Jumping over the gorge of Judgement


I invite you to read my latest BLOG called Jumping over the gorge of Judgement.
Through powerful analogies that creates crystal clear imagery and feelings within, experience for yourself how judgement is the glue that keeps us stuck within a prison that we are not even aware of.

Receive understanding through simple clarity on how judgement keeps us stuck within a world based on fear, separation and limitation. The article explores how we can transform and evolve out of judgement into the realm of new possibilities. Become a pioneer within your own right and dig below the surface. Have fun and see you on the other side!

Imagine that your reality and life was confined within the dark, cold walls of a prison complex. You are governed by the same routine day in and day out. The prison warden tells you when to wake up, when to eat, what you can and can’t do. Experiencing life in a restricted environment like a prison takes away your freedom to choose the life you love.

Unfortunately the vast majority of people are living in a prison…the prison of the mind. 95% of the thoughts engaged with yesterday are the same thoughts engaged with today. The stories that play over and over in the mind today were the same as yesterday. The glue that reinforces and keeps the prison intact is ‘judgement’. The prison warden represents our fear of being punished. Punishment can take on many forms including being isolated, not feeling good enough, fear of failure or perhaps even making a mistake.

The purpose of this article is to shine some light on how judgement keeps us a prisoner in a self-created world of limitation, fear and scarcity. We will explore what occurs when we engage with judgement and how we can move from judgement to self-acceptance using a powerful 5-step path.

Judgements are created when we label an observation in a positive or negative way. For example: A human being wearing an outfit walks down a busy city street. In a moment of observation a judgement can form and be: “That person is wearing a really funky outfit. I like how they feel free to wear whatever they choose.” Alternatively the judgement could be, “I can’t stand people who wear funky outfits and need to stand out from everybody else.” Both the positive and negative labels are judgements and will restrict the full human experience. The more focus and attention given to a judgement, the more power and control it has over your life.

For example: If you have a very strong preference to coffee flavoured ice cream and always choose the same flavour every time you buy ice cream, you will be limiting yourself from the infinite possibilities that exist. What this means is you may love another flavour on a new level such as Pistachio but will never experience the magic of this flavor because of the limited perception and belief created from a past experience. The limiting belief of “coffee flavoured ice cream is the best” cuts out other possibilities flowing into your human experience of life. Positive judgements like above are called attachments.

When we have an aversion, which is a judgement that we perceive to be negative, we avoid any scenario that may open us up to the possibility of the experience. For example: If we have a negative judgement on our body and we worry what others think, we may avoid going to places that expose us, such as the beach. By avoiding going to the beach we miss out on the fun, joy and adventure that we could experience by being with friends and playing in the water. When we follow negative judgements or aversions our mind decides the outcome before we have the experience

Judgements significantly restrict the human experience and create a very limited reality. When we engage with judgements it’s like attempting to jump across a gorge and instead of landing on the other side, we fall into the dark crevice in the ground. Judgements that we project onto the world are judgements that we believe to be true about ourselves. For example, people that criticize or put others down do not have a high self-esteem or sense of self worth. The judgement that is being projected is felt within themselves. This behavior is conducted to keep them safe by placing attention on an external target and hide the disconnection that is felt within.

Judgements come from beliefs that we have created from experiences in life or beliefs we have accepted as true from others. For example if you’ve never travelled before and someone tells you about the dangers of travelling you could create a belief that ‘travelling is unsafe’ despite never embarking on an adventure.

Once we create beliefs or inherit beliefs from others, our mind will find and focus on these beliefs to prove you right. We live in a belief-based universe, which means “Whatever you believe to be true is true”. It’s possible to find a million and one reasons why something is wonderful and a million and one reasons why it isn’t. Our mind is designed to always prove you right through justification. The question to ask yourself, “Is this belief empowering or disempowering my life?” Any belief that comes from limitation, separation or isolation is coming from fear whereas any belief that empowers, unifies, connects is coming from unconditional love.

Each individual has been gifted with free will and it’s our choice to decide how we would like to engage and focus our energy into life.

Here is a powerful 5-step process to support you to move from judgement to self-acceptance.

The first step is awareness. Be aware within yourself when you can feel your mind starting to judge. The only place you have your full power is in the present moment. To get into the present moment place your awareness into your feet.

The second step is to take 3 deep breaths through the nose and out through the mouth. This will interrupt any thought processes you were previously engaging with.

The third step is to continue to place your awareness in your body. My suggestion is to place your awareness into your heart centre located around the sternum. There is a distinct shift in feeling when coming from the mind compared to the heart centre in the body. The energy of the mind is intense and erratic. When you drop into the body you will feel calmer, less thoughts, and in a place to respond rather than react.

The fourth step is to set a silent intention to yourself that you will now observe and enjoy life through your 5 human senses without placing labels on yourself or anything in the external world. For example: Observe everything around you without saying in your mind “That’s a door, that’s a cute cat, that’s a weird person” Engage with all of life without any internal commentary. Life just “is” and everything is exactly how it should be in full creative perfection.

To set an intention you can say the following while your awareness is in your body. “Infinite Intelligence it is commanded that thoughts are released and I engage the world from a place of self acceptance and openness. Thank you for it is now done.” It’s important to witness this by allowing feelings, vibrations and images to flow into your awareness in your body and imagination.

The fifth step is to consciously choose a feeling regardless of what is going on around you. To activate a vibration you can use the following command. “Infinite intelligence it is commanded that I experience the vibration of ‘joy’ through every cell of my being now. Thank you, it is now done.” While making this decision, keep your awareness in your body and witness whatever flows through.

By letting go of limiting beliefs and coming from an empowered space you will be responding to life and choosing how you feel. The external environment will no longer influence your human experience. Nothing outside of you can make you feel anything. All emotions and feelings are experienced within us. By focusing our energy on certain thoughts, we experience the associated emotions. The emotions we feel are like a feedback system to support conscious awareness of our mind. For example, a person who is constantly experiencing the emotion of “anger” would be engaging with thoughts that vibrate at the same frequency of anger. If you experience regular emotional patterns I suggest the following exercise.

A powerful exercise that I regularly use is to choose new experiences every day. For example; go to new cafes, try new meals, walk down different streets, drive to work a new way, go to different beaches and shop at different places. By doing this you will open yourself up to so many new possibilities and breaking judgement patterns and behaviour that may have become engrained from past decisions.

Until next time happy jumping over the gorge of judgement, embrace self acceptance and remember to be kind to yourself.

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