Authentic Change Makers

On: 6:45pm, 20th April 2015, Location: 99 Crown St East Sydney NSW Australia



As Florence Shovel Shin said, “Your word is your wand”, famous and successful miracle maker and metaphysician.

Are you aware of the words you use when communicating to others or yourself?

Did you know that the spoken word is a powerful medium that creates your reality.

What you say to be true about yourself or life IS your reality. You get nothing less and nothing more. The massive opportunity here is to paradigm shift yourself into a new perspective and way of living life.

Are you a heart centred entrepreneur, change maker, visionary, socialpreneur, truth seeker or in a place of transition in your life?

Taking responsibility for your spoken word and navigating life with precise language will make the world of difference to yourself and other around you.

Learning how to deliberately shift your state of being into something more useful will yield massive dividends.

Feeling stress, anxiety, worry, self doubt, frustration, anger, hopelessness, helplessness, apathy, guilt, shame, fear are all common human experiences when you are not in your centre.

To be effective in your life will require you to take the reigns back AND tonight is the night to learn how.

Bringing the stillness, balance and peacefulness into your every day life will change how you experience life and yourself.


In our gathering we’ll be focusing on:

a) What does “The Power of the spoken word mean”

b) Why The Power of the spoken is so powerful in being able to transform your current reality into a new trajectory.

c) Experience the effects of the spoken word on your body, your mind and spirit through direct experiences.

d) I’ll share some of the most powerful mantras, specific communications that will very quickly and powerfully shift your state of being.


The evening will include meditations, a heart resonance field to support you to feel 100% you, self inquiry, sharing and some practical exercises for you to experience love ‘The Power of the Spoken Word.’

At the end of the evening we’ll be going around the corner to have a social catch up and celebrate humanity and the togetherness that is here right now.

My vision is to support humanity into the new paradigm creating opportunities for individuals to connect, share and live a truly authentic life from passion and purpose. Join me and other change makers on an exciting and deep journey of wisdom and connection. Join the wave of individuals choosing to live a purpose focused, heart centred life. The time is now.

Lock the date into your calendar now. Bring a journal with you so you can record and keep your insights for future reference.

Expression of Appreciation is $20 cash on the door

Any questions contact me via FB message or


A recent participant Tanya Jolly came along and wrote this beautiful email: “Authentic Change makers was brilliant tonight, thanks so much Nicolas Perrin. You create an amazing space and I come away from your sessions feeling lighter (from the shit I’ve let go!) and so invigorated. Now I know why Cimone-Louise Fung and Sharon White rave about you so much!! Big hugs, love and gratitude xoxo”


Further Details of What Authentic Change Makers is all about …

// Do you feel isolated and alone now that you have committed to the path of self discover?

// Do you have a vision or dream that is flickering in the depths of your gut yet you are still sitting on it?

// Are you afraid to step out of your comfort zone and fully embrace “The Unknown”?


Then you’ve found a group that can support you in your dreams, pursuits and intentions.

The Authentic Change Makers Event is a regular get together where individuals have the opportunity of accessing their inner wisdom, share and connect from the heart to be supported as an inspirational change maker in life.


Outcomes through regular attendance:

You get to evolve with:

• Directly experiencing your own inner creative force

• A deeper connection to self, others & the earth

• Opportunity to share & listen to insights

• Receive wisdom around a specific theme each week

• Receive clarity around how this applies to your life

• Deepened sense of awareness of “self”

• Become an authentic change maker through your own unique expression.


So why and how is this regular event unique?


The personal development world is focused on improving the state of mind. Although results occur, at varying degrees of effectiveness, only focusing on the mind is like re-decorating a prison cell. The prison may look, smell and feel more pleasant. The reality is we are still stuck in the prison.


We remain unaware of:


a) Our Authentic Self

b) Real Freedom

c) Empowerment.

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 5.52.41 pm

Another analogy is: most of the personal development world is focused on fixing and improving the towers we have built up. Inevitably these towers come crumbling down creating suffering and disillusionment. What I have directly experienced for myself is that when I accessed the heart and revealed my true authentic self, the world changed in ways I couldn’t imagine.


When we value, appreciate and love who we truly are (letting go of the masks that we use to navigate our way in the world) life becomes more effortless, peaceful and easeful. As we neutralise the masks we wear and see life for what it truly is, we become less reactive, experience less suffering and are on the road to freedom, empowerment, inspiration and being a purposeful human.


This weekly event is an opportunity for you to dive a little deeper into your true authentic self in a space that is judgment free, comparison free AND needing to prove yourself free.


The more you choose to live from your heart a miraculous evolution will unfold where the heart will become the captain of your life and the mind will become its faithful servant. The unknown becomes exciting rather than fearful.


When you reveal your true authentic self, the relationships, your health, personal satisfaction & joy will all become a natural part of your life. No more waking up on Monday’s dreading the working week. Your work will evolve into your passions and what excites you the most as you evolve into an inspirational change maker!

What will happen?

We’ll share, explore and play with fun

• Meditations

• Wisdom Discourses specifically on being heartfelt

• Sharing from the heart and harnessing our imagination

• Fine tuning your intuition & sharing your insights

• Being playful & connecting to the inner child


How is this different?


There will be different modes of expression and themes each week:

A) Get to explore & master your deep empathetic listening skills.

B) Learn how liberating it is to speak your truth without judgement

C) Deepen your ability to feel and access the subtle vibrations of your authentic self.

D) Master how to become the observer of your life rather than be reactive, blame and judge everything else.

The expression of appreciation is $20 cash at the door.


What others say about this event:


“The Authentic Change Makers has been such a valuable experience for me that it’s become a Monday night must! It’s a space where I can really feel free to be my own authentic true self with like-minded souls and remove any masks that might have been worn throughout the day or the past week. The meditations at the start and finish are different each time as are the intuitive exercises in between which are both empowering and fun. Every night is different depending on who shows up and the themes each person brings to the circle. Nick Perrin’s energy and way of going with the flow at each Authentic Change Maker’s evening is truly amazing. There’s never a dull moment with lots of mirroring and reflections taking place and a wonderful opportunity to be fully present for 2 hours. It’s a unique space where I find myself, week after week, leaving refreshed and more and more at one with myself.” Maria Lambi


Everyone is welcome and if you have no experience that is completely okay. If you would love to be more heartfelt and be an authentic change maker then this regular event is for you!

We will also be having a social event afterwards from 8:45pm to connect and have fun at the human level at a cafe around the corner.

Event details:

Date: 20th April 2015, starting 6:45pm sharp finishing at 8:45pm with a social gathering afterwards at a cafe around the corner

Location: 99 Crown St East Sydney NSW Australia

Expression of Appreciation: $20 cash on the door

What others have said about the event:

Natasha Tveshor[one_fifth][/one_fifth]”I truly feel like my world has changed since attending the supportive and open hearted environment of The Authentic Change Maker groups.

Not only am I motivated and inspired to live fully and passionately, but I have learnt how to connect with myself on a deeper level and feel through my body how alive I really am in each moment. These groups keep me grounded and centred in life and the meditations are powerful and transformative. Nick is such an inspiration to be around through the example of his attitude towards life and it’s lessons. He shows you that things are not what they may seem to you and everything is truly possible.”  Natasha Tveshor[four_fifth_last][/four_fifth_last]

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 3.39.41 pm[one_fifth][/one_fifth]I have been attending Nicolas Perrin meditation & Authentic Change Maker’s classes for the last 12 months. Over the course of the 12 months I have found Nicolas to be very passionate in making a difference to people and changing the world to be a better place to live in.
I have benefited from the classes as he has been a great facilitator in getting people to come from the heart space. I have found him to a great listener and creating a safe environment for people to express themselves. .
I would recommend Nicolas for individual and corporate coaching and I feel with his passion for making a difference in the world anyone looking to find their true self would benefit from his coaching.
Elissa Markovska[four_fifth_last][/four_fifth_last]
LHC Maria Lambi Testimonial“Tonight’s self expression with this friend of mine was the icing on the cake for me. It was such a freeing feeling, truly amazing.I want to let you know how much
I really really believe in you and your work – it’s becoming incredible for me. You really are so awesome and I wanted to expressed that from the bottom of my heart to yours…I will be forever grateful for the role you’ve played in my journey of self realisation and discovery.”Maria Lambi

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