Free Yourself From Self Sabotage


This video explores 3 key areas within self sabotage.

1. What is Self Sabotage
2. How does it show up in our life
3. How can we transcend?

Self sabotage is the result of limiting beliefs created by the mind to keep us safe. These limitations are triggered if we believe on some level that we are not good enough, not capable, not supported so to keep us within our current paradigm.
To break free from Self Sabotage we must firstly acknowledge and become aware that we are doing this to ourselves. The only person we are punishing is ourselves as we rob ourselves of the very experiences that we have come here to experience. The video explores in further detail how to move beyond self sabotage

It is easy to see when other people sabotage themselves because you can look at this process as an observer.

However, when you are the one involved in all the emotions and uncertainty, it is quite easy to overlook this failure factor.

Self Sabotage occurs in areas of money/wealth, relationships, health/physical body and self actualisation or achievement. Self Sabotage is triggered when you try to go beyond what your conscious mind believes is possible for you.

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