BF 21: How embracing our inner weirdness is a catalyst for freedom & happiness


As a child do you remember having moments where you felt you weren’t the same as other children? Perhaps at that time you didn’t know exactly what was different about you, but you felt different? As a child I felt that the inner balance between my masculine and feminine energies were balanced and I could feel that I didn’t slot into the box of a typical boy.

How embracing our inner weirdness is a catalyst for expansion in freedom, self expression and empowerment

Let’s explore the unique facets of you that is so valuable

This podcast explores the journey of discovery & acceptance of your unique facets that create your individuality. As a difference maker, heart centred entrepreneur, coach, healer, transformational expert or an individual with a powerful message you would love to share with the world; the very facets & qualities that make you special have often been suppressed, denied or rejected from a very young age.

What happens when these unique facets are denied?

This suppression of uniqueness unconsciously creates pain, discomfort and creates the experience of being a chameleon or a puppet version of you that really isn’t in alignment to your soul blue print. You may ask well why does this happen? The answer always comes back to love. All humans have a deep desire to be loved, to love and to belong. The problem is that society doesn’t celebrate the uniqueness of each individual yet sees the differences as a problem and a point of separation.

What’s on the cards for this show:

Join Nicolas Perrin and Sam E Martin on a journey to reclaiming the aspects of self that have been denied, suppressed or judged as weird. This podcast will guide you on an exploration that will unveil:

a) How your uniqueness & inner weirdness is the key to your transformation and success in this life

b) What happens when you deny these aspects of you & the consequences of this choice

c) How you can live your life in alignment to your values that may go against the grain of society.

d) Stepping into your self authority & embracing the completeness of your ‘being’

e) Sam E and Nicolas share personal stories on how they’ve both denied aspects of self, the consequence of this choice and what unfolded when these rejected aspects of self were accepted and valued.

Why is this important?

If you are on a journey of transition to align your life to your mission and purpose then aligning all aspects of self will be a fundamental experience to experience flow in your business, life, mission and the manifestations that you prefer.

How embracing our inner weirdness is a catalyst for expansion in freedom, self expression and empowerment

Connect with Sam E Martin:

Sam E Martin supports individuals to align to their self authority, navigate through conflict and embrace their humanness on all levels to create freedom and empowerment.

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Nicolas Perrin is offering you access to 5 videos on the areas of self sabotage, fear of rejection, how to make decisions in the unknown and tuning into your intuition as well as key points necessary if you are in a transition to living a life on purpose and in alignment.

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If you are ready to step into your greatness and move from “curiosity” to “committed.” To make real, tangible, effective changes in your life now, to learn how you can go beyond your comfort zone so to live your dream life, legacy, mission and vision to experience the flow and miraculous potential of life then book in a free 30 minute alignment conversation where we can connect and explore where are you now, in relationship to stepping up into your greatness so to fulfill your heart centered missions. Being clear on your next steps and blind spots will make all the difference to you in being able to make decisive and powerful steps instead of skidding on the same spot hoping for a different end result. To have a heart to heart conversation click below:

Can you help out?

I thank you for your participation, and I honour, respect and love the greatness in you that is choosing to transform, value and be the greatest version of you.

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50% of all donations will be offered to a Non for profit organisation called Vipasanna that gives people the opportunity to meditate and free themselves on a donation basis. I personally attended one of their sittings and I feel moved to give back to the wonderful work this organisation is going for the world.

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I’d love to learn from you in the comments below in what ways has your life transformed when you embraced aspects of your own life that were previously judged as being weird, different, bizarre or just plan unacceptable? What insights, experiences and wisdom can you share in relationship to the value of embracing all of you and the impact this has on your life and business?

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2 thoughts on “BF 21: How embracing our inner weirdness is a catalyst for freedom & happiness”

  1. What a funny session!
    There is no such thing as “Normal” really. If you lightly scratch the surface of…anything. The deeper you go, you discover the fascinating, subtle and dynamic variation there is in our “similarity”. So therefore, how can there be Weird? xx

    1. Hi Tamara,

      Thanks for your comment and for challenging the relevance of a label called “weird”.
      The context of this Podcast was to show that society currently has “boxes” that it invites people to step into. At a subtle level there is a stereotype projected image of what is considered “normal” and thus anything outside of these characteristics is deemed to be strange, weird, wrong, not okay etc.

      The marketing and advertising industry is based on this whole paradigm and is the fuel that gives commercialisation its fuel to continue.

      The message that I feel passionate about sharing is that regardless of what is considered normal or weird, embracing and welcoming all of these aspects of self is what diffuses the inner conflict. With no positionally, judgement or fear can only be freedom and self expression.

      The intention is to celebrate all the variations that exist knowing that underneath all of them is a oneness that is experienced through the heart.

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