Lesson 1 – We Create Our Reality?


Overview of the Lesson:












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To be able to understand self-acceptance at its deepest level, we must first look at a few foundational topics to increase our awareness and understanding. This will allow the healing process to be more effortless in the coming weeks.  The intention of this lesson is to lay the corner stones for the coming weeks.


Let us begin…


Whatever you observe in this universe – from the planets to your own hand – when you go smaller and smaller into its very nature everything turns into molecules, atoms and eventually is energy.  Each atom is 99.999% empty space. The universe is energetic in nature and everything that exists is energy.  If your experience to date has only been through the 5 human senses, then you may feel some resistance to this statement.


To give you a tangible example let us consider water:

When water is at room temperature we can see, feel, taste and hear it. We can comfortably say that the water exists.  As we journey beyond the tangible (the tip of the ice berg), the water is energy vibrating at a certain frequency and this allows us to have a certain experience of it.  When the water is frozen, the rate of the molecules moving slows down and it transforms from a liquid state into a solid state.  The energy is vibrating so slowly that we perceive the water to be a solid substance.  If we put the ice into a pot and apply heat, it will transform from a solid into water and eventually into steam and evaporate. There will be no trace of the original water, just an empty pot.

This analogy is a simple yet effective way to demonstrate that everything in the universe is energy vibrating at different frequencies.  Our 5 human senses can only experience a very narrow range of what is actually unfolding moment to moment.

If we accept that our sensory experience is just the tip of the iceberg, we begin to understand how much more is going on under the surface. The majority of the iceberg (the nature of the universe) resides beyond our five senses.









If this is the first time you’ve come across the concept that the true nature of the universe is energy, my suggestion would be to reference YouTube or documentaries such as “The Secret” or “What the bleep” to become more comfortable and knowledgeable on this topic.


Practical Exercise:

Close your eyes and place your awareness and focus to the space around your hands.  If you focus on this for only a moment you will feel the sensations of energy moving in and around your hand.  It may feel like a buzzing sensation, heat or some other perceived sensation.  Whatever you experience is perfect, so accept the experience without judgment.


Revealing all Aspects of our being

Now that we are familiar with the concept of the universe being energetic in nature, we can explore and receive an overview on all aspects of our being.  Most people only identify themselves as their physical body, however perhaps this is only the tip of the iceberg?

Every individual is a divine spark of pure consciousness connected to all that is.  While having this human experience of ourselves existing in our body, we also have an emotional body, energetic body and mental body.  We are energetic beings having a human experience.  Our energy field travels 50 feet in all directions, which most people are not aware of.

The picture below is one artistic demonstration of our connection to all that is and shows an energy field that goes beyond the physical human body.  The white light surrounding the physical body reflects the energy field that extends far beyond the body.


Here is a tangible experience to demonstrate what I am sharing:

When you walk into a room filled with people you don’t know, you may naturally be drawn to certain people or feel like avoiding others.  Why does this occur?  It happens because you are tuning into others’ energies. You will naturally gravitate towards people who are in alignment with your energy and avoid others who are holding onto heavy emotions such as anger or frustration. Perhaps without realizing it, your energy field and the field of other people become entangled.

This is why you can meet a stranger and click so effortlessly that it feels like you’ve always known them: their energy is familiar and comfortable to you. Similarly, you may be aware that angry, bitter people tend to attract other angry, bitter people while people who are naturally joyful and happy tend to attract other people who are also joyful and happy.

The reason why this occurs is due to the law of resonance, which means that “like” energies attract one another.  This leads beautifully into our next topic, which is what is resistance?

Unravelling the nature of Duality

On earth, we experience ourselves through duality.  To understand and know what cold feels like, you must have experienced hot.  Extremes exist for everything such as long/short, sweet/bitter, beautiful/ugly, expansive/closed etc.

I’ve shared with you before that everything in this universe is energy.  This energy can be called “unconditional love”, “source energy”, the “divine source” and many other descriptions exist. In a world of duality we experience ourselves either through an open, expansive energy, which I label “love” or a closed, limiting energy, which I label “fear”.

Anything fear-based is in resistance to unconditional love.  Every thought, emotion, decision or action is either in alignment to the expansive open energy called love or it is in alignment to the closed, limiting energy called fear.  Please note that my reference to the word “Love” is not the human-made love felt through intimate attraction.  The love I refer to is unconditional in nature, which means that there is no agenda to receive anything back.

Take a moment to reflect briefly how you have been living your life. Is it expansive in nature or is it limited in nature?  If you’re not sure, tune into how you feel most of the time, do you feel abundant? Do you feel inspiration, passion and joy? Or do you feel anxiety and fear? Do you tend to experience judgment, or stress, or shame or guilt, or anger? These are all fear-based energies.


Here is a powerful analogy of how this applies practically:

Imagine you are in a room with a light hanging from the ceiling.  The light is attached to a copper wire that is attached to a switch.  When the switch is flicked on, the electricity flows to the light and it brings light to the room.  When the switch is off, the electricity does not flow to the bulb. Our light remains off.  This analogy demonstrates that there is only one source of energy within our universe.

Like the light bulb, our inspiration, passion and joy become illuminated when our source energy (unconditional love) flows to us and we shine bright.  When we are in resistance to unconditional love, we are turning our switch off and we cease to shine. Please note that there are not two separate sources of energy. To make this clear, I’ll use the analogy I used above.

When the light is on, electricity flows to the light.  When the switch is off, we don’t experience negative or a separate source of energy flowing that results in the light being “off”.   There is only one source of energy in the universe and all vibrations that exist in this world of duality are either in alignment to the source energy or not, just like your light bulb. So now that we understand the energetic nature of the universe and the nature of our dualistic reality, how do we create our reality?

A concept that is often misunderstood is that our mind is our brain.  In actuality we have a mental body that surrounds our whole physical body.  The brain is like a radio receiver that attracts and tunes into thoughts that exist outside of us.  These thoughts exist in the ethers and in the astral-, or mental-planes.  Each thought has a certain energetic vibration and we tune into thoughts depending on what our vibration is and what we are choosing to focus on.

Imagine your heart is the captain of your ship and has its own in-built GPS system. Your mind is the engine that propels your ship forward and your body is the physical vessel.  Your heart has access to information that goes beyond what your five human senses can perceive and, if you can trust your intuition, life is fun, effortless and becomes an adventure.  If you have shut down your GPS satellite for guidance and rely only on the mind, which is your engine, you will find that life will become one big trial and error game.  Since most people experience vast amounts of fear, they shut themselves down to new possibilities because they fear uncertainty and the unknown. When we can live in the moment and enjoy the mystery that life offers us we are coming from a place of self-acceptance and allowing.

For instance, you may have experienced a day where something bad happens and notice that your whole day seems to follow a pattern of one bad thing unfolding after another?  This is an example of how we become stuck on a scenario, which attracts more and more thoughts that vibrate at this frequency. The result is that we create emotions within our body that lead us to keep re-experiencing the energy of our negative thoughts.  Emotions are simply the markers or reflectors of the thoughts we are buying into.


To give you a practical example of how powerful thoughts are please follow this exercise:

Close your eyes and start thinking of someone hugging you warmly.  In your imagination fully see, feel this person hugging you and notice how it makes you feel.

 Now, think of someone shouting at you and pointing his or her finger at your nose. Become aware of how it looks and sounds, and notice how it makes you feel.


From this very simple exercise you would have had a tangible experience of positive, expansive feelings, and also closed, fear-based emotions.  These emotions were created from the thoughts you were focusing on during the exercise.

People who confuse their mind with their brain will often believe that they are their thoughts and emotions.  This is simply not true.  Thoughts are simply energetic entities that we choose to tune into, and the emotions we feel in the body are the energetic result of tuning into those thoughts.


How we create our reality?

Now that you have had a tangible experience of the power of thoughts I would like to introduce a powerful model, which demonstrates how we create our reality:









For today’s lesson we will focus on the relationship between “Beliefs, Emotions & Thoughts” And how these create our reality & experience.

This model shows that the belief systems we hold in our unconscious mind.  The unconscious mind is like the hard disk where everything is stored.  It is responsible for regulating breathing, blood moving, heart beating including where all beliefs are stored.  The beliefs that are strongest in our unconscious mind determine the Emotions which we feel and these feelings then tune us into the thoughts we consciously or unconsciously think.  The thoughts we focus on will determine what reality and experiences we have.


Here is an example to demonstrate this relationship:

If we have a belief system that says “I am not worthy” The emotions that come from that belief system could be apathy,  laziness, sadness, frustration and anger.  These emotions will then tune us into thoughts which become stories we run in our mind.  For example thoughts could be “Life is so hard, nothing works out for me.”  These thoughts then tune us into a reality where we experience people, circumstances and events that reinforce these stories.  We only perceive what we are focusing on.   The more we think these thoughts the more we reinforce the belief systems and the cycle continues over and over again. The beliefs we hold to be true will determine the decisions and actions we take which will ultimately shape the results and perceived identity we see of ourselves.  It’s important to note that beliefs are definitions or memes which limit how consciousness can express itself.  For example a belief such as “I am weak” will only allow consciousness to have the experience that reflects “I am weak”.  To experience something new, the belief will need to be changed first.










The nature of beliefs:

Beliefs are just definitions or rules on how we have defined life.  Life at its very core is meaningless which means the effect we get from life is determined on how we have defined it.  For example: A belief could be I’m not capable or Life is hard or Life is playful.  Each of these beliefs will create a very different end result.  Another way to explain what beliefs are, they are like potential templates of how you can experience life.  For example if you are baking a cake and you pour the baking mix into a circle when the cake is baked the cake will be shaped like a circle.  Beliefs essentially define the parameters of what is possible and what is not.

The issue that many of us face is that beliefs are stored in the unconscious mind, which means we are not aware that they are being triggered.  Emotional traumas, limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns are embedded within the unconscious mind. Whether these patterns and beliefs were created during the first seven years of life, or inherited (genetic), our lives are often dictated by patterns we are not even aware of.  The truth is that our potential capabilities and dreams in adult life can be squashed because of decisions and programs that were created when we were children.

The beliefs that we hold onto dictate the decisions and thus the actions we take in life.  If we have a limiting belief that “it’s not safe to try new things”, then every time we are engaging with something new we will feel restrictive and uncomfortable. This feeling in the body will create resistance, or perhaps pain, and if left unchecked will result in decisions being made out of fear.

When we make decisions and take action in life, we determine our own experiences. We draw conclusions from these experiences on what we are capable of achieving.  Most people will look at the results of their past decision-making and form an identity around those experiences. A person who formed a belief when they were young that it wasn’t safe to talk to people they don’t know, may form an identity where they believe that they are a shy person.  Alternatively, a person may have a belief that they are lucky and experience magic, synchronicities and unexplainable events of joy and excitement. The emotions that we feel are the clues to the beliefs that we hold.


You may be wondering why is this important to know?

When we are not aware of the thoughts we are engaging with, we are creating our reality from reaction and unconsciousness.  Often we feel that we are a victim of life, or that life happens to us.  When we start to master the mind and focus our awareness into the present moment, we tune into thoughts that reflect what is most important to us. We quickly see our lives unfolding in a very different way.

If we are focusing our energy, or life force, on thoughts such as possibility, opportunity, authentic purpose and inspiration, the feelings and emotions we will be experiencing will be of joy, freedom, passion, openness and energy. Over time we will start to form beliefs that everything is possible, life supports us, we are loved, we are abundant, life is beautiful, and we have infinite capabilities. As we focus on expansive energies, our decisions and actions reflect new opportunities and we start to live in our full human potential.  Fear no longer dictates how we live our life. We become inspired to act from a place of unconditional love and inspiration.

The subconscious mind is like a steam engine without humor.  Whatever you focus on, the subconscious will do everything in its capacity to prove you right. If you believe you are a victim, your subconscious will divert your life force and energy into thoughts that reflect a victim-mentality.  You will attract people, circumstances and events into your life to prove you right.

Imagine that the thoughts you engage with all begin as seeds.  When you focus on a thought, your subconscious becomes a watering can and pours your life force energy onto the thought-seed.  Over time the seed will germinate and grow into something much larger and stronger.  The more you choose to focus on a particular thought – positive or negative – the more energy it will receive and the stronger it will become. You will create and manifest the thought into your physical reality.


Moving forward

So where to from here?  The road map in front of you is as follows:  by increasing your energetic vibration, focusing on what you want, you will welcome thoughts that resemble your true heart’s desires.

Over time you will focus on what inspires you. You will start to bring in more opportunities, people and events that reflect your inspiration and passions.  By removing self-sabotaging patterns, limiting beliefs and emotional traumas you will liberate your emotional, mental and energetic bodies from these fear-based energies that attract energetically similar situations and circumstances in your life.


Home Play:


Home Play 1:

Write a 1 page story of your life, touching on key areas or events. Try to write honestly about how it looks to date.  Has life been a struggle or has it been easy?  What do you judge about yourself?

Home Play 2:

Bring awareness to the type of thoughts you have been engaging with regularly.  If you’re not sure on the thoughts, bring your awareness to the words you use when speaking to other people or yourself.  Do you focus on the positive aspects of life or the negative?

Home Play 3:

Meditation – “Dropping into the gap.”

Create some time in the day for you to stop, sit with yourself and feel in silence.  If this is new to you then I would suggest starting with five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the evening.  If your mind is chaotic, then I would suggest you use a guided meditation. The thousands of thoughts that we engage with constantly create noise that blocks the whisper of the heart.  The heart space is your portal to access all the answers to any question you have ever contemplated.


Another helpful way to create peacefulness in the mind is to close your eyes and imagine your first name written on the left hand side for five seconds.  Place all your focus and awareness on your first name, be aware of how large it is written, if it’s in different colors, the style, whether it is shiny neon or with other shapes around it.  Then lift your focus so you move above where you have written your first name and move to the right hand side and drop down and then imagine your last name.  Again place all your focus and awareness on your last name for five seconds and be aware of how large it is, if it is in different colors, the style, whether it is shiny neon or with other shapes around it.  Then lift your focus above your last name and start to move across back towards your first name. When you arrive in between your first and last name, drop in between them.  Keep your awareness in this empty space between your first and last name.

You will notice that your thoughts will drop away. As this happens, place your awareness on your breath just at the point where breath enters and leaves your nose.


I’ve drawn a diagram to visually explain how to silence the mind.









If you require support in integrating this information. If you are finding resistance in doing the exercises or require a helping hand then check out my coaching packages at: https://lionheartcoaching.com.au/coaching/

Remember that unless you actually take the steps to implement this information into who you are then your life won’t change.  It takes more than just knowing information. It requires implementing and being the changes you say you wish to experience in the world.

For additional support contact me at: https://lionheartcoaching.com.au/coaching/

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