The 7 Pillars of Self Acceptance

A course in self-awareness & transformation created by Nicolas Perrin


Do you find that you see the wrong or negative in situations?

Do you tend to complain to others why your life is not working?

Do you find that you blame your circumstances or other people for the misfortunes in your life?


Would you like to wake up every morning feeling inspired to act on your dreams?

Would you like to know how you can transform yourself from limiting beliefs, patterns, self sabotage or procrastination? 

Would you like to let go of the excuses of why you can’t have the life of your dreams and explore with curiosity how life could work in your favour?

The good news is that clarity and support is just around the corner.

When opportunities come your way do you tend to deny yourself of stepping up in your life with the excuses:

  • I don’t have the money
  • I don’t have the time
  • I’m not capable
  • It may work for others, but it won’t work for me


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Did you know that blindly listening to these fear based excuses is like inviting a thief into your house to rob you of all the treasures that belong to you?


By shining a light on your habits of self doubt you will be free to let go of the negative self talk so you can explore how you can bring your talents, gifts and inspiration into the world.

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This dynamic 7 week course will create a powerful foundation for you to bounce to the next level of your life. We’ll be exploring:

// What keeps you “stuck” – how to free yourself from your self created prison

// Becoming self aware of the reality you create (seeing everything for what it is and choosing what is useful and not useful.

// Tapping into your infinite pure potential and starting to find the answers within yourself.

// Looking at the 3 core problems that create self doubt and releasing them from your life

// The power of the present moment and learning how to be present in your life.   Real power and choice only exists in the present moment.

// The importance of developing a strong inner connection with self.  Learn how to access your internal GPS system.

// The power of gratitude and knowing that having an attitude of gratitude is the doorway to abundance, self transformation and more joy in your life.

// Learn how to self heal and self transform yourself.  You will learn the key elements of transformation and how you can take yourself to the next level of life experience

// Experience yourself  moving from self-doubt, confusion and pain TO self acceptance and freedom.


All pain & suffering that exists in your life is the resistance you have to your true core self.  Your Authentic Self.  This course will support you to create a more dynamic relationship with your Authentic Self and to be an empowered, free sovereign human being.


The benefits of this course include:


// Knowing that you are a powerful creator and understanding how physical reality plays out for you in your life.

// Transcend self-doubt into self acceptance

// Have a deeper sense of presence in your life

// Experience more gratitude & appreciation which creates more abundance and flow for you

// Learn how to transcend judgement and be free from limiting thoughts or beliefs about yourself and life.

// Learn how to foster a stronger inner connection with yourself

// Self transform and heal yourself to step into a life you love & prefer.


Why can I support you? Here is a little about me:

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10 years ago I was working in a corporate finance job and was living “the dream” that everybody had sold to me for my whole life.  The dream goes something like this:

// Work hard and build up a successful career (get credibility)

// Have a beautiful body so you can be popular and attract the ideal partner in your life where you are the envy of your friends and acquaintanences

// Buy a house and built financial freedom through a mortgage

// Have a flashy car

// Go on cool holidays around the world

// Become an A-lister and experience what it means to be exclusive, to be desired, to be popular … to be wanted …


I remember waking up in the mornings every day feeling …..ohhh its not the morning already.  I would catch the bus to work and everyone would have their music blarring into their ears as if a potent dose of music would jolt them into action and happiness.  Everyone walked to work looking like zombies … doing what they needed to do.  Every day ran like clock work, it was predictable and each day seemed like the last. On the weekends I would go out and loose myself in the social scenes in an attempt to feel freedom and connection with myself and others.  I didn’t know what was wrong but I could feel that I was missing something.


For most of my life I lived as a puppet version of who I thought I should be.  Like a chameleon changing colors depending on its environment, I would change depending on what I perceived was necessary to belong. I never did super exceedingly well or did particularly poorly: standing out would create attention. Life felt like a struggle, dangerous and judgmental.  My strategy for survival was to blend in and be like everyone else.


The first 23 years of my life consisted of blood, sweat and tears. With the countless hours in the gym, partying up a storm and constantly looking to be validated in my finance career, I realized I was missing something: ME! Instead of spending my time out in the big wide world, I began to find me. The catalyst of change occurred when I cancelled my New Years Eve plans to sit at home and draw a circle which I divided into four quadrants: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  I realized all my attention was on the physical and I had almost no relationship to the other segments. The penny dropped: to live a fulfilled and happy life I was to embrace, accept and know all parts of myself and to start an epic quest of “knowing and experiencing me as me”


This decision changed my life forever. The only way the outside world would accept me was if I accepted me. Through building a strong relationship with my heart, following my intuition and creating an expanded mindset I now am an inspirational speaker, coach and facilitator. As Gandhi said “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  We are all a unique expression of creation experiencing itself through its unique perspective. Find your piece of the humanity puzzle and find your joy and inspiration.


I have spent the last 9 years on an epic self-discovery mission.  I have had the pleasure of receiving some powerful and wonderful support from coaches, mentors and healers to step up and release myself from the prison I was living in.  My trainings include but are not limited to Reiki, Coaching, Theta Healing, inspirational speaking, Matrix Energetics, Oneness Blessings, studies in metaphysics, quantum physics and universal truth and esoteric wisdom. I now live a life where I am living on purpose and have created a lifestyle and business around my highest truth in life.


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