Lesson 7– Connecting to the Answers Within

 Overview of the Lesson:











Have you ever been in a room full of people and experienced your sixth sense? You turn around to scope the scene only to notice someone looking at you intently?  How did you instinctively know to turn around?

Have you ever been thinking of a particular person and then received a phone call or text message a moment later from that very person?  How does this happen?









These kinds of synchronicities take place all the time. Every time our heart beats, we send out an electromagnetic pulse and on a quantum level, every single person on the planet feels everyone else’s electromagnetic pulse instantaneously. Our conscious mind has a very limited capacity to make sense of this information. Luckily for us, our subconscious mind is like a super computer and is constantly receiving and sending information.  Our sixth sense taps into information that goes beyond our 5 human senses.

In the first lesson I shared how we create our reality and that our energy field goes beyond the physical human body.









Every thought and feeling we experience ripples out into the physical world.  For us to create what we consciously choose we must align our thoughts, feelings and actions and to do this, we must be connected to our higher self.

What is connection?

Connection is the ability of an individual to feel and know within themselves information that is both relevant to what is unfolding within their reality and the greater universe.   As our connection to ourselves deepens we tune into the subtle energetic experiences that occur from moment to moment.  This is important because it is the emotions and feelings we experience in the body that give us the clues to the thoughts and belief systems we are holding onto.











Imagine that someone has a thought that they would like a loving, and intimate relationship with another person. If this thought is outside the parameters of their current belief system, they will experience resistance within the body. This may arise in the form of feelings of hopelessness or even pain because the possibility of a loving, and intimate relationship is impossible according to their beliefs.

One way to visualize this is to imagine that the thoughts and feelings we experience are the materials needed to construct a building and the beliefs we hold are the blueprint. If a thought or feeling is within the blueprint, it will be incorporated into the building. If on the other hand a thought lies outside the parameters of the blueprint then it will be rejected.

When we use high-quality materials, our building will have more integrity and stand strong. Since every thought and feeling has a specific frequency or energetic vibration, it is crucial that our blueprint – our beliefs – incorporate thoughts and feelings that will support us. This process of becoming aware of our beliefs, will allow us to take inspired action and build the life we want.

Feelings and emotions are the best indicators of the thoughts we are tuning into.  These are the intuitive knowing’s that we experience in our body and form a bridge for our mind to move between the physical self and the higher self.  When we are truly connected, we allow these feelings to surface into our awareness. We can then explore with curiosity and kindness what those feelings are communicating to us.

When we are aware of our feelings we can access information that goes beyond the understanding of the mind.  Making decisions based on feelings can be incredibly powerful and some of the most successful business leaders throughout history have learnt how to allow their feelings to guide their decisions. Albert Einstein is credited with the phrase “The only real valuable thing is intuition”, and he is right!

Core problems that create disconnection:

When we are not tuned into our feelings our life becomes more complicated and difficult. We are unable to trust our connection to our higher self. Our conscious mind’s job is to perceive what is happening to us whereas our higher self’s job is to guide us on how to best navigate through life.

With every problem a solution already exists, but these solutions are not apparent to our conscious mind. They exist on a higher level of awareness.  Albert Einstein’s famous quote that “we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that created them” is especially relevant here.

Our higher self can guide us to the solution, but if we are disconnected from ourselves, we experience fear of the unknown and find it difficult to take steps in areas where we have no previous experience.

The first core problem that creates disconnection is that we often make life so much more difficult and complicated than it needs to be.  This occurs because we are only receptive to our conscious mind and thus only open to experiences where we can predict how events will unfold.  When we try to solve our problems with our conscious mind, we create anxiety and stress within ourselves, because we cannot “work out” the unknown solutions. This is the job of our higher self.

The second core problem that creates disconnection is the experience of fear, stress, anxiety and low energy.  When we cannot trust the unfolding of life, we experience these feelings of self -doubt.  The fear of the unknown is the biggest fear faced by humanity.  By trying to comprehend life we significantly limit the experience that life has to offer.  When we can make friends with the unknown and trust our higher self we open ourselves to infinite possibilities.

Imagine someone who has very little money, yet feels excited about going on a holiday overseas. The logical mind looks as the facts and says, “We can’t go on holiday because we don’t have enough money.”  Imagine that this person dismisses this limiting belief and instead trusts in life, knowing that they are worthy of going on a holiday regardless of their current financial situation. They are open to the possibility of synchronicity and infinite potential. Perhaps this person wins a trip overseas, or finds a way to go overseas as part of their job? In being open to the idea, more possibilities flow into their awareness from their higher self and ultimately the holiday is manifested. The key to the process is trust.

The third core problem that creates disconnection is limited life experience.  If we ignore the connection within ourselves, we only make choices that lead to known outcomes. This way of viewing life is incredibly limiting and prevents us from truly experiencing our expansive, empowered self and all the possibilities available to us.

When we are connected to our higher self and listen to our feelings, we receive guidance on the actions that will bring us the highest amount of excitement and joy. We open ourselves to possibilities and experiences that we could never have fathomed in our wildest imagination!

The three core problems exist because, at some point in our lives, we took on limiting beliefs from our environment. This includes feelings of unworthiness, of not being safe to be ourselves, of powerlessness, of not being capable, and of having something deeply wrong with us.

Self-Acceptance through connection:

As we bring awareness to these wounds and bring our beliefs into alignment with our true selves, we experience self- acceptance.  Our connection to our true and infinite potential is always available to us at any moment in our lives. The best way to access this is to bring awareness to the fear-based beliefs that limit us and to let them go.

When we dissolve the resistance we carry within ourselves, we create space to deepen our connection with our higher self. We remember who we truly are.  As we place more and more trust in our higher self, life becomes an adventure; a game of curiosity that allows us to explore and become aware of the expanded aspects of our infinite self.

Life reflects back to us the level of connection we have with ourselves.  We can look at the relationships we have with others to gauge and become aware of the connection we have with ourselves.  When we feel comfortable connecting with ourselves we become comfortable connecting with others.  Remember that everything in life is a reflection.

When we are comfortable being our authentic selves and love all aspects of who we are, we are able to express this to others without limiting ourselves.  When this happens we feel relaxed, joyful and happy.  On the other hand if we feel insecure about who we are, we feel that we need to wear a mask and present only partial aspects of ourselves. In these cases, we tend to feel uncomfortable around other people and worry about what others think of us.

How to move from disconnection to connection:

This is an exciting journey that occurs throughout life.  When we use life as a mirror to see all aspects of ourselves, we resonate in alignment to our true potential.

The first step is to create space within the mind by reducing the chaos and number of thoughts experienced on a day-to-day basis.  When we meditate daily we allow ourselves to become more aware of what is unfolding in our life.

During this 7-week program you have been introduced to meditation techniques that will support you to still your mind.  I strongly recommend that you incorporate meditation on a daily basis at least five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the evening.

The second step to move from disconnection to connection is to understand the different aspects of yourself.  Most people live their life trying to figure out their life using their conscious mind.  The problem with this is the conscious mind was never designed to work out how life should unfold.  When we surrender to our higher self and allow guidance to flow through us in the form of our emotions and feelings, we start to see how easily life flows.

Final exercise:

Here is an exercise you can use to make decisions using your higher self.

The next time you encounter a problem or you need to make a choice, write the different choices you could make on separate pieces of paper.  Fold each piece of paper in half so you cannot see the choice and mix the choices up.  Put all the pieces of paper on a table and guide your hand over them.  As you do this, bring all of your awareness to your body and feel which solution “resonates” with you the most.  This may be in the form of a stronger feeling, a flash image in your imagination, or through sound. The trick is to trust your first intuition and not second-guess yourself.  The simple truth is that every person on earth is intuitive. By using your intuition, you create momentum in your life as you deepen your trust and connection with yourself.

The third step to move from disconnection to connection with your higher self is to continue to acknowledge the resistance you feel when life presents obstacles. If you feel negative emotions or you notice that you are procrastinating or avoiding making a decision, ask yourself “what beliefs do I hold to be true that lead me to experience self doubt in this moment?”

Bring awareness to the beliefs that create the experiences of feelings of stress, anxiety or fear and how this affects your experience of reality.  Remember that life is a mirror and is reflecting the reality that you believe to be true in any given moment.

As negative feelings arise, sit with them instead of running away. Then you can begin to love them and integrate them.  Use the ORFANS healing process from lesson 5 to empower yourself and align to your higher self. This will allow you to experience a more effortless and fun life.




It has been an absolute pleasure supporting you over the last 7 weeks with this course.  I have shared with you the key lessons that have supported me to transform from self-doubt and limitation to self-acceptance and love.  I continue to practice and evolve, expand and become aware of who I truly am. I encourage and support you to do the same.


If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly at Nicolas@lionheartcoaching.com.au and I would love to hear how you have found this course.  I would also like to say a special thanks to Misha Donohoe for her drawings and editing of this work.  I send you absolute joy and unconditional love in the knowing that you embody the infinite, true and essential being that you are.

If you require support in integrating this information. If you are finding resistance in doing the exercises or require a helping hand then check out my coaching packages at: https://lionheartcoaching.com.au/coaching/

Remember that unless you actually take the steps to implement this information into who you are then your life won’t change.  It takes more than just knowing information. It requires implementing and being the changes you say you wish to experience in the world. For additional support contact me at: https://lionheartcoaching.com.au/coaching/

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