Finding Certainty in the Uncertain


In this time, people are most concerned about securing their future.  If only I can be a millionaire then I can be happy and feel relaxed.  People have bought into the illusion that happiness is a state of being that can only happen at a future point in time when the external reflection in life matches up to their expectations.  For example, I will only feel happy when I’m in the perfect relationship, or I’ll be happy when I’m a millionaire or when I have status and credibility and everyone wants to know me.  This group consciousness belief assumes that happiness will occur when life is plain sailing and predictable. For example the flow of money is guaranteed.  This brings on a false sense of security.  Even for those that do achieve vast riches their insecurity then turns from not having wealth to loosing it.  The insecurity and fear within only changes form.


The truth is that life is constantly changing and the only thing we can all guarantee is that change is inevitable.  What I have realized is that we can always find happiness and joy in every moment in life regardless of the external circumstances.  The empowering mindset is one which looks for the gift and opportunity in each moment while the disempowering mindset is looking for what is wrong.  I’m sure we can all recall a moment when we have focused on what we learnt from a circumstance and taken the strength and wisdom into the next life opportunity, which has allowed us to step up in life.  See a mistake as a stepping-stone to learning what is required to be the person you are choosing to be.  To be able to master life we must learn to master finding certainty in the uncertain.  If you experience making a mistake then be sure that the end hasn’t arrived.  The only reason why people experience failure is they give up on themselves.


The truth of the matter is that the only reason why people buy into fear and are not able to let go is that they don’t know how to trust themselves.  We only need to control the external environment when we are not able to trust and find comfort in the natural flow of life.  The part of you that needs to control is the ego whose role is to keep you safe and satisfy the emptiness that you feel within you by finding love in the form of acceptance, approval, security, appreciation and recognition in the external environment based on the intrinsic belief that you are separate to all that exists.


The only way to find certainty in the uncertain is to access the heart space and create an effortless alignment between the mind, heart and hand.  There is no one way to achieve this and the answer on how to self realize this truth already exists within you.  All you need is the will and courage to be open to all possibilities and to allow the answers to come to you.


A couple of suggestions that I can pass on that I have embodied within my way of life that has served me to access the heart space is:


Create some time in the day for you to stop doing and to sit with yourself and to feel in silence.  If this is new to you then I would suggest starting with 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening.  If your mind is chaotic then I would suggest you use a guided meditation.   The thousands of thoughts that we engage with constantly create noise that blocks the whisper of the heart.  The heart space is your portal to access all the answers to any question you have ever contemplated.


Another helpful way to create peacefulness in the mind is to close your eyes and imagine in your mind your first name written in the left hand side for 5 seconds.  Place all your focus and awareness on your first name, be aware of how large it is written, if it’s in different colors, the style, whether it is shiny neon or with other shapes around it.  Then lift your focus so you move above where you have written your first name and move to the right hand side and drop down and then imagine in your mind your last name.  Again place all your focus and awareness on your last name for 5 seconds and be aware of how large it is, if it’s in different colors, the style, whether it is shiny neon or with other shapes around it.  Then lift your focus above your name and start to move across back towards your first name and when you arrive in between your first and last name to drop in between.  Keep your awareness in this empty space between your first and last name.


You will notice that the thoughts will switch off and then to place your awareness on your breath just at the point where breath enters and leaves your nose.  I’ve drawn a diagram to visually explain how to silence the mind.









Another practice to see the opportunity and gift in each moment is to wake up each morning and connect to 5 things that you currently have in your life that you can express appreciation and gratitude for.  I would also suggest that you complete this before going to bed.  If your mind is focusing on a feeling of gratitude you are sending out an energetic vibration of openness, abundance and love, which will welcome other good fortune into your life that is vibrating at that energetic vibration.  If you focus on what is wrong you will be sending out a vibration of worry, doubt which will only allow you to experience more of what you worry and doubt.  Everything vibrates at a particular frequency and thus the vibration you are experiencing yourself at will determine the frequency of vibration of people, events & circumstances that come into your life.


Until next time I send my unconditional love, joy and bliss to you all.


Nicolas Perrin

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