Become Aware of how to Consciously Create Abundance


This brief power video below is looking at the process of creation.

When we are clear on what to create in our life, which comes to us in the form of inspiration, we then plant these thoughts into the field of imagination & infinite possibilities.  We then undergo a process of introspection to become aware of any resistance that shows up with experiencing or having this inspiration materialised into the 3D world.  Some of the most common resistance points are:


1) I’m not worthy of having this

2) I don’t deserve this

3) I’m not capable to have this

4)It’s not safe for me to have this.


Once we have taken responsibility, accountability & then decided to let these go on both the conscious & sub conscious level we are then able to create a perfect energetic alignment between what we choose to bring into our lives and the vibration that we are experiencing ourselves at now.  By watering the seeds with a burning desire & a knowing that it will unfold, the seeds turn into large powerful abundant trees.  This analogy is no different to your own life.

Have fun by continuing to master & bring in further awareness into your life 🙂

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