BF 02: Value Your Life Live Your Purpose


Sonia Friedrich and Nicolas Perrin explore and share wisdom & live experiences on the 5 key steps necessary on how you can easily change your life & or business right now.  If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner or a corporate refugee who is looking at transitioning your lifestyle and business that aligns to your highest purpose and vision to experience maximum fulfillment, passion, excitement AND experience all the wonders that life has to offer while servicing humanity and the planet for the highest good of all then you’ve come to the right place.

We address key questions such as:

How can I get on purpose and be abundant while focusing on what I love/prefer?

How can I enjoy my life and navigate the endless busyness that consumes Western culture?

Sonia and Nicolas both have transitioned out of the corporate world creating successful and purpose aligned businesses in consultancy, coaching and facilitation.

Join Sonia and Nicolas as we bring you on a journey of self discovery unlocking the 5 key elements necessary to facilitate effective change in your life right now.  Bring a paper and pen as we both facilitate live experiences for you to tap into your purpose right now and find out how you can easily check whether what you received is the truth or a deception.

Other great offerings in the Podcast include:

a) Learn an easy to use process that can show you how to navigate change easily

b) Learning how to check whether you are IN or OUT of alignment with your purpose

c) Learn how to fully utilise your inner GPS system that can guide you through the path of least resistance.

d) Shed light beyond the veil through a heightened level of self awareness when your commitments fail and to see what goes beyond your conscious thinking

e) How your emotional buy in will determine whether your vision will materialise or not.

As always hot tips, useful nuggets of information are sprinkled throughout the Podcast for your immediate implementation. It’s real, raw and practical.

Featured on this show:

If you’d like to connect with Sonia Friedrich please go to   Sonia has recently published a book called 11 steps to Healing – For Multimillionaires & Business Owners which is an invitation for you to change your life and take the fear and mystery out of healing and change.

If you’d like to connect with Nicolas Perrin please go to to download a 4 part meditation series called “Awakening to Infinite Living“.

This meditation will support you to move from a limited/lack consciousness and into an empowered/abundant consciousness.

The meditation series cleanses lower vibrational energetic patterns that keep you stuck AND activates higher vibrational frequencies that will align you to your new life.
This is achieved by fusing together sacred geometry, channeled high vibrational frequencies through Nicolas AND the harmonizing sounds & Solfreggio frequencies created by Anikiko.

If you know of any friends, colleagues, family members who are looking to transition, step up in their life and align to purpose, passion and inspiration then please forward this Podcast on to them. My mission is to support 10 million individuals to be self aware leaders, living a passionate and purpose focused life being the change in the world. I know that this mission can’t be fulfilled without the support from you.

If you feel you received awesome value then I’d like to ask if you can share this Podcast with your friends or people who could benefit from it or to donate an expression of appreciation in the form of money.

50% of all donations will be offered to a Non for profit organisation called Vipasanna that gives people the opportunity to meditate and free themselves on a donation basis. I personally attended one of their sittings and I feel moved to give back to the wonderful work this organisation is going for the world.

Never Miss a Session by:

I’d love to learn from you in the comments below how you value your life and live your purpose or if you have any questions about doing this?


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