BF 34: The Quantum Science behind instantly shifting your life into new possibilities


The quantum science behind instantly shifting your life into new possibilities 

If you are on the healing, transformational or awakening path then this Podcast has your name all over it. Join Laurie Seymour and Nicolas Perrin who explore the various paradigms of the healing path. This is significant because the paradigm you consciously or unconsciously exist in will have a massive effect on what does or doesn’t happen in your life.


a) Have you been on the healing journey and it has felt that it takes a long time, struggle filled, painful or even involves suffering?

b) Having a sense that despite all the healing sessions, reading all the self help books, workshops that something was just out of reach?

c) Have been looking outside of yourself for the answers to your life

d) Been focusing mainly on what is wrong with your life or what is wrong with the world?

e) Felt frustrated on not knowing how you can find that sweet spot within yourself?

Laurie Seymour started out as a psychotherapist and was heavily entrenched in the healing world until one day she realised that a more effortless opportunity was available to her. She discovered a whole new paradigm that completed changed her life.


a) The difference between the healing paradigm and the wholeness paradigm (electro magnetic frequencies of the heart giving you the opportunity to tap into the infinite possibilities in the universe.)

b) Bypassing the mind and accessing frequencies that can change everything

c) Re-orientating yourself so that you feel a calmness, balance and openess to life.

d) Why focusing on the mental conditioning keeps you stuck AND how to shift perspective so that you are in a more useful space

e) Learn to access the Power within you to align yourself to a reality you prefer

f) Useful attitudes that will exponentially assist you in becoming a master reality shifter

g) Moving your attention to the creative and inspiration process which naturally includes shadow integration.


Whether you are starting out your journey on finding your purpose and true passion OR whether you’ve started building a business that you truly feel moved by; this podcast will support you in illuminating some of the key issues and milestones that all people will face to flow with life with more grace and ease. Feel free to comment below on sharing your experiences and stories too.

I believe that by choosing to make a difference, whether it being at a micro level or at a grandiose scale, everything is affecting everything. Each thought, word and deed is influencing the collective. You can make a difference to the world just through how you interact with the people around you. Tap into some inspiration, divine power and wisdom to support you to move forward with some ease.


Provocative speaker, author and Master Facilitator, Laurie Seymour, M.A., knows that life’s deepest answers shine through when you get quiet and connect with your inner resources. She has spent decades studying and working with energy systems dedicated to inner focus and self-mastery. Her research proved that unlocking your potential was more powerful than believing you needed fixing. So what did she do? She left her career as a psychotherapist to found The Baca Journey,  inspiring and igniting people to claim the resonance of their own wisdom.

Laurie facilitates connected community through her twice-weekly live video Turaya Meditation Online sessions, bringing together people from around the world to receive their inner gifts.

Laurie was initiated in 1997 as one of the two Turaya Grand Masters and teaches Turaya Touch and Turaya Meditation around the world.

Get your own Illumination Bundle, including a free copy of Laurie’s mini-course, 7 Awareness-Provoking Experiences, and her 4-part Illumination Series.


Nicolas Perrin is an intuitive transformational coach, inspirational speaker and facilitator that supports heart centred entrepreneurs, difference makers, visionaries & corporate refugees to get in touch with their purpose focused service, create a magnetic vision and transform resistance so to embody the greatness that lies within the energetic & soul blue print of each individual. Nicolas believes that when an individual is aligned to their values and true core frequency that true impact can be offered to the world. Nicolas facilitates groups called Authenticity Speaks and Meditation groups and has spoken at conscious events.



a) The Power of Beliefs & How you can reclaim your power from these mental constructs.
b) Become immune to rejection or judgment.
c) Learning how to navigate the ‘unknown.’
d) What is purpose & how can I align myself to it.
If you feel ready & excited to step into your greatness by:
a) Receiving the clarity required to create real impact by having a magnetic vision.
b) Get into alignment of what your values & heart would love to express in the world.
c) Know how to access your inner power effectively.
d) Be intuitive & navigate yourself through all situations So you can create a powerful magnetic vision that creates real impact in the world then click here to secure a free 30 minute alignment conversation where we get to explore where you are right now, current obstacles/blocks and what is your heart calling you to pay attention to.
Click here to explore what is possible for you now:

I thank you for your participation, and I honour, respect and love the greatness in you that is choosing to transform, value and be the greatest version of you.


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50% of all donations will be offered to a Non for profit organisation called Vipasanna that gives people the opportunity to meditate and free themselves on a donation basis. I personally attended one of their sittings and I feel moved to give back to the wonderful work this organisation is going for the world.


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I’d love to learn from you in the comments below what you have experienced through being a change agent for positive change, the lessons you have learn’t on the way? What insights, experiences and wisdom can you share from your soul journey, that you have gained by choosing to bring positive change to the world ?


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