Have you ever wondered what makes an extraordinary person?

An extraordinary person is an ordinary person who makes extraordinary choices. As Albert Einstein said, "We cannot solve a problem from the same level of awareness & thinking that created the problem."  1 on 1 or group coaching is an excellent way for you to expand your awareness to outside what you believe to be possible.

Instead of going through the painful years of learnings through the pitt falls and mistakes that occurs when stepping into an unknown space, fast track your progress by integrating and embodying the core wisdom necessary to bring your dreams into reality now. Get onto the destiny path with the first step. No one gets to the Olympics without a coach, so why fumble through life when choosing to experience your best life without one?

I work with clients to create a crystal clear vision, clear all limitations & resistance and align them with their vision so they can transition into their fulfilled life and destiny path.  Like a Lion you get to live a courageous life navigating the unknown and being able to access possibilities you may have thought were impossible or unavailable in the past.

I work with clients at a holistic level which means:

  • Creating a crystal clear vision
  • Clearing & letting go of limitations and resistance in the unconscious & subconscious mind
  • Opening up the heart and using intuition as a tool to step forward quickly in life
  • Aligning your heart and mind to your vision
  • Using potent frequencies "Heart Resonance Coherent Technologies" to shift your reality experience.
  • Using the physical & emotional body as a source of intelligence for transformation and understanding
  • Educate clients with key universal wisdoms to create an In-powered relationship which I call "Knowing the rules behind the rules of life"
  • Transition into your fully fulfilled life
  • See below for ways I am currently journeying with clients:


“I believe in myself so much more”
~ Anna Di Bartolo
Me-AprilI completed a coaching program with Nic and am pleased to say that I have reduced my anxiety and no longer sweat about the small stuff.  I believe in myself so much more and purchased 2 properties (instead of one) while
completing a renovation all by myself.  I found a new fulfiling job that aligned to my heart.  Nic has a holistic approach, is highly intuitive and enthuisastic.  I’d recommend you check him out.


“Well I did it!!!”
~ Francine Clair
"Well, I have done it. I have resigned from work, last date 26th Sept '14. I feel great! I must attribute much of the ease of my resignation from our fantastic session together. I am feeling strong, empowered and on the right path.  The great divine stepped in and provided me with a part time casual job, compliments from a previous employer who found out I was leaving and called me. They are aware I am still creating my new life and are very happy to work around me! AMAZING."
“Get ready to be challenged, thrilled and taken down a path”
~ Nikolaos Vlachos


542937_192753880863918_1125787958_n-1"From the moment you meet Nicolas Perrin, you'll understand why so many people are in awe of his presence, a gifted worldly change maker and a transformative coach. Nicolas' Lion Heart coaching is unique. There's no better way to describe it. The magic happens from the start, where you are taken on a journey of your own, guided by Nic, where his words imprint your way of being and soul. Get ready to be challenged, thrilled and taken down a path you've never been before. Be excited! Be Authentic! open your awareness and trust the journey, not just the destination which is yet to come. I highly recommend Nicolas Perrin and encourage you to explore the treasures of life waiting for you. Blessings."


I offer various journeys to assist people to open new doors of possibility, to embody and resonate to the Authentic/Natural Self through frequency attunements, creating tangible and real results in life & business. These journeys take people from a place of potentiality to creatorship and living your dream.

“Hi Nicolas, Thank you for what you do - I spoke yesterday and felt grounded and connected into my body and heart and spoke without a plan from that space in full trust.

Coming to your workshop last week was such a big part of me being able to hold that space for myself, so I wanted to thank you again for what you are doing and holding this space. I'm excited to continue growing into trust and belief of myself using my long suppressed voice. X”

Jacinda Meiklejohn

"I was drawn to Nick's Authenticity Speaks evening from a desire to connect more deeply to my essence and be in a safe and supportive space from which to learn and practice expressing that in public. I was already confident about public speaking, but had a desire to unveil for myself and then express a message to others which in some way moves or adds value to their lives."

Anton Gillezeau

Chiropractor and Consciousness explorer

"I just had the most amazing healing and transformative time at Nicolas Perrin's speaking group at Leela. While I usually feel very confident speaking and running workshops, it was very heart opening and powerful to speak from my deepest place of truth and vulnerability in front of a group of new people, and to be witness to others to doing the same."

Simon Wing-Lun

Creator & Facilitator of Unconditional Love Healing

"Having a group of open, warm and loving people to stand up and speak to has helped get me out of my shell and transform my relationship with myself, my words and my voice.

It has taught me the importance of speaking from the heart and authentically communicating with other humans. It's not what you say but how you say it. This group has been just the open hearted support that I need from the world in order to step into my greatness and power."

Natasha Tveshor

"I felt comfortable and at home straight away!

I was greeted by a wonderful bunch of amazing human beings when I arrived at Authenticity Speaks. I felt comfortable and at home straight away. One thing that really stood out for me was I felt 100% supported and encouraged to empower myself. To be able to express myself without fear from a heart centered way which allowed me to honor and value myself at the highest level."

Ronella Silbery

"I love how Nicolas has creates such a safe and supportive environment for people of all ages to explore their self-expression and revealing more of themselves to the world.

I love that such an atmosphere of connection emerges through everyone sharing so deeply that no-one wants to leave when the event has officially finished! I love that it's such a profound rich communal experience and that Nicolas is a gentle yet powerful leader who leads by example, living out his own mission and purpose."

Margaret Munoz



Diana Edwards

This is a really great experience for anyone desiring to learn to speak more from the heart, grounded in presence. I highly recommend it. Nicolas is a heart centred facilitator, and the people who attend the event are lovely.



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