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BF 32: How consciousness and technology will shape your future

BF 32: How consciousness and technology will shape your future

How consciousness and technology will shape your future?

Science and Spirituality have been separate for hundreds of years but perhaps both of these sides have more in common than you may think? Meet Dr Elliott Maynard who is a futurist that comes onto the show to explore “The human of the Future” With change rapidly increasing, can you catch the wave of change in a way that you may never have previously conceived before?


a) You feel excited about where humanity is going?

b) You love learning and expanding what you believed to be possible?

c) You are open minded and curious that perhaps new and different ways could radically change the human experience?

d) Have a feeling or sense that coming together rather than compartmentalising is the key of the future?

We welcome Dr Elliott Maynard from Sedona in the United States of America, as our guest for today’s episode, is a leading-edge consciousness scientist and conceptual designer. His background spans the fields of Zoology, Coral Reef Ecology, Oceanography and Tropical Rainforest Biology. He earned his Ph.D. in Consciousness Research and served on the faculties of Adelphi University and Dowling College in New York. He is also a Certified Professional Consultant to Management (CPCM).


// The bridge between consciousness and technology

// Why this bridge is relevant for your awakened leadership?

// The application and implementation of both consciousness and technology in your life to maximise and enhance your potential and gifts

// Shifting from linear to non linear thinking

// The No 1 factor to break free from the glass ceiling that holds back humanity

// A context of the times by moving out of a reactive / revolutionary mindset into an interactive “re-evolutionary” mindset.


Whether you are starting out your journey on finding your purpose and true passion OR whether you’ve started building a business that you truly feel moved by; this podcast will support you in illuminating some of the key points that will assist you in increasing your understanding of being a futurist and the fusion of both technology and consciousness in your life. Expand your awareness of creating a win/win scenario for you, your clients and your community.

I believe that by choosing to make a difference, whether it being at a micro level or at a grandiose scale, everything is affecting everything. Each thought, word and deed is influencing the collective. You can make a difference to the world just through how you interact with the people around you. Tap into some inspiration, divine power and wisdom to support you to move forward with some ease.

MEET Dr Elliott Maynard:

Dr. Maynard is Founder and President of Arcos Cielos Foundation in Sedona, Arizona and has been active with the World Future Society, the Aerospace Technology Working Group (ATWG) and the London-based Humanitad International. His fourth and newest book, Brave New Mind: Living in a Future-Science World, presents his new master paradigm for personal and planetary transformation.

In addition to his work as a futurist, lecturer, author, educator and global ecologist; Elliott is an accomplished artist, sculptor, musician, underwater photographer and documentary film producer. He has been referred to by some of his colleagues as “The Human from the Future.”


To stay in contact with Dr Elliott Maynard please go to her website: http://www.arcoscielos.com/index.html


Nicolas Perrin is an intuitive transformational coach, inspirational speaker and facilitator that supports heart centred entrepreneurs, difference makers, visionaries & corporate refugees to get in touch with their purpose focused service, create a magnetic vision and transform resistance so to embody the greatness within and step into their divine leadership. Nicolas believes that when an individual is aligned to their soul values and truth that true impact can be offered to the world. Nicolas facilitates groups called Authenticity Speaks and Meditation groups and has spoken at conscious events.

The Inner Secrets of Being a Change Agent for Positive Change


a) The Power of Beliefs & How you can reclaim your power from these mental constructs.
b) Become immune to rejection or judgment.
c) Learning how to navigate the ‘unknown.’
d) What is purpose & how can I align myself to it.
If you feel ready & excited to step into your greatness by:
a) Receiving the clarity required to create real impact by having a magnetic vision.
b) Get into alignment of what your values & heart would love to express in the world.
c) Know how to access your inner power effectively.
d) Be intuitive & navigate yourself through all situations So you can create a powerful magnetic vision that creates real impact in the world then click here to secure a free 30 minute alignment conversation where we get to explore where you are right now, current obstacles/blocks and what is your heart calling you to pay attention to.
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I thank you for your participation, and I honour, respect and love the greatness in you that is choosing to transform, value and be the greatest version of you.


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I’d love to learn from you in the comments below what you have experienced through listening to the fusion of technology and consciousness? What insights, experiences and wisdom can you share from your soul journey, that you have gained by choosing to bring positive change to the world ?



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