Breaking free from the 9 to 5 comfort zone: conscious parenting is self aware leadership


In a Podcast discussion between Nicolas Perrin (Transformational expert) and Dr Rosina McAlpine (Conscious parent expert and researcher), we explore the new paradigm of parenting and how discipline, control and punishment is being overtaken with empathy, life skills and relationship building.

This Podcast series explores the idea that much of the powerlessness dynamics experienced in adult hood, inferiority and lack of responsibility perpetuating a victim based consciousness originates during childhood.

By supporting children to be empowered, decisive, having a sense of self esteem and confidence at an early age promotes a happy, successful and flourishing life as an adult.

If you are a parent then these are some of the questions we explored and answered:

// How do I get my children to listen to me?

// Letting go of parental guilt

// Why self care and nurturing is so important for you and your children

// The myths around self sacrifice and how this creates resentment, frustration and anger.

// Creating a safe space where children know they are learning and making mistakes is okay

// How to coach children to find the answers for themselves and the balance between being a guiding supportive parent allowing the child to make decisions vs. keeping them safe.

// The connection between being a coach and a parent


If you are a parent what has been your experience moving from a punishment, control and discipline TO an empathy, empowered and relationship model.

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