Z – Ho ‘ Oponopono








Is a forgiveness & acceptance process that is effective “in a moment of difficulty or conflict”

Important to take a moment and place your awareness into your body and empty your mind. You can imagine white light washing over your entire body.


I’m Sorry:
Imagine you are kneeling in front of your higher self/infinite energy while saying this& feeling it.

Please Forgive Me:
Imagine you are standing up throwing a CD, that represents the “belief, program, learnt behaviour” that gave rise to the resistance, into a bright light. While repeating the mantra feel it in your body at the same time as imagining it.

I Love You:
Imagine you are hugging your Higher Self while saying the mantra and feeling it in the body.

Thank you:
Imagine you are expressing gratitude and appreciation for being healed while you say the mantra and feel it in the body.

Remember that words by themselves don’t mean anything. It’s important to feel & imagine each step and be 100% present with it for this process to be effective & heal.

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