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In a recent podcast recording with Jeffrey Allen and myself, we both explored and discussed the importance of timing when undergoing any transition. Both of us had massive changes in our lives; Jeffrey was a Sound Engineer for 15 years before transitioning into being an energy healer and intuitive coach, where I transitioned from the Corporate Finance world into intuitive transformational coaching.

Some of the key questions and insights we explored included:

How do I know if I’m making the right decision?

We shared that if you are not connected to your intuition which means actively receiving and following your inner GPS then 2 things are most likely to occur:

1) You resist your changing path.

The end result is pain and suffering because at a deeper level you know your heart is not in the old path anymore.  You lack real motivation to passionately move forward, but you hang onto what you know because it gives you comfort.  The fear of the unknown and the need for security keeps you stuck and potentially paralysed.

2) You try and force a new path too early.

The new pathway is still unfolding with certain steps, lessons, learnings and trainings necessary before the new path is ready.  Impatience can be common for the super action orientated people. The end result is that you hit your head up against a brick wall.

The podcast discussion explores:

// The 3 different answers you receive when tapping into your intuition

// How to tap in and get the answers for yourself

// How you can start to move in the direction of your vision and dreams now in perfect timing

// We both share many stories and analogies to share how these principles play out in your life.

// Some of the signs when your higher self is giving you a nudge that it’s time to shift direction and create a new focus.

To listen to the podcast click here:

Please share your insights and experiences when it comes to the timing in your transitions in life.  How have you been guided with your intuition in key changes in life?

If you feel confused about what is the next step in your life. If you don’t have a vision or are not sure how you can tap into your intuitive abilities then contact me to arrange a discovery session by clicking here

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