BF 20: How to magnetise new business & abundance in the new paradigm?


The world is changing and it’s changing fast …. ideas, perspective, ways of being and approaching problems are evolving. Old ways are now often not working and this applies to attracting new opportunities and abundance in your life, business or projects. The old ways often have an inherent “forcing” or “make it happen” element that is reinforced through the belief that lots of action is required to achieve desired results. This way focuses on a purely masculine approach that is now out of balance and out of alignment to effortless results.

Why is this so? Well, it is based on the Newtonian laws that are becoming more and more obsolete particularly since 2012 and will continue to erode and fall away as time moves forward. If you are a heart centred entrepreneur, a change agent, difference maker, truth seeker or a custodian of the new earth paradigm and are in a transition that involves aligning your passion, purpose and inspiration together to live a life of freedom, self expression and integrity then I welcome you to this Podcast episode and all previous ones too. At the heart of this episode is the integration of both the masculine and feminine when it comes to attracting new business, new clients and opportunities.

BF 20: How to magnetise new business & abundance in the new paradigm?


Magnetise new business and live a life of abundance!

The guest for this episode is Jason Snaddon, abundance advocate & new paradigm entrepreneur.
Jason believes that we can and all deserve to create fabulously abundant lives. Jason has been a student of Abundance for the last 10 years and embodies the laws of attraction, intuition and for being in the drivers seat of your life to create an amazing abundant existence. Over the past 10 years he has built a very successful real estate business helping his clients invest strategically in property as well as building a fast growing property management business.

Jason has created the life of his dreams. He chooses to share what he knows to help others create amazing results in their lives. He runs an “Abundance breakfast” series for groups, works with individuals and he also helps sales organisations with getting epic results from the new paradigm of selling. He is also an engaging speaker available for speaking events.

The host of the show is Nicolas Perrin, who supports difference makers who feel confused about their life direction, have a sense of self doubt in really stepping out of their comfort zone and haven’t yet fully recognised or owned their inherent value TO unlock their potential to be the leaders of tomorrow in the new earth paradigm. Nicolas works with difference makers who are interested in activating their soul blue print into this world and remembering all their gifts and talents to be the greatest version of themselves.

In today’s episode Jason and Nicolas explore:

  • The old paradigm of sales and why it worked in the past.
  • What has changed in recent times for these old ways to be redundant AND what is crucial to know for you to align to your authentic self and share your services from your heart that feels true and wholesome.
  • We explore a model that you can use in your life that looks at all the core components to manifest abundance, new clients & opportunities.
  • Learn about what gets in the way when things don’t happen for you & why what you want doesn’t happen?
  • Know what happens behind the scenes for effortless results & how you can relax in the “not knowing”

Jason and Nicolas are grounded, specific and too the point which means that intangible ideas are clearly explained and grounded through examples and perspectives.

Keep in touch with Jason

Jason hosts abundance breakfasts, facilitates groups and coaching for those that would love support on unlocking abundance within their lives. Jason also teaches individuals or organisations on the new paradigm of sales. Jason can be contacted through:

More from Nicolas

Nicolas Perrin is offering you access to 5 videos on the areas of self sabotage, fear of rejection, how to make decisions in the unknown and tune into your intuition as well as key points necessary if you are in a transition to living a life on purpose and in alignment.

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If you are ready to step into your greatness and move from “curiosity” to “committed.” To make real, tangible, effective changes in your life now, to learn how you can go beyond your comfort zone so to live your dream life, legacy, mission and vision to experience the flow and miraculous potential of life and yourself then book in a free 30 minute alignment conversation where we can connect and share together to see where you are in your life and what support you require and whether I can be of service.

I thank you for your participation and I honour, respect and love the greatness in you that is choosing to transform, value and be the greatest version of you.

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I’d love to learn from you in the comments below in what ways you are experiencing abundance in your own life? What insights, experiences and wisdom can you share in relationship to new paradigm sales and abundance in your life & business?


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