Lesson 5 – Empowerment through Self-Healing


Have you ever experienced a moment in your life where you found something extremely funny to the point that your tummy hurt from laughing?  Have you ever received a completely divine massage where you were able to relax and surrender to life?  Have you experienced a stressful day and then swam in an ocean allowing all the stress and anxiety to leave your body so that you felt completely cleansed and fresh?


What do all these experiences have in common?


These experiences took the form of healing, releasing, opening and allowing.


The purpose of this lesson is to explore and expose all the myths of healing and to become fully aware that we each have the power to heal ourselves.  The majority of people don’t realise that once the wounds of the past have been healed, we are free from being a hostage of our own story.  As we heal all that we have resisted within ourselves, we gain self-acceptance.  Self -healing is the freeway to self-acceptance.


Overview of the Lesson:













In lesson 1 we explored the dynamics of the universe, how we create our reality and the various aspects of our being.  Understanding this lesson is critical to our ability to heal ourselves. Lets do a quick recap of the very first lesson to ensure it is fresh in our conscious mind.


We learnt that everything in the universe is energy vibrating at different frequencies. We know that similar vibrations attract one another; the vibration of joy attracts other expressions of joy, just as the vibration of anger attracts other expressions of anger.


In lesson 1, I shared that we are energetic beings having a human experience and that our energetic field travels 50 feet in all directions.  We explored the idea that we are all connected as “One” to the universe and the infinite intelligence that is the universe.  Within this framework, we have a mental body, an energetic body, a physical body, an emotional body and a soul body.


Within our intangible bodies, the beliefs, emotional traumas and wounds from the past are stored in our energy field.  These energetic patterns then attract other “like” vibrations into our reality.   So, if someone believes “I’m not capable”, they will attract other people, situations or circumstances that reflect and reinforce this belief.  Similarly, if that person believes “I am a victim of my circumstances”, they will attract people into their life who have an invading energy and who seek people with a victim-mentality.


When we completely own that we truly create the reality we experience, the blame game of projecting our unconscious fears and wounds can be observed and noticed.  Awareness is the first step to healing ourselves from these pains.











To summarize lesson 1, our lived experience of reality is a reflection of the beliefs, energetic patterns and emotional traumas that lie within our energetic field. This in turn creates the reality we experience.


The best analogy I can share is this:


When you look at yourself in the mirror and become aware that the reflection in the mirror has “coffee froth” on the upper lip, you clean the froth off your face, not off the mirror.  Your life is like the mirror: when you blame life for your problems, you are trying to clean the coffee froth off the mirror and get frustrated when nothing changes.  You must look within to correct the problem and, over time, change your reflection.

How can we heal ourselves?


Having done extensive healing work on myself and others, I will now share with you in great detail the five essential aspects of healing.


The first key aspect of healing is to bring awareness to a particular wound, an aspect of life that you are resisting, judging or feeling fearful about, and to own it.


Remember that life is reflecting back to you what you hold within your energetic field.  To imagine what this might look like, I have included a picture below that demonstrates this idea.  As you look at the picture, imagine that within this energy field lie specific energetic patterns or programs that create your reality as the life force moves through you.









A program or an energetic pattern could look like a squiggle, a shape, a colour or anything else that your imagination communicates to you.  It is important to realize that these programs, beliefs, energetic patterns exist within your energy field and that this attracts the people, circumstances and events that you experience in your life.  As these shift, are healed or transformed, the external reality must change to reflect the shifts within you.


We are now ready to delve into the essence of self- healing.


To “own” an emotion is to accept and say “I feel angry” or “I feel upset” or “I have created this situation”.  If you are playing the blame game and projecting your fears, judgements, wounds and pains onto the external world, then you are still in resistance.  For many people this can be a challenging process because it is far easier to blame others for your misgivings and create a story about why life is not meeting your expectations, or what you feel you deserve.


For this to be of use to you, I will guide you on a journey so that you can experience it for yourself.


I want you to close your eyes, place your hands on your knees and take three deep breaths in through the nose and exhale through the mouth.  Once you are settled and in the present moment ask yourself this question:


“What problem or issue am I experiencing in my life that I am ready to look at?”


Allow whatever to come to you and trust the first thing you receive.  Once you have received this ask yourself “On a scale from 0 to 10, with 0 being no pain while 10 is maximum pain where does this problem sit on this scale?”  Write this down on a piece of paper along with the problem or issue you choose to address.


While keeping your eyes closed scan your body from head to toe with your awareness and find where the pain is located in your body.  It may be located in more than one place. For instance, you may feel tightness in your throat and heaviness in your stomach.  Once you have located the resistance, fear, pain or tension within your body, tune into the emotion that it embodies and become familiar with it. Once you have felt it and recognize the emotion, it is time to own it.


To own the emotion say to yourself, “I am feeling XYZ” within my energy field and I have created this.  Take as long as you require.  If you have never done this before, your mind may try and reject it. It will feel strange – or even silly – to own the feeling in this way. This is because your default program prior to this was oriented to the external world for the causes of your emotional experience.


The second key aspect of healing is “Taking Responsibility”.  In my observation as an empowerment coach this seems to be a common hurdle for the majority of humanity.


Most people have given their power away in exchange for not having to take responsibility.  First I would like to share the truest meaning of the word “responsibility”.  Responsibility is our ability to respond.  When we consciously choose how we would like to respond to a situation or emotion, we are empowered.  When we simply react to the circumstances we encounter in life, we are being controlled by those circumstances; we are disempowered.  For most people “responsibility” is a synonym for “burden”.  I would like to challenge this notion and revise our assumptions.  Let us ask, “Do I have an empowered definition of “responsibility” or am I giving my power away?”


Take a moment to close your eyes and to honestly reflect within yourself how the word “responsibility” makes you feel and what definition or label you have attached to it.


While keeping your eyes closed, I want you to image your energy field radiating in 50 feet in all directions.  I want you to imagine what the energetic pattern that is creating your experience looks like.














There is no limit to how you may choose to experience this sensation. The energetic pattern could taste very salty, look like a bundle of barbed wire around a white pole, have a sound like a soft growl, or feel very prickly and sharp.  Start to engage all your senses and allow your imagination to create whatever it wants to.


Once you have imagined the pattern, take full responsibility by saying something like: “Thank you life for reflecting back to me what I am now ready to own.  I have become aware of this pattern through the circumstances, events and people that have come into my life. I can now perceive the pattern that resides within my energy field.  I have an empowered choice in this moment to own and take responsibility for it so I can heal and resonate from a vibration of unconditional love.”


Take your time to feel this.  Again your mind may jump in and try and reject this.  If this is new you may feel resistance in following through with the process.  The mind can be lazy as it utilizes the law of least resistance. It is easier for your mind to keep doing what it has always done because the neural pathways are now super highways that have been used over and over again.  When you attempt to do something that is against what it has always done, the “resistance” is actually your mind putting energy into creating a new pathway that was previously unknown.  Persistence and focus is the key.


I have shared with you the first two steps in becoming an empowered being through self- healing.  These two steps are massive jumps and the more you own and take responsibility, the easier it will be.  Take your time to own and take responsibility for the issue that you have chosen to work on for this experience.  Once you are ready, please move onto the next step.


The third key aspect of healing:

While keeping your eyes closed take your awareness to the place(s) in your body where you are feeling the resistance, pain, fear or tension.  With your gentle awareness, observe the emotion that these sensations embody and feel it.  Welcome it into your conscious awareness.


The following visualization will support you in this process:

Imagine you are standing at the top of a steep cliff.  As you look down you can see a soft blanket of cloud cover.  The cloud cover is preventing you from seeing how steep the cliff is and where the ground is.  Beginning the self healing process and feeling your emotions is like jumping off the cliff into the cloud cover head first.  As you plummet through the cloud cover, the intensity of the emotion will increase and it may feel uncomfortable.  Keep your awareness on the emotion and keep feeling it.  Your mind may attempt to distract you by bombarding you with irrelevant thoughts that take you out of the feeling.  Being present and being the observer is the key to success.  As you keep feeling the emotion without judgement, you will then dive effortlessly into a clear blue crystal clean pond.  The feeling of water rinsing over your body feels cleansing and a deep sense of relief will wash all over you.  This is the experience once the emotion has been fully felt and it evaporates from your body once it has been fully expressed.


The fourth key aspect of healing is to accept and embrace your emotions.  There is a famous saying: “Whatever you resist, will persist”. When we accept and embrace we are welcoming all that is presenting itself and bringing unconditional love to a part of ourselves that has felt separate, judged, isolated and abandoned.


Imagine that the emotion, resistance, fear or pain is the prodigal son.  The prodigal son felt so disillusioned that he left home and wandered the earth, disconnected from the family core.  One day, the doorbell rings and you answer it. You see your prodigal son has returned and without question you hug and embrace him; you embrace your emotion, resistance, fear or pain with all your heart and love.  You hug and with complete joy and celebration welcome it home. This is the fourth step of self- healing.


By using the above analogy, imagine that as you are bringing your awareness to the feeling, you hug, embrace, love and welcome this feeling back to your home of love.  Keep doing this until you feel the releasing and neutralizing of this feeling.  You will know when the process is complete because the intensity will have vanished and it will feel like you have just landed into a beautiful cleansing, crystal clear blue pond where you enter into a state of relief, acceptance, allowing, perfection and beauty.  If you have not completed the fourth step, take a moment to experience this before reading on.


Congratulations for moving through the first four steps of a self- healing!


The fifth key aspect of healing is to now bring conscious choice to the energetic vibration you would love to experience in this moment.  With your eyes closed allow for a vibration to come into your awareness. This could be anything, from the vibration of empowerment, creation, peace, joy, excitement, unconditional love, gratitude, appreciation, compassion or perhaps bliss.  Once you have chosen your vibration place your awareness in your heart centre (the area around your sternum) and make the following command to activate this energetic vibration in your energy field: “Creator of all that is, it is commanded that the vibration of <empowered creation*> be activated in my energy field now.  Thank you for it is now done. “ 


*Where I have placed <empowered creation> please add whatever you would love to experience.


Once you have stated the command, keep your eyes closed and go into your imagination witnessing what it would be like for you.  For example you may imagine different colours, a feeling, a vision of a symbol or a sense of knowing.  Once you have completed witnessing the experience, express gratitude and appreciation for allowing the experience to exist within you by stating “Thank you for this experience”.


Congratulations on completing your first self-healing!


If you do not experience a tangible sensation within your body this is perfectly okay.  As you release negative belief systems, become more in tune with the intangible aspects of yourself these experiences will become more and more tangible.  Like anything in life, practice makes perfect.


We have now explored the first two aspects of this lesson: the fundamental cornerstones of self- healing and how you can heal yourself.


In summary:


1. Own the emotion, pain, resistance or fear

2. Responsibility – take full responsibility for the creation of the experience

3. Feel the emotion, pain, resistance or fear

4. Accept and embrace the emotion, pain, resistance or fear

5. A New Signature vibration has been created by choosing what you would love to experience in this moment.

The truth of Healing


We are now ready to look at the third component of this lesson: the truth of a healing.  If you have been on ‘the journey’, you may have seen a healer or coach to receive support on your path.  One of the common misunderstandings is that this “healer” has healed you and that you must continue to go and see this healer or group if you are going to be healed.

We are now ready to look at the third component of this lesson: the truth of a healing.  If you have been on ‘the journey’, you may have seen a healer or coach to receive support on your path.  One of the common misunderstandings is that this “healer” has healed you and that you must continue to go and see this healer or group if you are going to be healed.


At the deepest level, true healing does not rely on others (though they can be extremely helpful on ‘the journey’). Ultimately, the only person that can heal you is you.  What is actually happening is that you are giving yourself permission to be healed and through your connection with the infinite intelligence of all that is, the healing occurs.  When we spend time and money the experience is valued.  We exchange energy and take action to allow for the experience to enter our reality.  The healer or coach has an elevated state of consciousness, allowing them to have a higher state of awareness.  Through this increased state of awareness they can reflect back to us what is going on and what would be most supportive for our development.  If you give them permission and allow the healing it will unfold and shifts will occur within your energy field.


If you do not give them permission, or are resisting the healing in some way, nothing will happen.  The best way to visualize this is to imagine a bottle.  The bottle represents your body and your mind represents the lid.  When you resonate with information you take the lid off and receive what is being presented to you.  If you reject or dis-own the incoming energy or information effectively you are putting your cap on the bottle and not allowing it to flow to you.  This is why nothing outside of you can impact on your life unless you allow it and give permission.


As an empowerment coach I see myself as supporting my clients to raise their awareness and consciousness so they have the ability, self-belief and energy to step forward in their life. Any co-dependent relationship is based on fear and is not empowering.  If you are seeing a coach or healer ask yourself whether the other party is supporting you to feel empowered or whether you are giving your power away because you believe you need to be fixed?


Why Heal Ourselves?

We are now ready to move onto the fourth aspect of this lesson: why heal ourselves?


If you are content with the experiences you are having in your life now then nothing needs to be shifted.  If you would love to experience yourself in a new light, not out of judgement but curiosity and empowerment then self- healing will be required.


To create and allow new experiences into your life, awareness must be placed on the energetic patterns that reside within your energy field.  If you are holding fear based energetic patterns in your energy field you will be experiencing fear, separation and isolation.  When you engage in self- healing, you choose to bring in unconditional love, which unifies these vibrations and aligns them with your true, infinite self.  The process of self -healing is like vacuuming your energy field to clear away all the dust and debris that you are ready to let go of.


What are some of the pitfalls that people experience with healing?

To heal effortlessly, the connection with your higher self, infinite intelligence or whatever label you give it must be developed.  Like any relationship this connection is the essential essence of living an effortless life or an effortful life.  Throughout this course I have explored ways to deepen your connection with the infinite intelligence of all that is.  One way is through meditation and creating some quiet space for you to just be alone and be still.


Other pitfalls include playing the blame game and projecting our unconscious fears onto others.  A healing cannot take place when there is charged energy being projected onto the world.


A lack of courage to go into the feelings and experience them is created through the illusion that “its scary and dangerous”. This lack of willingness and persistence will determine the quality of the healing.  Ask yourself: “Are all aspects of me onboard to heal, or do I feel resistance in healing?”  Perhaps some doubts, fears of the unknown are interfering with the healing?  Do you believe you can be healed and most importantly do you want to be healed?  If you are experiencing resistance then my suggestion is to do some belief work to align your mind to your highest truth.


When all aspects of this lesson are fully understood, experienced and utilized, the power that you will access cannot be expressed through language alone.  I have given you the key to a door that most people will never walk through.  The trick is that you have to turn the key and open the door so that you can walk through it.  Nobody can walk through this door for you.


On a final note remember that freedom, self-acceptance and self-love lie behind pain, fear, emotional wounds and self-limitations.  Life rewards courage and action, so take a step and give yourself the space to self heal.  You are worth it and nothing is more important than you living in your highest excitement and joy.



Home Play


Home Play 1:

Continue to practice the daily meditation of “dropping into the gap” twice a day for a minimum of five minutes each session.  If you can increase the time, then allow for 10 minutes for each session.


Home Play 2:

For last week’s home play I asked you to investigate and list three choices you make in the categories listed below, specifically around whether the choices are empowering or disempowering.



  1. Health
  2. Wellbeing
  3. Exercise
  4. Intimate Relationship
  5. Friendships
  6. Family
  7. Social interactions
  8. Money
  9. Career
  10. Spiritual understanding and expansion
  11. Your relationship with society
  12. Your hobbies and things you love to do


Practice the healing process outlined in this lesson on one disempowering choice every day.  Write down three insights you receive after completing the healing process after each day’s exercise in your diary or a private book


To help you remember the healing process I have listed an acronym:


O – Own the emotion

R – Responsibility

F – Feel the emotion

A – Accept and embrace the emotion

NS – New Signature vibration


The acronym spells ‘ORFANS.’

If you require support in integrating this information. If you are finding resistance in doing the exercises or require a helping hand then check out my coaching packages at: https://lionheartcoaching.com.au/coaching/

Remember that unless you actually take the steps to implement this information into who you are then your life won’t change.  It takes more than just knowing information. It requires implementing and being the changes you say you wish to experience in the world.

For additional support contact me at:https://lionheartcoaching.com.au/coaching/

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