BF 03: How to move stakeholders of your Vision from resistance to empowerment


Are you an entrepreneur, small business owners or corporate refugee who is transitioning into a life that reflects their purpose & vision creation? The purpose of this podcast looks at how you can move supporters of your vision from a place of resistance to empowerment.

On this week’s Podcast breaking free from the 9 to 5 comfort zone, I excitedly introduce Michael Wynter who is a change agent within organisations.

Michael assists organisations and their people to develop to their full potential bringing a passion for team learning, generating leadership capability and implementing innovative ideas. He brings over 25 years of experience to the Podcast.

In this Podcast we explore key areas such as:

1) How can I inspire people to follow me and ensure that they stay for the longevity of the project/change/vision.

2) People get inspired initially and then drop off. How can I avoid this issue?

If you have a vision then I dare say that you will require the support of others to bring it to fruition. Knowing how to manouvre through resistance to empowerment is an essential skill to have under your belt.

Michael shares the characteristics of self actualisers and how these serve you in being able to bring your vision to fruition.

Are you great at asking powerful questions AND can you be the observer of a situation rather than getting swamped into it experiencing powerless reaction?

We both share 3 strategies as both preventative measures to attract the right people in the first place AND how to deal with resistance & conflict once a situation has already unfolded.

If you can successfully align followers to your vision this creates energy, resources and momentum.

Featured on this show:

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