Breaking Free from the 9 to 5 comfort zone – The foundations of success


In today’s Podcast I had the pleasure of discussing & sharing the foundations of success with Daniel Batten one of New Zealands most successful innovative coaches who supports newly fledged innovators with promising ideas & creating entrepreneurial success with their cutting edge ideas . We looked at 3 key elements necessary for a success recipe in both life & business.

Are you a conscious entrepreneur wanting to bring your vision & message to life into the world?

Are you a small business owner that is looking to bring more meaning & purpose into your life OR

Are you a corporate refugee wanting to make the transition into the new business paradigm?

// If you’re feeling scared and concerned about what it takes to step up and bring your message to life or;

// You are fearful of making some of the common pitfalls people make when wanting to step into the world with their message & vision;

// You haven’t found your authentic swing and are looking to find “the next best thing” so you can experience freedom, fulfilment and choice.

The good news is this Podcast will support you to:

// Have clarity on the 3 necessary ingredients necessary to create  a strong foundation so you can built your successes on strength and certainty.

// Stop looking outside of yourself for the answers from everyone else because your authentic swing cannot be given to you, but only be accepted and received by you.

// Listen to personal stories, analogies, tips and heartfelt ways for you to integrate this knowledge into your life so that it becomes wisdom.

Click on the Podcast below to dive in and be made welcome by both Nicolas and Daniel on their epic journey on this Podcast.

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