Lesson 6 – The Greatness of Gratitude

Have you every experienced a moment in time where everything in your life felt perfect and you experienced a tremendous amount of joy?  If you have, you will remember that the joy was so expansive that all you wanted to do was to share it with the world.  In that moment in time, problems melted out of existence and all you felt was opportunity and excitement.


For most of my earlier years, appreciation and gratitude were feelings that I did not recognize or feel.  I remember my family always saying to me, “you are such an unappreciative person” and I remember feeling like an aspect of me was locked away. I felt like I was a clinical, utilitarian robot doing what was necessary to survive.   Can you relate to this experience?



Overview of the Lesson:












Lets start to explore the concept of gratitude and see it for what it is.  Gratitude is an expression of unconditional love and vibrates at the same frequency as being abundant.  Have you noticed that people who are abundant and happy are often generous and look to share with others?


When living in the paradigm of fear and limitation, the experience is one of survival and thus the perception we hold is that we don’t have enough.  In the fear paradigm the qualities that exist are isolation, need and competition.  When living in the paradigm of unconditional love, the experience is one of abundance and plenty.  The qualities of this paradigm are collaboration, unity and sharing.


The reason why people find it so difficult to feel gratitude and abundance is because they are disconnected to their higher self and the infinite intelligence of the universe.


A useful analogy is:

How can we give something away that we don’t have?


Imagine if connection and love could be poured into a cup. If we are operating from fear, the cup will be and feel empty. There will be a feeling of lack and that there is nothing to be shared with the world.  But when the flow of love and connection is constant, the cup will fill up and eventually overflow.  It is this brimming over that can easily be shared with the world, because we know that it is abundant.


Being connected to our higher self and the infinite intelligence of the universe will allow our cups to be filled with unconditional love so it can be shared with the world.


I have shared in previous lessons how to deepen your inner connection with yourself.  In lesson five, you completed some meditations and an exercise on self-healing.  I suggest that you revisit these now, so that they are fresh in your mind as you proceed to the next phase of this lesson.


Gratitude creates abundance:


In an attitude of gratitude, we take inspired actions on the things that give us the highest excitement and joy. When we take action from this space of humility and integrity, we have no attachment to an outcome. The joy is in the doing and this generates feelings of happiness and abundance.


The more gratitude felt, the more abundance is received. This is a self-reinforcing and self-generating cycle because the energetic vibration of gratitude is the same as abundance. When we focus our energy on this cycle, we access an incredible amount of energy that can be used to create whatever we choose in our lives.


We can explore this with an experiment:

Close your eyes and image receiving a hug from someone you have a strong connection with. This person may be a dear friend, partner or family member. As you receive the hug, notice that it is being given from a place of complete, unconditional gratitude, appreciation and joy. Imagine receiving this hug for 30 seconds and tune into the feelings that arise.


Now, take a moment to reflect on how your body felt during the visualisation. Did your body relax and feel expansive or did your body tense and feel closed, stressed or small?


You may have felt different sensations moving through your body. Allow yourself to honour these experiences. You may have felt lightness or buoyancy, ripples or tingles moving over your skin, or through your belly. As you acknowledge the sensations you experienced, notice also that the act of receiving from this place of love draws further energy into your being.


Why is gratitude empowering?


When we don’t reclaim our power from the external world, we often trade love in the external world by giving away a compromised version of ourselves. When we operate from fear and self-doubt, we present to the world a diminished version of ourselves in order to “fit” into a box. We do this in order to belong, to be accepted and to feel safe.


When accessing and expressing gratitude, we let go of our fears and allow love and connection to overflow from our cup into the world. We are no longer attached to receiving anything from the external world because we don’t need it – our cup is full!  Expressing gratitude allows us to reclaim our power from the external world. We see that the flow of energy to us is infinite and abundant and our decisions begin to align to our truth. We have the joyful experience of feeling completely empowered.









Exercise 1:

Gratitude is a powerful way to focus the mind on what is working in your life.  In your diary or journal, write down three things you feel gratitude for in your life. As you write each one, place all of your focus and attention on it.


Notice how you feel when you focus on what you do love and what you are grateful for.


This is a wonderfully easy exercise to allow abundance to flow into your life.


Gratitude & Self Acceptance:


Gratitude is such a powerful energy because it immediately shifts our focus from what we don’t have in our lives to what is working and flowing. Gratitude connects us to the energy of abundance. Remember that what we focus on will determine what shows up in our lives.  If we focus on what we love, our energy will flow in support of love.  If we focus on our perceived lack, our energy will flow in support of deficiency and create more experiences of not having.  By connecting to gratitude on a daily basis we allow ourselves to experience a deeper level of self-acceptance and love.


Self doubt exists when we do not feel inwardly connected to our higher self and the universe. The paradox of self-doubt is that our feelings of disconnection actually create the self-doubt. So how can we transform it?


Transforming into Gratitude:


If we experience self doubt in the form of fear, anxiety, stress or low energy, we can ask the following question to bring our awareness to it: “what beliefs do I hold to be true that lead me to experience self doubt in this moment?”


In bringing our conscious awareness to the belief we are holding onto, we can consciously choose in the moment whether that belief is valid or not.


To transform unhelpful or disempowering beliefs, we must take 100% responsibility for them and own them completely. One particularly powerful way to do this is to share the insights we gain about our unconscious beliefs with someone we trust and feel safe with. This provides an opportunity to acknowledge and change the belief from a place of vulnerability, which is completely empowering.


An example might be someone noticing that they are avoiding dealing with their finances. As they realize that they are holding onto doubt around self-value and feelings of powerlessness, they then express these to a dear friend who can hold a compassionate space for them. This allows a rapid process of integration and healing to unfold.


When we can share our unhelpful or disempowering beliefs with other people, we know we have owned and taken 100% responsibility for them. Feelings of guilt and shame are wonderfully convenient ways to avoid taking responsibility and hide from our self and others.


To assist you in taking responsibility for your beliefs, use the ORFANS healing process that was introduced in lesson 5. This will assist you in transforming self-doubt into self-acceptance when you become aware of disempowering beliefs.


Experiencing Gratitude Day to Day:


If we decide to bring in gratitude and appreciation into our life on a daily basis we will experience more of it.


As we bring our awareness and focus to what we love and what we are choosing for ourselves, we create more opportunities for this joy and beauty to enter our lives.  An important universal law to remember is that what we send out is what we get back.  If we continue to appreciate and express gratitude for the things we do have, we create a powerful momentum that allows us to receive more and more of what we truly desire.


Home Play


Home Play 1:

Continue to practice the daily meditation of “dropping into the gap” twice a day for a minimum of five minutes each session.  If you can increase the time then allow for ten minutes for each session.


Home Play 2:

Write down three items you feel grateful for each morning and night.  Remember to focus completely on what you are writing as you complete the exercise.  During this time, invite in all the feelings and emotions that arise as you focus your mind on what you feel grateful for.  As you write, allow your imagination to observe, feel, and listen to what you are grateful for in your life.

If you require support in integrating this information. If you are finding resistance in doing the exercises or require a helping hand then check out my coaching packages at: https://lionheartcoaching.com.au/coaching/

Remember that unless you actually take the steps to implement this information into who you are then your life won’t change.  It takes more than just knowing information. It requires implementing and being the changes you say you wish to experience in the world.

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