Don’t fall into the parenting trap: the illusion of self sacrifice w/ Dr Rosina


Is your life so busy you hardly have time to breathe? So many demands on your time: work, home, friends and family and the kids? So many parents fall into the life trap of going through the motions of busy living. This gets amplified when you have children and have a mortgage with one week merging into the next with very little change or light at the end of the tunnel.

If you are feeling trapped as a parent

If you feel resentment that your life is on hold while you self sacrifice your needs for the needs of your family

If you don’t know what the purpose of your life will be when your kids move out

Dr Rosina McAlpine and I (Nicolas Perrin) from Lion Heart Coaching who will share insights into the importance of creating and focusing on a powerful vision for your life, for your family and getting out of the parenting trap.

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Nicolas’ purpose is to facilitate his clients to capitalise on their gifts and talents to experience a happy, healthy and fulfilling life of their dreams and highest potential. Nicolas works with entrepreneurs, small business owners and corporate refugees who have a burning vision to make a difference in the world. For more about Nic’s programs

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