BF 06: Embodying Wonderment & Awe as a Change Maker


To fast track the change maker experience within your life …  you’ve got to ask the following question: Do you embody wonderment & awe on a daily basis in your life?

Are you a Conscious entrepreneur, small business owner or a corporate refugees who are transitioning into a life that reflects your purpose & vision? Are you looking at being of service, adding massive value and experiencing a sovereign life cradled within abundance, created from integrity & authenticity?

Embodying Wonderment & Awe as a Change Maker with Toan Lam and Nicolas Perrin

Join Toan Lam and Nicolas Perrin on this Breaking Free from the 9 to 5 comfort zone episode. Toan is a multimedia consultant, university professor, thought leader and founder of, a multimedia platform that “uses social networking for social change.  After eight years as a TV reporter, Toan decided to leave his job to start Go Inspire Go.  He wanted to use his power of storytelling to inspire others to use their power (network, resources and talents) to help others.

Nicolas Perrin left the corporate world and has been on his spiritual and super hero journey over the last 10 years. Nicolas now supports individuals to get in touch with their purpose focused service, create a powerfully magnetic vision and transform resistance so to embody the greatness that lies within the energetic blue print of each individual.

Here are some of the key questions this Podcast delves into:

a) How can I trust myself & life more. Why is this important and relevant?

b) I notice I go into frustration, fear or panic when things don’t go how I expected. How can I break this cycle and feel more empowered?

c) I don’t feel I have the time or energy to enter the flow of life. I have big dreams yet find myself staying stuck where I am.

d) I tend to give up before the miracle unfolds. How can I allow miracles enter my life?

Here are some of the insights, strategies and energetic downloads:

a) The paradigm shift linking wonderment/awe and trust

b) Making powerful decisions that go beyond what you can see & know

c) Increasing my believability threshold to build my self confidence to expand out of my comfort zone.

d) How Trust and Action = Traction

e) How to attract the opportunities you desire?

f) The power of your thoughts, words & deeds = Your Reality.

g) Personal Stories of how trust actually unfolds through direct experiences.

h) Top 3 awesome tips on how you can tap into the miracle of your life right now.

i) Learn how to use life as a feedback mechanism which includes making new choices, taking action and then observing without judgement what is flowing and what is not flowing.

j) Tapping into the flow of celebration

Featured on this show:

To stay in contact with Toan Lam and to connect with his work go to “Go Inspire Go”

To stay connected with Nicolas Perrin. Go to where I share an easy to follow and powerful video series on the pathway to finding your purpose. Pop in your Name and email address in the opt in box to receive the gift.

I recently have recorded a 4 part meditation series that will support you to move from a limited/lack/unfulfilled consciousness and into an empowered/abundant/grateful consciousness.

The meditation series cleanses lower vibrational energetic patterns that keep you stuck AND activates higher vibrational frequencies that will align you to your new life.

This is achieved by fusing together sacred geometry, channeled high vibrational frequencies through Nicolas AND the harmonizing sounds & Solfreggio frequencies created by Anikiko.

To receive this meditation go to:

If you feel you received awesome value then I’d like to ask if you can share this Podcast with your friends or people who could benefit from it or to donate an expression of appreciation in the form of money.

50% of all donations will be offered to a Non for profit organisation called Vipasanna that gives people the opportunity to meditate and free themselves on a donation basis. I personally attended one of their sittings and I feel moved to give back to the wonderful work this organisation is going for the world.

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I’d love to learn from you in the comments below how you are embodying wonderment and awe as a change maker?


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