionHeartCoaching.com.au or let’s arrange to have a conversation if you have some question by emailing me at Nicolas@lionheartcoaching.com.au

The choice is always with you. I know from personal experience that you can live a life that you absolutely love.

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