Z – ORFANS Technique

How to Transcend resistance?

Powerful to move through trapped emotions or areas in one’s life where we hold lots of resistance

Pre-requisite: Allow Yourself at least 5 minutes to complete this properly.

O – Own the feeling: I am Angry, I am feeling frustrated, jealous, resentful (rather than playing the blame game) i.e. He made me feel like this etc…When no fault/blame then freedom.
R – Responsibility: Take 100% responsibility for how you are feeling. The intensity is determined by what is in you. “Thank you for showing me what is in me that gave rise to this experience.
N.B. This feeling is occurring due to a program, conditioning which exists as a vibrational pattern in my energetic field which is getting triggered.
F – Feel the feeling fully: Pay it gentle wholehearted attention; find where it is in your body, may be in more than one place. Notice it and feel it.
A – Allow & Accept: This is a part of you that feels this way. Not right or wrong. Accept and allow the rage, the grief, the feelings of shame, guilt, or self doubt.
NS = New Signature: Find in your heart field the feeling that you want and breathe it into every cell of your body.
When we accept it, we can then call the resonance (solution) of whatever is most useful to us.

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