BF 36: The Blank Canvas Syndrome – Painting a rich and vibrant life from a place of not knowing

Knowing this & allowing yourself to dance with life will create far more ease in a chaotic world. At a global level, everything is accelerating which means that changes are happening faster and faster. The very structures and foundations of society are shaking. Knowing how to play with the Blank Canvas Syndrome can be the difference between gracefully riding a wave into shore OR being repeatedly dumped by wave after wave after wave.

BF 35: How to extract potent wisdom during your transition from the 9 to 5 world into sovereignty?

How to live from the Heart within the 9 to 5 matrix?
It was 2008 when a massive and epic shift happened in my life. I was working with my 2nd mentor who was the head trainer of a large financial institution while participating in the 9 to 5 corporate world. Unbeknown to me, I was going through a shift that would change my life forever! My mentor gave me a book called, “The Disappearance of the universe” by Gary R Renard. Concepts, ideas and energies that I had not come into contact in this life started flooding into my awareness. What this did was a catalysing effect which moved me into the path of the heart.

BF 34: The Quantum Science behind instantly shifting your life into new possibilities

If you are on the healing, transformational or awakening path then this Podcast has your name all over it. Join Laurie Seymour and Nicolas Perrin who explore the various paradigms of the healing path. This is significant because the paradigm you consciously or unconsciously exist in will have a massive effect on what does or doesn’t happen in your life.

BF 33: Getting to the root all matters – from disillusionment to knowing

The truth about life and who you are will assist you to break through the veils of deception of this world
The world of business and life can be extremely stressful although it doesn’t have to be. With Donald Trump being elected in Nov 2016, much of the world reacted in shock, horror and worry about where humanity and the world is heading. Perhaps the shock that was experienced globally can be used in a useful way? Sometimes it takes a real shaking for people to wake up from the ideas of who they think they are and what life is all about.

BF 32: How consciousness and technology will shape your future

Science and Spirituality have been separate for hundreds of years but perhaps both of these sides have more in common than you may think? Meet Dr Elliott Maynard who is a futurist that comes onto the show to explore “The human of the Future” With change rapidly increasing, can you catch the wave of change in a way that you may never have previously conceived before?

BF 31: Deep ancient wisdoms of the Cherokee to revolutionise your leadership

The deep ancient wisdoms of the Cherokee are an opportunity to revolutionise your leadership. The cherokee tribe are an indigenous peoples of North America holding many ancient wisdoms that were passed down from one generation to the next that maintained a harmonic and sacred relationship with the Earth and all species. We live in a world where suffering, misery, disconnection, confusion and powerlessness has primarily been expressed throughout humanity in the modern age. Perhaps some ancient proven wisdom that has worked for thousands of years could be the solution to our current age problems? The central problem in today’s society is the disconnection between one another and the separation of divinity and oneness in our society. This disconnection affects us all to varying degrees depending on where you are on the deepening of your awakening journey.

BF 30: Inner Secrets of Being a Change Agent for Positive Change

Over the 11 years of having deeply immersed myself in the journey of truly choosing to know myself and to bring all of who I am into the world; the greatest unwavering feeling that has stuck deep within my heart has been the passion to bring positive change to the world. When I’ve connected with friends and clients, i’ve noticed that most people would love to make a difference in the world. Do you resonate with this sense and feeling?

BF 29: To be in the world BUT not of it – with Arielle Hecht

Living in the world but not of it – Secrets of Aligning to Divinity to fulfil your mission with grace and ease. Have you been on the path of self awareness and self realisation? Are you discovering your highest purpose, vision and unique calling in life? Whether you are exploring a transition, having stepped into your purpose OR in self & life mastery then this Podcast topic is for you. Living in the world but not of it is the greatest kept secret that 99% of people miss on this epic journey.

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