Breaking Free from the 9 to 5 Comfort zone – The 4 Agreements


In a recent Podcast recording with Cimone-Louise Fung, expert relationship mentor for career focused woman looking for support in finding and nurturing a loving relationship and Nicolas Perrin, expert in supporting entrepreneurs, small business owners and corporate refugees in finding their soul purpose to create a lifestyle and business around their gifts, we explored the 4 Agreements.

Don Miguel, original author of the 4 agreements, who Cimone-Louise had the privilege of working with shares the 4 essential Agreements that if kept will transform your life forever.

Do you feel stress, resentment, angry, anxiety, worry, judgement or live in the past or future? These emotional states are indications that you are breaking one or more of these agreements on a consistent basis.

The 4 Agreements include:

a) Be Impeccable with your Word
b) Don’t take things Personally
c) Don’t make Assumptions
d) Always do your best

Click below to listen to the podcast where we explore:

a) What are these 4 agreements
b) Why are they relevant and the consequences when you don’t integrate them into your life.
c) How you can move from a survival/limited mindset to one of abundance and freedom. Cimone-Louise and Nicolas share specific ways you can practically make the changes in your life right now to create new results for yourself.
d) We share examples of when we have not integrated these in our own lives and the results that were created when this happened.

It’s a personal, deep, powerful podcast packed with incredible inspiration and wisdom that will have something profound for you.
My suggestion is to get a pen and paper and to reflect on your own life and write down insights as the podcast continues to gain maximum effect and benefit.

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