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2012 and Beyond: The Awakening

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Humanity is now at a stage where as a collective we have an opportunity to move out of the old paradigm based on separation, isolation and competition into a new paradigm of unity consciousness based on unconditional love and oneness. The first step to this process is for each individual […]

Free Yourself From Self Sabotage

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This video explores 3 key areas within self sabotage. 1. What is Self Sabotage 2. How does it show up in our life 3. How can we transcend? Self sabotage is the result of limiting beliefs created by the mind to keep us safe. These limitations are triggered if we […]

Moving Beyond Resistance

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This video is a major piece to the self awareness puzzle. This video shares an analogy that only 1 source of energy exists in the universe and when we are in alignment to this energy we experience fulfillment and happiness. When we buy into thoughts, beliefs or actions that resist […]

Difference between Vulnerability and Weakness

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We live in a world where so often we hold ourselves back from what is true for us. This video explores vulnerability being the true power that exists when we are willing to expose ourselves with courage and acceptance. Weakness is when we buy into the fear of judgement and […]

The Power of Gratitude & Appreciation

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Check out this intense 3 minute video: When the mind is focusing on limiting thoughts how can we consciously step into a more empowering space? Gratitude and appreciation is the same energetic vibration of abundance. Choosing to focus on what is flowing is very powerful.  

Become Aware of how to Consciously Create Abundance

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This brief power video below is looking at the process of creation. When we are clear on what to create in our life, which comes to us in the form of inspiration, we then plant these thoughts into the field of imagination & infinite possibilities.  We then undergo a process […]

The power of clarity to create the life you love

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This Video Log is all about the importance of clarity.  It discusses why clarity is so important in our lives and how to  move from a state of confusion & desperation into a state of clarity & knowing.  The purpose of this VLOG is to support people in becoming more […]

Prison of the Mind – Part 1

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Living in a world of duality where for every extreme there is an opposite extreme.  For example if you experience cold you must have experienced something hot to know what cold is.  To experience sweet you would have experienced sour.  We perceive this dualistic experience through our 5 tangible human […]

Difference Between Wanting & Having

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Throughout the ages people have always been fascinated and obsessed around the notion of having things.  In our society today, it is believed that the more money and things we have the more comfortable, happy, secure our life is.  The focus of the identity or ego is that the abundance […]

Finding Certainty in the Uncertain

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In this time, people are most concerned about securing their future.  If only I can be a millionaire then I can be happy and feel relaxed.  People have bought into the illusion that happiness is a state of being that can only happen at a future point in time when […]



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