Prison of the Mind – Part 1


Living in a world of duality where for every extreme there is an opposite extreme.  For example if you experience cold you must have experienced something hot to know what cold is.  To experience sweet you would have experienced sour.  We perceive this dualistic experience through our 5 tangible human senses being: smell, touch, sight, sound and taste.  We also have a 6th sense called our Intuition, which is our inner compass and communicates through the heart space.  Everyone would have experienced a ‘gut instinct’ or a ‘knowing’ without any facts or logic and made a decision based on this feeling.  Often realizing later that it was the best choice for them in that moment. For example having an Intuitive feeling to go up and speak with someone who you don’t know and then experience the unfolding of a beautiful friendship, business relationship or even life long partner.

This image represents the duality of the world

An untrained mind keeps us safe by avoiding new circumstances & opportunities by referencing & analyzing the present moment through past experiences and projecting them into all areas of your life.  For example you may have experienced yourself in a destructive relationship and then project those fears into all new opportunities.  Your mind may have said things like “all men or women can’t be trusted”.  Clearly if you are projecting this into your present moment you will feel resistance to meet anyone new.  When you experience fear, anxiety, resistance in the body this is the mind telling you that you are now stepping outside your comfort zone, which is its reference point of keeping you safe.


The limitation of always staying within the comfort zone, which is the prison of the mind, limits the possibilities and opportunities that flow into our life.  95% of the thoughts we engage with today are the same thoughts engaged with yesterday and thus our reality doesn’t really change and we don’t get to experience ourselves fully.


Perhaps you’re asking why does this matter?  The truth of who we are is we are infinite spiritual beings having a human experience and have so much more available to experience in this reality than we give ourselves credit.  Most people are only living a very small fraction of their truth, potential, gifts & talents.  By staying in our comfort zone we will never feel fulfillment within ourselves and because of this emptiness we feel inside we are constantly trying to fill this void with activities such as keeping busy, drinking & drugs, smoking, having sex, eating and anything else that numbs our feelings or distracts us from this emptiness.

So how can we move forward?  Firstly it’s so important to question your life without judgement.  The quality of your questions will determine the quality of your life.  By asking “how could my relationship with XXX be more useful?” This is an empowering question.  To receive anything in life on some level we must first enquire & ask.  Everyone is receiving exactly what they believe they deserve in life.


If you feel you are living within limitation you can ask yourself this question.  In what areas of my life do I believe things to be true that are not?


Here are some of the limitations that most people have adopted on some level and are absolutely crippling them from their true potential:


  1. I’m not capable
  2. I’m not worthy
  3. I don’t know how
  4. I don’t’ have the money
  5. I don’t have the time
  6. I’m not smart enough
  7. Others may judge me
  8. It’s too difficult
  9. I’m not supported
  10. What happens if I fail
  11. I don’t have the money
  12. I don’t have the time
  13. It may work for you, but it won’t work for me
  14. Now isn’t a good time

Scan through your life now and reflect on where you limit yourself.  Where do you give yourself permission to move forward and where do you limit yourself?  The truth is that any limitation is self created and will get reflected back to us in our external reality.  The more we buy into the problem/belief the deeper and more en-grained the reflection becomes.  When you place awareness on the truth of who you are, which is that you are not limitation; you allow for these limitations to start to de-tangle and leave your reality.  For example, I had a deeply entrenched fear around judgement that I held onto for most of my life.  I was always concerned what others would think of me and whether I would be received.  When I was unaware I believed that the world was a judging place and thus I would attract people, circumstances and events to judge me both positively and negatively.  As I started to reclaim my power from judgement I realized that the truth was that I was judging myself and always comparing myself to others believing I wasn’t enough.  As I disentangled this focus & belief I became aware over time that judgement in my external reality dwindled. My experience shifted from one of pain & suffering to openness, sharing & acceptance.  The power of what we believe to be true is quite remarkable and will significantly shape how you show up in the world.  Suffering exists when the purity of who we are is not allowed to be expressed unconditionally in this reality and we pretend to be someone who we are not, like that of a puppet.  We are constantly having to put different masks on to please the different people we interact with on a daily basis because of our need for approval, recognition & acceptance.  Being someone who you are not is exhausting and unfulfilling.

So start to bring awareness to the judgements you carry and start to see how the judgements you project into the world are judgements you have within yourself.  What are the different masks you wear in the different areas in your life? Bring awareness to the limitations you experience in your life.


The first and most important step to living with a deeper sense of fulfillment & joy is awareness.  I’ll be sharing other insights and tips in the next week or so about moving through these limitations with grace and ease.  Remember that we all require support in our lives and the benefit of having a solid rock in your life such as a coach with increased awareness & abilities to pick up the subtle games we play with ourselves can leap you light years ahead in your own evolution & development.  If you are new to the journey of life, I encourage you to submit your details on my website on and I will offer you a complementary 30 minute self awareness coaching session.  Remember that Life rewards action and as Albert Einstein said, “Doing the same thing over and over again is the definition of insanity.”

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the flow of life until next time.

Authentically Yours


Biography of Nicolas Perrin

Nicolas Perrin is the founder of Authentic Freedom Now whose sole purpose is to support people in finding empowerment within themselves.  It is through self-realization and bringing an alignment between the heart, mind and hand that we can live truly fulfilling & happy lives. We can share our inspiration with our family, friends and community.  Authentic Freedom Now offers a range of coaching services & workshops that supports people in finding purpose, removing resistance that robs us of our dreams and becoming the truly magnificent person you were born to be.  Life always rewards action and courage.  To open you up to the infinite possibilities that are available in each moment we must be open and willing to engage new ideas, pursuits & opportunities.

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