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are you holding yourself back from your full potential?

Have you felt the flame of possibility flickering deep within you?  Perhaps you have had fleeting moments about the dreams you hold dear to your heart? Perhaps you have dream’t about the life you would love to live and how you can make a difference by supporting others to be more authentic in their life pursuits?  Have you experienced inspiration and the feeling of new possibiliiesy in how your life could be AND then …. you experience self doubt, fears of making changes in your life, self criticism and the fear of what others may think?


Do any of these sound like you?

You know you have a big vision within your heart that is waiting to come out in the world.

You know that your vision can make a positive impact and contribution to humanity & the earth.

Your mind tends to be self critical, doubt your abilities and you focus on what can go wrong. You experience self sabotage and procrastination when wanting to step up in your life.

You are working in a job or running your own business that isn’t quite cutting the fulfilment factor,   you feel trapped and don’t feel like your self expression is being fully optimised.


Ready to become an inspirational change maker?

The good news is I’ll support you to bring out your Authentic Heartfelt self, unpack your full vision, create a case study so we can monitor your evolution as an Authentic human being and then remove any limitations, resistance or fears that is holding you back.  By having a full understanding of all the Universal principles you will feel like you truly have both hands on the reigns in your life.  Feel empowered in knowing exactly how to respond when the foundations of your life are being rocked.

Pre-Evaluation Phase

Includes a full diagnostics program measuring how heartfelt & Authentic you are now. You’ll also get to have a full understanding of your personality construct and how this has supported and sabotaged your dreams.  We’ll explore exactly where you are in your life now.


A powerful discovery session to create your Vision at a wholistic level which includes:

# Discovering your heart and shadow values

# Getting clarity on your “why” – the driving force that comes from your heart

# Creating your big picture Vision at an energetic level

# Painting the picture for the next 12 months – including all key areas in your life

# Creating specific inspired action steps for all key areas

# Bringing awareness to resistance and limitations that are currently preventing your vision from moving forward.

# Activating the qualities or resources for your vision to unfold.

# Explore how your authentic self can be expressed as an inspirational change agent bringing positive constructive change to your life, humanity and the planet.

# Align a business that matches your values and self expression.

Case Study

Building a case study show casing your evolution as an inspirational change agent over the 6 months.


Transforming all resistance, limitations, fears, self sabotaging patterns that is out of alignment to your dreams and aspirations.   A powerful accountability system to monitor and expand your inspired action steps to keep you on target.

Esoteric & Wisdom Acquisition

You’ll receive all the necessary Esoteric and Universal Wisdom necessary for you to evolve into an inspirational change maker and live the dreams of your life.

Understanding the hidden rules that govern “The Game of Life”

# 4 Key laws of the Universe

# Understanding the nature of physical reality

# Knowing the 9 different aspects/levels and roles of your total beingness.

# Key elements of transformation – what it is and what it is not

# What is purpose and where most people get stuck

# Knowing how to self transform in your own time

The power of meditation & mastering the inner game

# Accessing different meditation techniques which have different purposes such as:

a) Opening the heart

b) Cleansing your energetic body

c) Consciously accessing the infinite aspect of your beingness.

Accessing, deepening your heart connection and using your intuition as your inner guidance system to navigate the unknown.

# Learn how to make decisions intuitively vs. making decisions from the limited physical mind

# Get comfortable in being able to navigate the “unknown” with trust and confidence

# Align your heart and your mind as a synergetic team working together

Become a conscious creator and learn how to fully take the reigns of your life.

# Understand alchemy and how to apply it when wanting to create what you prefer

# Learn how to test and see how aligned you are to what you want

# Uncover the resistance that may be “getting in the way” of you experiencing your ideal life

Activate your Inner Genius

# Move from living on purpose to being an example for others

# Expressing your soul desires to the fullest of your abilities now

# Use your non 5 human sensors to navigate the unknown more effectively

navigating through the matrix

# Unplug from the matrix and reclaim your sovereignty as a free human being

# Learn about mind control and how the current system is setup to keep people subdued, powerless and in a scarcity or lack mentality

#Become an inspiration for others so they may be aware that life can be more useful for them too.

Here’s how the program works

Before we start: I’ll send you over my Comprehensive Pre-Program Questionaire, a diagnostics test to see how heartfelt you are (strengths & opportunities) so we both are clear on where you are now and where you want to be.

The discovery session: Is a 3 hour session where we start building your vision together from the ground up and setting up the case study

24 Weekly follow up sessions: Each week we’ll come together for a session where we’ll continue to  work to bring full awareness to your current reality, remove the veils of deception & avoidance and fulfill all the key components necessary for you to be on purpose and evolve into an inspirational change agent. This includes all the necessary universal principles that are required for your vision to fly sky high.

Continuous support: Be held accountable to your inspired action steps to support you in stepping forward in your life specifically around your vision.

{To become an empowered change agent, get clarity on your vision and move towards the life you deserve please click below for a complementary 30 minute consultation where we get to see if we are aligned and the investment is worthwhile for you and your desires}



This is what others have said: He is a lighthouse in the matrix… highly recommended!

LHC Zsolt Testimonial

[one_fifth][/one_fifth]”I can’t believe how much energy Nicolas has by assisting others to live their purpose! He has the body of inspiration, the mind that turns problems into solutions, and the heart that truly cares for his clients by bringing the best out of them.  He is a lighthouse in the matrix, highly recommended!” Zsolt Nagy[one_fifth_last][/one_fifth_last]


{To become an empowered change agent, get clarity on your vision and move towards the life you deserve please click below for a complementary 30 minute consultation where we get to see if we are aligned and the investment is worthwhile for you and your desires}


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