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If you are participating in the Western way of living, then my guess is you’re probably running from one thing to the next. Is all your focus on doing, doing and more doing OR do you experience a day based on inspiration? If you are in the world of doing, then you are more than likely being pushed by life or fear. If you have unplugged from the matrix then you are being pulled by your vision. Taking inspired action feels completely different to reactive fear based action.

Having transitioned from the Corporate World and now living a life completely aligned to my life path and purpose I know the challenges and the level of courage it takes to make the transition. In today’s BLOG I feel to share with you some useful tips and ways of being that will give you an opportunity to live the life you love and take action in a balanced, harmonious way. These tips are integrated choices that I focus on every day that have served me well.

Tip 1: Start your day in silence by going into a meditative space by spending 15 to 30 minutes in an altered mind space being in Alpha or Theta. You can use binaural beats if you consistently experience yourself with a monkey mind. Go to Youtube and search “binaural beats meditation” and a vast selection of meditations with binaural beats are available. The benefits of meditation are endless and many scientific journals conclusively agree that meditation is excellent for focus, reducing stress, being present, feeling lighter and improving the relationship you have with yourself. Once you’ve created stillness then …

Tip 2: Start to journal and allow yourself to express how you are feeling. It’s super important to be in touch with your emotions and feelings. Your emotions are telling you what is bubbling up from the unconscious. Avoiding or suppressing what IS showing up creates dis-ease, distorted thinking, avoidance of problems that require your attention and being sidetracked in life leaving you in a tailspin. To acknowledge and allow yourself to feel and be with whatever is showing up will yield big dividends in the future.

Tip 3: Set 5 intentions for the current day. By writing down what you’d love to experience and bring into your day, you begin steering the ship of your life. Pay attention and notice what does show up. Your intentions are most powerful when they align to your overall vision of your life.

Tip 4: Record 5 or more wins from the previous day. By getting your mind to focus on what “Is working” you start to shift your focus from negativity to positivity. Your mind is a faithful servant. Whatever you get the mind to focus on is what you will get back in return. Pay attention to your thoughts and emotions. If you find you are going into a tailspin and thinking of irrelevant stories that are negative THEN quickly bring yourself back into the present moment and reset and refocus.

Tip 5: Look at your intentions and then write down any tasks you feel are important for you to focus on. Once you have clarity ask yourself, “What is the one thing I can focus on right now that will make everything else easier or redundant?” Remember that you don’t HAVE to do everything yourself. When you enter a flow state you allow yourself to be supported by the universe and you don’t have to get as much done as you think you do.  Be open to insights and ideas. They will start flooding in quickly.

Tip 6: Spend 5 minutes going into a visualisation and seeing/feeling your day flowing marvellously. 17 seconds of pure intentional though is the equivalent of 200 hours of action that is mindless or fear based. Don’t underestimate the power of intentions and visualisations.


As your day commences keep checking your intentions and keep asking the question in Tip 5. You’ll be amazed at how much can be done and at the same time you can enjoy exercising, going to the beach, connecting with friends or any other activity that rejuvenates and enlivens your soul.

If you feel you could do with some support in your life then an easy step is I am offering a Life Health Check which will give you an opportunity to see where you actually are in life now. Once you have the awareness of your current reality you can then make new choices and start to move in the direction that will bring great joy, passion and inspiration into your world.

To arrange a Life Health Check please email me at and i’ll share more specific details and get the ball moving forward. To your joy, inspiration and heartfelt success.


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