About Lionheart

Lionheart Coaching is all about supporting individuals like you to move beyond your comfort zone, integrate your fears, limitations, restrictions and courageously live on purpose now. Live your destiny in an epic way starting with the first step.

My ultimate mission and highest excitement is to assist you to create a vision that is absolutely aligned to your Authentic self  so that you can live a fulfilled, peaceful and joyful life. Access your inner resources to be In-powered to move through any obstacles or challenges that come your way moving forward.

I'm committed to inspiring 10 million people globally to be Visionary Awakened leaders, living on purpose and creating extraordinary lives for themselves and awake communities.

My name is Nicolas Perrin and it's my purpose to ensure that all the gifts, talents & awesomeness within you has an opportunity to be expressed like the unapologetic roar of a Lion so you can experience the life you love.

No more wondering, contemplating, procrastinating, feeling stuck or blaming your circumstances. Become a powerful, sleek, courageous Lion that knows no fear and knows he/she can create what he/she chooses.

You see, It's my firm belief that once you;

  • Have absolute clarity on where you want to be (Vision) AND
  • Have an understanding of universal principles that govern life behind the scenes (Mindset)
  • Move through fears & limitations that are holding you back (resistance)
  • Develop a clear knowing of who you are (Authentic Self)
  • Have fun on the way

Your life will become like a beautiful adventure unfolding with plenty of fulfilment, joy and have an opportunity to make a difference to the world. Become the king of your jungle and roar with conviction!

I’ve been on a very similar journey that you are now embarking on.

I was working in the Corporate world within the finance sector believing that one day I would be happy when and if I had … the money, the security, the body, the partner etc.

I quickly realized that sacrificing an epic life now was a self imposed trap and that I would never be happy unless I made some changes within myself now. I felt shy, struggled in clearly expressing myself, believed that what others had to say was more important, didn't believe in myself and always took the easy or comfortable option.

I was a shy, quiet, introverted, unconfident individual who tended to blend in rather than stand out. I doubted myself, felt inadequate, insignificant, didn’t feel worthy or valuable to live the life of my dreams.  In essence I played it safe, small and easy.

The tipping point occurred at New Years Eve as a 23 year old when I cancelled all my plans and decided to stay at home. I felt to sit down and just write … I realized that my life was completely out of balance and that ultimately:

  • I was a confused with what I truly wanted
  • Pretending to be happy putting on the happy face when in the company of others
  • Running on the 'hamster survival wheel' living as a fragment of my potential
  • Hoping that somehow my life would miraculous change and I'd be rescued

I was attempting to fill the emptiness I was feeling inside me through being validated in my relationships, getting approval through how I looked, feeling secure through money and wanting credibility through my job.

Since 2006 I have gone through some significant and absolutely life changing transformations that all started with a decision;

I wanted to know myself and find out what I could really do in this life. I did not have the answers just a feeling that it was time to explore ...

Having investigated, learnt and explored many esoteric, mystical, spiritual and philosophical practices, I began to find my Authentic Self and find my purpose and passions in life.

These explorations on my journey of self discovery included being a Reiki Master, exploring universal truth & law, Reconnective healing, Theta healing, Matrix Energetics, Oneness Blessings, Intuition, meditation, yoga, emotional cathartic release work, authentic communication, empathic reading of energy, new paradigm business systems, frequency & resonance business coaching.

In a nutshell I have condensed all the practices, learnings and teachings that I have integrated and embodied within me so I can support individuals like you to get on purpose & become an inspiration to others.  I live courageously and know how to navigate the unknown just like a Lion.  Receive all the condensed gems in a fraction of the time by choosing to journey with me.

I have chosen to live a life led by my soul & to stay open to the infinite possibilities of life...

Since May 2017 I have expanded my experience of what it means to be an awakened leader in my life. I have felt a strong pulse to travel around the world and explore intentional communities that are living life with greater harmony and sustainability for humans, plants, animals and the Earth. I have felt a strong pulse within my heart to begin drawing upon the new templates by which human kind society can live in. I recognise that once consciousness begins to expand and the frequency of an individual rises, the awareness of our environments become acutely apparent of what is IN or OUT of alignment to our Real Self.

I have also felt a strong calling to visit the sacred sites around the planet whether they are the Bosnian & Egyptian pyramids, stone circles in Ireland, ancient temples throughout Europe, the sacred mountains of the Sierra Nevada in Columbia and much much more.

All of these adventures have become possible through the transition of living fixed in linear time/space into a more quantum way of existence. All of this and more is what I will be sharing with you if you choose to journey with me on the next steps of your Awakened Leadership.

Who I work with

Did you know that...

The 5 most common regrets of people on their death bed are:

  • I wish I'd had the courage to live an Authentic life, true to myself, not the life others expected of me
  • I wish I hadn't worked so hard
  • I wish I'd had the courage to express my feelings
  • I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends
  • I wish that I had let myself be happier

If you are either working in a job where you feel dissatisfied & unfulfilled OR running a business that no longer feels inspiring or aligned to what matters the most to you & you would like to make a positive difference in the world then please read on.

I believe that when

  • People ignore the inner fire of what sets their hearts on fire
  • Feel confused with what they really want in life and
  • Live a limited life settling for 2nd best

What frequently unfolds is ... a reality of going through the motions of one day being identical to the next, feeling trapped in circumstances and drifting down a river without control and direction.

Whether you’ve...

  • Contemplated leaving a secure job to live on purpose & destiny but feel afraid
  • Dream't of how you could live an inspired life expressing your gifts & talents into the world through a profitable business that creates financial freedom or
  • Wondered how you can create a lifestyle that works for you, following your heart courageously and becoming an inspiration to others

Then you're at the right place at the right moment

Are you Ready to roar and live your most authentic life?

Lion Heart Coaching has 6 core values which is at the heart of what I do:


I exist to support you in your unique transformational process to live a more heartfelt life. It is at the core of who you choose to be, have and do.


I believe that all the answers lie within you.  I am committed to supporting you to bring the innate leader to the forefront of your life.


True connection with the world comes when you are open.  I believe that by being open it allows you to be a great receiver in life.


I came into this life as whole and complete, but forgot & got lost.  I believe that by supporting your transformation in letting go of what you are not, you open yourself up to allowing all the financial & resource abundance that is already available now.


I promise to always be 100% honest and truthful with you, so you can experience the greatest transformation possible.


I love to be playful in the way I work, while balancing it with the importance of professionalism. Playfulness creates openness & a more easeful transformational experience.

I love to work with people who

  • Are committed to their path of destiny
  • Are open minded
  • Feel excited to contribute their unique gifts, talents & inspiration for the highest good of all
  • Open minded in learning new ideas, concepts and paradigms
  • Value themselves enough to invest in themselves
  • Want to activate their own inner genius
  • Want to bring more unity & harmony to the world
  • Want to be the change they wish to see in the world
  • Want to activate the innate leader within
  • Value being honest, open & authentic
  • Choosing to live with an open heart

People who work with me feel In-powered, certain, in clarity and the ability to authentically express themselves.

I ensure that there are no regrets left for your death bed.  You get to live a courageous life!

To see whether we are aligned to one another, see below for ways that we can work together.

 "We are all born originals - why is it so many of us die copies?" - Edward Young

Follow your authentic path. Contact me & let's get started.


I am a guide that uses many different modalities such as coaching, facilitation, somatic transformation, frequency attunements and other self empowering methods to assist people to open new doors of possibility, to embody and resonate to the Authentic/Natural Self.

I assist people to create tangible and real grounded results in life & business. These journeys take people from a place of potentiality to creatorship and living your dream life on your own terms.


Ignite your soul expression



The Extraordinary Life V3.0



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