How to effectively collaborate and co-create in the new paradigm


// Are you considering or stepping into the path of finding your purpose and following your passion?

// Perhaps you’re at a cross road wondering if it’s possible to do what you love & to earn money from it?

// Perhaps you’re wondering what it takes to create a business within the new paradigm?

Sharon white, founder of Global Healing Exchange and Nicolas Perrin, founder of LionHeartCoaching, share the importance of collaboration and co-creation. The discussion starts with the premise that humanity is evolving from an old paradigm and into a new paradigm. We explore what this means and why it is relevant in business today.

We share some of the common mistakes or pitfalls that people unconsciously fall into when considering collaboration or co-creation that results in failure.

Listen to the Podcast to tune into 2 personal stories that Nicolas shares to illustrate the point of how to avoid the pitfalls of collaboration and co-creation.

The podcast shares how to approach collaboration and co-creation from a perspective that works and benefits all parties involved.

A value based focus aligned with co-creation and collaboration creates incredible win/win opportunities for all.

Plenty of tips and useful information in the Podcast to support you to move your business into the new paradigm and to have a heart centred focus in your business and life.

A journey of a thousand steps started with 1 step.

This Podcast will inspire you to start your journey or to continue in the direction of your passion.

To connect with Nicolas go to and enter in your First Name and email address in the Opt in box OR search for LionHeartcoaching on Facebook and like the page to be kept in the loop of inspirational, heart centred messages that will support you to find your passion, inspiration and to move in the direction of your vision.

To connect with Sharon White go to where Sharon offers many wonderful tips, podcasts, blogs and support within the Health and Wellness Space.


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