BF 04: Business Shamanism


If you are a conscious entrepreneur, trailblazer, healer, socialpreneur, business owner looking at creating win/win outcomes for all THEN you will most definitely had to encounter your relationship with money. This podcast explores the interconnectiveness of money and spiritualism in business.

If you are curious about receiving insights on:

a) The relationship between perceived self worth & money flow
b) How self love and the flow of money to you is directly correlated
c) Using the super hero archetype to support your flow of money
d) Looking at whether their is a built in meaning to money such as corrupting individuals, creating evil?
e) Some of the common key reasons why your spiritual expansion isn’t relating towards an expanded money flow.

Mason Taylor, a health educator, speaker and wellness evolutionary who is passionate about upgraded nutrition, tonic herbalism, sovereign healing and passion based living joins Nicolas Perrin, who is passionate on supporting individuals to be purpose focused, self aware leaders creating a life that is based on their own terms ON Business Shamanism. Both individuals have personally experienced money issues and share how they have overcome and continue to move through limitations that show up on the journey since unplugging from the matrix and choosing to be sovereign humans in a capitalist world.

The Podcast is packed with incredible stories and great wisdom that includes:

// How to use the archetype of the super hero to super charge your money expansion.
// The 3 key essential areas to address if you have money issues
// The analogy of hoarded Ginseng in our history and how this shares the perceived value of money.
// Debunking the myth of increased self worth
// Separating truth from perception
// Acknowledging the purpose of the money system and it’s intended effects on the global human family
// Why ensuring your overflowing cup of energy is the most important commitment you could make to yourself and everyone else around you.
// What happens when you share your cup that is less than full.
// What it will take to unplug from the matrix AND allow your money flow to move from a trickle to a waterfall.
// 2 Exercises you can implement in your life right now that will get you on track with money.

The passion, high energy and focused conversational flow from Mason and Nicolas will inspire, expand and give you plenty to chew on.

Featured on this show:

If you’d love to get in contact with Mason Taylor please go to and sign up to his newsletter. If you are in the Sydney area go to one of his health hacking events that will paradigm your health perceptions to new heights.

To stay in contact with Nicolas Perrin go to and receive your purpose focused 4 part training video to support you to get in contact with your purpose and some of the deep underlying causes of you staying stuck where you are. Get moving and enter the flow state now.

We both had a ball and look forward connecting with you in the most perfect, synchronistic moment.

If you feel you received awesome value then I’d like to ask if you can share this Podcast with your friends or people who could benefit from it or to donate an expression of appreciation in the form of money.

50% of all donations will be offered to a Non for profit organisation called Vipasanna that gives people the opportunity to meditate and free themselves on a donation basis. I personally attended one of their sittings and I feel moved to give back to the wonderful work this organisation is going for the world.

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