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Feeling stuck in your business? Uncover the ingredients necessary to be in a flow state

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Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner that knows you are tremendously talented, taking action in your life however are not getting the results you deserve? If you are feeling stuck, confused and slightly frustrated then you have come to the right place. The purpose of this blog is […]

6 Reasons people stay in a job they hate & 6 steps to freedom

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Are you stuck in a job that you don’t fully enjoy OR are you in a career because you’re ‘good’ at it and because it pays the bills? According to Forbes 70% of people in a job they don’t love. If your life feels like one big routine, boring and […]

What Holds Us Back From Expressing Ourselves To The World?

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It doesn’t matter who you are… whether you are a business man, a wife, a university student or a CEO… being able to express yourself is the vehicle by which you can offer your value into the world.  If you would like to add value into this world and experience […]

How Self Expression is the key to turning your purpose into profit

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Welcome LionHeart to this week’s BLOG, my name is Nicolas Perrin founder and inspirational change agent of LionHeartCoaching. Last week’s BLOG explored unveiling the 4 myths to experience purpose in your life now.  In today’s BLOG we’ll be focusing our attention on how self expression is a key to success […]

Unveiling the 4 myths to experiencing purpose in your life now

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Hi this is Nicolas from LionHeart Coaching.  Last week we talked about getting real and honest about life purpose.  In a nutshell, purpose is about bringing out your authentic self into the world.  I learn’t this the hard way.  I thought that when I find that one thing that brings […]

How to uncover the secrets to your purpose?

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Many have spent lifetimes trying to find “Their purpose”.  Like a lioness prowling the Savannah’s in search of her pray.  It can feel like an illusive search that never ends.  What if your purpose was right under your nose all along? What if the search could be ended right in […]

Jumping over the gorge of Judgement

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I invite you to read my latest BLOG called Jumping over the gorge of Judgement. Through powerful analogies that creates crystal clear imagery and feelings within, experience for yourself how judgement is the glue that keeps us stuck within a prison that we are not even aware of. Receive understanding through simple […]

6 Steps to release your fear and feel peaceful

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This latest BLOG written for a community called Tiny Buddha explores a real life scenario where fear has set into reality and you are faced with the question, “Where do I go from here?”   This BLOG explores 6 steps on how to move into a peaceful state […]

How to Tap Into Inspiration In Any Moment

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This short and powerful VLOG explores why being able to consciously tap into inspiration is so important. The direction of our day can be completely different if we know how to be in alignment with inspiration. This is the difference to loving each moment and seeing the joy & happiness […]

The Power of Connection

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Often the most simple and obvious things are the most powerful. I explore how life can be drastically different depending on the level of connection we have with our true/infinite/divine self. I share a personal story on how my view and experience of the world instantaneously transformed from one moment […]



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