Difference Between Wanting & Having


Throughout the ages people have always been fascinated and obsessed around the notion of having things.  In our society today, it is believed that the more money and things we have the more comfortable, happy, secure our life is.  The focus of the identity or ego is that the abundance we are looking for is always something external to us. What I am interested in discussing today is the difference between wanting and having from an internal or energetic perspective.


The energy of wanting is focusing your awareness onto something without experiencing it.  For example, wanting a relationship is different to experiencing one.  The energy of wanting one may bring up images or feelings of what it may feel like to actually experience it.  In your mind’s eye, the fantasy of longing can feel exciting.  It is only a fantasy and does not materialize into form until a few other factors have been fulfilled.  Before I talk about these factors let’s now look at having.


So “having” is experiencing the manifestation of whatever you choose to focus on.  The initial feeling of desire and thought have now manifested into inspired action, which has resulted into experience.  So for example keeping within the theme of relationships, the hearts desire to be in a relationship along with the associated thoughts have resulted in an opportunity showing up without resistance and then allowing the experience to flow into life.  Once it flows in, the experience or opportunity to experience is recognized and then fulfilled.


The truth is that we live in an abundant universe and our natural state is abundance. So why do some people experience abundance and others don’t?  Well if I had to put it into one word it would be “resistance”.  On some level the person is resisting the abundance to flow into their reality.


So how does one consciously shift the energy of wanting into having?  Well to be put simply it’s to give yourself permission to have it.  People who believe they deserve to have it and give themselves permission to experience it will receive their hearts desire.


This is a very powerful realization as most people suffer on some level the belief of “not being worthy”.  This limitation can be incredibly disempowering. Bringing awareness into all areas of your life to become aware of what you are not so to experience who you are is so important if you intend on living from an abundant way of being.


An exercise to support you in this is to:


What are the circumstances, events or items that you have wanted and are yet to experience in this physical realm?

With each item connect to the feeling that it brings up for you when you allow yourself to feel the relationship between yourself and the item.

If you feel an expansive openness then there is no resistance and it may be a case to bring more attention in recognising opportunities that float into your life so to take inspired action.  On the other hand if you feel a contraction of any kind then you are in resistance to experiencing the item you want.  By connecting to the feeling you will quickly realize if your mind at the sub conscious level is in alignment with your conscious thought or not.  Any feeling of contraction means you are not in alignment and any open feeling means it’s all clear.


While your eyes are closed, you may become aware of beliefs that are limiting your experiences.  Place your awareness on the truth, which is that abundance is our natural state and you are worthy of experiencing all that your heart desires.  Keep feeling any emotions or feelings that come up.  Go into the feeling in a space of acceptance and openness so to dive right into the feeling.  You will find that the fear or intense emotions will leave your body once you are able to accept and open up to them.  Instead of judging them or labelling them just allow them to be there.


Good luck with the acceptance process and this may take a few times to master so my suggestion is to be patient with yourself and to be persistent.  Remember practice makes perfect.


I send you unconditional love until the next time we connect



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