BF 18: How to communicate through conflict as a difference maker?


Are you a difference maker standing in your self authority experiencing conflict, resistance, push back from other people in your life? Have you wondered how you can honour yourself fully while you transition into experiencing the vision you hold dear to your heart while respecting the perspectives of others who may not be seeing eye to eye with you?

Do you hold back what you really want to say because deep down within you, you find conflict with others uncomfortable, isolating and lonely? Do you create separation with people who may see life from a very different perspective or only feel comfortable hanging out with people who agree with your point of view?

BF 18: How to communicate through conflict as a difference maker?

Join Shari Elle and Nicolas Perrin exploring the art of conscious communication bridging the gap between people, their needs, requests and worldly perspectives. If you are a heart centred entrepreneur, small business owners & corporate refugees transitioning into a life that reflects your highest purpose & vision. Looking at being of service, adding massive value and experience a sovereign life cradled within abundance created from integrity & authenticity then welcome to another powerful episode of Breaking Free from the 9 to 5 comfort zone.

Foundations of effective communications

This Podcast explores some key foundations when it comes to effective communication:

1) As I gain my self authority as a difference maker I notice that I am in conflict with others as I challenge their beliefs, perspectives to the world. How can I move through my path with less resistance from others?

2) I avoid conflict and either “people please” or avoid, withdraw or isolate myself in the face of conflict. How can I move beyond this inner resistance issue and handle conflict more effectively?

3) I have deep inner emotions that prevents me from expressing my truth, what is going on & how can I transcend this?

A rundown on the thought leaders in this Podcast:

When Shari was in her mid 30’s she was married with a man she deeply loved, with 2 young children, but found herself with no language to connect with him in a way which was deeply fulfilling.  In retrospect, there was some rocky terrain which needed to be addressed, some honesty and sharing of hearts which needed to be shared, which had that happened, had she had the language skills THEN which she does now, may have saved her marriage.

Sadly, at that time, she had not discovered Nonviolent Communication and she left the marriage.

15 years ago, shortly after this, she “accidentally” found herself in a training on Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and immediately knew she wanted to deeply learn these skills, and train others in them.  She went to the Swiss Alps to study at an intensive with the founder of this work, Dr Marshall Rosenberg, came back, and started sharing NVC.

She became one of the founders of Nonviolent Communication in Australia.  She now runs trainings throughout the country and in Asia, she trains and mentors upcoming trainers, and she co-founded Embodying NVC, an 8 month program so people can deeply embodying these skills.

Nicolas Perrin supports heart centred entrepreneurs, small business owners & corporate refugees to get in touch with their purpose focused service, create a powerfully magnetic vision and transform resistance so to embody the greatness that lies within the energetic blue print of each individual. Nicolas facilitates groups called Authenticity Speaks and Meditation groups and has spoken at conscious events.

What you will learn

In this Podcast you will learn, experience and take away:

A) Learn an effective 4 part model that enables you to get in touch with your needs/desires AND be able to communicate your intentions with the other person which honours them completely and allows for connection to emerge as the end result.

B) Learn how to understand your emotions and make sense of them. What do your emotions represent and how can you decipher them in a heated moment?

C) Learn how to transcend fear of rejection and fear of judgement including beliefs that it’s bad to ask for what you desire or prefer. We’ll be uncovering, through the sharing of personal examples, how childhood patterns are still affecting how you show up as an adult in your life today.

Communication is essential if you are choosing to be a difference maker and create a purpose focused aligned life that reflects your greatness and heart felt desires.

If you’d love to master Non Violent Communication and become a ninja in tense situations then I’d highly recommend you check out a foundational training in your local area.

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I’d love to learn from you in the comments below in what ways you are experiencing Self Authority in your own life? What insights, experiences and wisdom can you share in relationship to stepping into a life that is sovereign & free to reclaim your self authority?

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1 thought on “BF 18: How to communicate through conflict as a difference maker?”

  1. Great post! This Podcast articulates what I found on my own, over a very long and draining period of my life.
    I used to shutdown when I encountered aggressive/ranting verbage. Choosing to pretend to ‘listen patiently’ while putting up protection barriers and being drained the entire time. Then it became clear (after a long while) the intent was to engage in ranting, to escalate to ‘arguing’ for argument’s sake, just to dump on someone/anyone. Taking on other people’s frustration is not supportive, it’s EXHAUSTING!!

    Standing your ground and stating clearly; “I do not want to participate/discuss this with you.” Wow! It is an opportunity for FREEDOM for both parties. Breaking the cycle, the DumpER is jolted by the new response and given the opportunity to choose differently. The DumpEE (me, in this case) is energised by standing firm. No Cost. No Loss.

    There is fall out/readjustment the first time (or 3). Be prepared for intense aggressive lashing out / blaming when the monster is not fed. Courage was not a factor (in my case). One day, without thinking, I just said “Enough.” and changed the course of my life… We are still friends, I am FREE from the cycle, and he has found someone else to ‘dump’ on. Hey, I didn’t say we would both choose the same path… xx 🙂

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