Z – About Nicolas

“It’s The Person You’re Being In Each Moment That Will Radiate Across The Universe And Be Reflected Back to You In All Areas Of Your Life.” –Nicolas Perrin

Nicolas is a Transformational Intuitive Coach that supports people in living from their heart resulting in self-acceptance and a purpose to create a life of abundance, joy and fulfilment.  We now live in a society where we believe we’re “human doings” rather than “human beings” and have forgotten our true potential. Nicolas guides and assists people to connect to their heart so they can remember who they Truly Are and tap into the “all magnificence of life.”  It’s through this authentic connection to the heart that a higher purpose of life unfolds through synchronicity being empowered. Nicolas will support you to stand in your own power and step forward in your life through self-awareness, harmonious balance and deliberate creation.

Nicolas guides people from their current reality to their vision, assisting them in being accountable for their actions and creating a path for them to follow in inspiration.

  • Do You See Opportunities Amongst Your Failures?
  • Do You See Your Life as a Blessing?
  • Do You Take Full Responsibility and Accountability for Everything That Unfolds In Your Life?
  • Have you reached your full potential in all areas of your life?

If you answered no to any of the questions above, by working closely with Nicolas you’ll not only create extraordinary results in your life, you’ll also create a new mindset that will change your life forever…

Nicolas has worked closely with some of the top coaches, healers, speakers and mentors who include but are not limited to Amir Zoghi, Patrick Dahdal, Alex Topic, Roz Lawler, Ghazaleh Lowe, Judy Moss, Jule Fuller, John Spender, Kris Barkway, Benjamin Harvey, Kayt Raymond, Marion Vaughn and Mark Anthony in the self awareness, truth and personal development world. Through learning and implementing best practice knowledge and wisdom from these great individuals, Nicolas has incorporated the wisdom & direct experiences into a dynamic coaching program designed to create maximum impact.

Nicolas’s Expertise Include:

  • Theta Healing
  •  Reiki Master
  •  Re-Connective Healing
  • Intuitive Coach And Speaker
  • Authentic Communication Expert
  • Meditation Expert
  • Deeksha Blessing Giver
  • Accessing the Quantum Field of infinite possibilities
  • Qualified Oneness Mentoring Coach

A Blast Into The Past:

Since a young child Nicolas struggled with low self-esteem, feeling safe in the world, trusting himself/others and accepting himself for who he was, living from a mindset of limitation and scarcity, low energy levels and motivation.  He experienced the world through the dense lens of judgement, always trying to fix and change himself so others would accept who he was.  It didn’t matter what he achieved by being successful in the corporate finance industry, or going to the gym to create a fit and healthy body, he continued to feel insecurity and a constant need to receive appreciation, approval from others and feeling separate due to a deep seeded belief of unworthiness.

It was only after he had an epiphany in his mid 20’s that he became aware of some of his self-sabotaging patterns that he then decided to create positive change in his life. It was New Years Eve and he uncharacteristically cancelled all plans and decided to stay home and sit with himself where he realised that something was missing from his life…something significant.

After drawing a circle and dividing the circle into quarters writing in each quadrant “Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual” he became aware that he had neglected parts of who he was and was caught hopelessly in the daily grind of the world.  It was in this moment that Nicolas realised he had placed all his power into the external world of life thinking that it was through his relationships, money, body and material possessions that he would feel happy and complete.  Once the penny had dropped it was this realisation that set him off on his quest for his truth to seek a higher purpose to life so to feel freedom and fulfilment.

By following his heart and trusting in life he was able to transform his life where he found authentic, sustainable abundance in health, wealth, relationships and spiritual expansion.  This transformational journey allowed Nicolas to move through his limitations into an expansive, empowering energy.  It’s his passion and dedication to share this beautiful process with others so that they may heal and remember who they truly are so to feel empowered and be a co-creator of their reality.

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