BF 15: The Ins & Outs of Deliberate Creation


Deliberate Creation: How we create everything moment to moment

Would you love to know how to have all that you prefer right now?

Do you want to re-discover and tap into your inherent power as a conscious co-creator? Anything that you can imagine is possible and you are free to access it at any point you choose. The secret to opening the door to everything that you would love in your life is in the vibration that you hold and radiate outward.

Deliberate Creation

This podcast is what The Secret never told you.

The famous book forgot to mention the key to the Law of Attraction that goes beyond thought and imagination. Your power as a spiritual being having a human experience is in your feeling state and your frequency. That is what truly has the ability to attract more of what you’d love into your reality. So let’s go a tad deeper …

It is never the physical manifestation that you crave or has the power to satisfy you, but rather the experience of the feeling state you receive while ‘having’ it.

We are always creating something all of the time so in order to master deliberate creation you must first go within. Exploring your own belief systems, your heart’s true desires and life purpose will speed up any manifestation and teach you how to consciously choose and maintain the ideal feeling state in order to attract the reality you prefer. It all begins with self-discovery and connection to your soul essence.

These are an essential skill for all conscious entrepreneurs, small business owners & corporate refugees who are transitioning into a life that reflects their highest purpose & vision.

All individuals inspired to be of service, bring massive value to others and experience a sovereign and abundant life, will experience awesome results from correctly navigating these universal truths.

Thought leaders guiding you in this podcast:

Karen Swain is a Teacher of Deliberate Creation. She is a Spiritual Mentor/Guide, Radio Host, Author, Inspirational Speaker, Filmmaker and Difference Maker enlightening you about the power of your thoughts and beliefs and how to live in alignment with your emotional guidance system, whilst educating you about how Law of Attraction is shaping your life.

Nicolas Perrin supports heart centred entrepreneurs, small business owners & corporate refugees to get in touch with their purpose focused service, create a powerfully magnetic vision and transform resistance so to embody the greatness that lies within the energetic blue print of each individual.

This podcast answers and explores some of your previous misconceptions and makes your job as a deliberate co-creator easy.

  1. What are the biggest reasons why I inhibit my ability as a deliberate creator?
  2. How can I transcend my limiting perspectives and difficulties when consciously creating?
  3. How can I access the preferred feeling state and change my vibration in order to attract the reality I prefer? The importance of vibration in an energetic universe
  4. Examples of deliberate creation – both positive & negative
  5. What is the purpose and gift of an unwanted manifestation?
  6. How do I navigate and transform my internal world in order to see changes in your external world? The benefits of accessing your emotions, clearing blockages and transforming limiting beliefs
  7. Why is it useful to have an open heart? The importance of harmonising the relationship between your heart and mind
  8. How can I make my life flow effortlessly? Learning to trust divine timing and purpose
  9. The creation power of not only my thoughts, conscious and unconscious beliefs, but the words I speak
  10. How is my self-criticism actually very selfish and stopping me of being of service to others?

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I’d love to learn from you in the comments below in what ways you are experiencing Deliberate Creation in your own life? What insights, experiences and wisdom can you share in relationship to deliberate creation that is both positive and/or negative?



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