Feeling stuck in your business? Uncover the ingredients necessary to be in a flow state

Are you feeling trapped

Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner that knows you are tremendously talented, taking action in your life however are not getting the results you deserve? If you are feeling stuck, confused and slightly frustrated then you have come to the right place.

The purpose of this blog is to explore what it takes to allow results to flow effortlessly into your business & life and how you can do this starting right now.

Your perspective of life very much does determine what unfolds in your life. Are you seeing yourself & life through the following lense?

•I am separate from other people and life
•I believe I’m living in a world with limited resources
•I believe that to succeed I have to work hard and be highly competitive
•Sacrifice is a natural part of life
•I feel that I am surviving and focus on lack
•Tend to notice what is not working in my life or what is wrong with other people or life?

If you can relate to any of the above points then you are still living in a particle based reality which means you believe that your circumstances (what is external to you) impacts on what is possible for you in your life. You will still have the belief that you have to make it happen in order to be successful. You see if you are taking loads of action and not getting the results you want then the reason is because you are out of alignment and out of resonance with the results you are choosing.

Although you can get limited results while choosing to see life through a particle based perspective it’s definetly not easy or fun. Often the results you will get will be temporary or have a cost attached to them. For example you may be working 14 hours a day in your business and be getting some results however you feel exhausted, tired, stressed and your relationships and health are starting to suffer.

The answer is to play a Quantum Game which means you move into a new perspective that states:

•Everything in the universe is energy (Science and physics can now show that this is true)
•The external world is a reflection of who I am being moment to moment.

If you choose to embrace these 2 key premises then instead of having to MAKE it happen it becomes more about alignment, resonance & coherence.

When you are in alignment with what you want in life, it finds you and is attracted to you. What this means is the perfect clients, perfect employees, perfect opportunities all come into your reality. This is exactly how I attract the perfect clients in my business and don’t need to go out there and frantically be spending so much time on marketing.

I’ve put together an easy 4-Step process to check if you are in alignment & resonance with the results you choose in your life:

1) Clarity: be clear on the end result of what you are choosing
2) Alignment: There are 4 questions to ask yourself and to be honest with yourself.
Scale each of these from 0 to 10

a. Do I believe I deserve having what I want?
b. Do I believe I can experience having what I want?
c. Do I desire experiencing what I want?
d. Do I have the will to experience what I want?
3) Transform & Let go anything that is below 10/10
4) Choose what I’d love & Allow.

Clarity: You must know what it is you want. Ensure that you are focusing on an end result and not a means result. For example: a means result is wanting more money whereas an end result is more freedom & choice in my life.
Alignment: The above 4 questions will see if you unconscious & subconscious are aligned to what you say you want. This is the part of you that controls 95% of what goes on in your life and is very important to have on board otherwise almost impossible to create effortlessly.
Transform: If you score anything less 10/10 for the above questions you must explore what it is you are believing to be true about yourself or life that is creating a score less than 10/10. Ask yourself “What must I believe to be true about myself or life to be experiencing resistance/doubt/fear in relation to the end result of XYZ. When you become aware of it then choose to let it go. In previous blogs I go through many different ways you can let go of things that don’t serve you so feel free to check out other blogs on my website for support.
Choose & Allow: Once you’ve completed the alignment & letting process then choose your end result, get excited about it and then allow the universe to bring to you the opportunities.

Finally it’s important that you don’t focus on the “how”. When you move into a quantum reality the key is to be present and open to possibilities coming into your life. Fine tune your intuition and bring in more trust expecting life to work for you. When you are in tune with your intuition, take the action that comes to you.

A key point I want to make is action is absolutely necessary for you to receive the results you want however action that is out of alignment or resonance with the end result is pointless.

Here is a suggestion that I use to magnetise myself to the outcomes I’d love:

I allow myself to write down and bring into my conscious awareness:

What Thoughts
What feelings
What behaviours
What attitudes
What choices

Would I be making if I were to experience the results I’d love in my business & life? Spend 5 minutes each day in your meditation and to feel what it would be like to be the version of you necessary to experience the results you’d love in your business & life.

In conclusion: The key message in today’s BLOG is alignment & resonance. When you are in alignment & in resonance with the results you want, the opportunities to create them come to you. You become an electric magnetic force where you have a natural attractor field radiating from you in all directions. If you’d love support on how you can implement this in your life then feel free to send me an email at Nicolas@lionheartcoaching.com.au Because the results you desire are literally just around the corner and are only waiting for you to be in alignment & resonance with them so they can come into your life. Have a wonderful week and I look forward connecting with you all super soon.

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