Comfort Zone Expansion Program


Purpose of this course:

// To support people to connect to their soul power so they can transcend the limitations of the mind manifested as real, tangible results in their life.

// People focus in on 1 area of their purpose, mission & movement where they have the greatest amount of challenge, difficulty, limitation, avoidance or an area you feel will create the greatest level of expansion, growth & learning for you.  This course will take them beyond their comfort zone & current reality so to experience & receive new tangible results within their business, mission, movement or project.

// To support people to step into their greatness & know how to break free from their comfort zone

// To live from their heart & to experience a heart centred way of living rather than being mind dominated which creates misery, stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

One of the most enjoyable experiences as a human being is to create something from nothing.  When you create from your heart you experience maximum fulfillment and joy. Did you know that one of the biggest regrets people have on their death bed is, “I wish I had lived my life on my terms & values instead of buying into the expectations of others!” Most people wish they had stepped into their greatness and created a life that aligns to their values.

If you are a heart centred entrepreneur, a difference maker, a visionary, a coach, healer, transformational expert, change maker or a corporate refugee who is values based and is transitioning into a life that reflects your purpose, passion and mission then I welcome you from the bottom of my heart.

Have you been skidding on the same spot for a while?

Have you been chasing your tail creating the same reality over and over again wondering why your business, project, movement or mission isn’t working, flowing or has limited impact?

Have you been taking lots of action but feel like the return on your energy is minimal or non-existent?

As Albert Einstein says, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

You have something more within you that wants’ to be expressed & shared to the world. Deep down in your gut and inner knowing perhaps you feel that enough is enough. You know you have the potential, although you may doubt yourself from time to time.  You can feel your ability to powerfully create yet you feel restricted or limited.

The mind can jump in and protect you by justifying or rationalizing why it’s okay to keep creating the same results in your life. This may look like being in denial of what it is you actually deeply desire OR you may be in avoidance of facing the challenges, fears or resistance within you so you can upgrade and up level your business, movement, project or mission that feels stagnant.

To live a life where you are stepping into your greatness requires a deep sense of honesty. To know whether you are being honest with yourself, your feelings and emotions is your inner guidance system to show you if you are aligned or not aligned.

The feeling of confusion creates the experience of procrastination and self-sabotage. Perhaps you don’t know what it is you truly want to create and thus don’t know where to focus your energy.

The feelings of fear, anxiety, doubt or worry create the experience of avoidance or denial of what it is you truly want. Perhaps you doubt your capability, worthiness or skills to up level an area in your life?

The feelings created from judgement and rejection will create a wall that will block any progress moving forward perhaps because of your concern on how others will perceive you?  If you up level, are you afraid people in your life will drop out?

So you can see that the inner world can be a minefield of the many reasons why stepping into your greatness is challenging. Choosing a life that reflects your heart & soul desires is a life choice.

In the “Comfort Zone Expansion” course we’ll be tackling all of the above and also be focusing in on your business, movement, project or mission that requires an upgrade and you’ll use this vision as a thermometer to the expansion created through your participation in this training program.



// You’ll receive clarity on the unlevelled version of your business, project, movement or mission. You will know what this area in your life will look like when you are aligned to your heart and values.

// Get clear on what your soul & heart is truly wanting to create

// Ensuring that your vision has the legs to go all the way instead of burning out half way.



// Moving from a ‘make it happen’ push/pull creating model TO a Quantum Non Linear creating model.

// Mastering how you align to your vision & knowing how to trouble shoot yourself when the flow isn’t happening

// Supportive choices in your external reality that will make the unfoldment of your vision so much easier.

// Following your inspired action rather than reaction based action

// Knowing how to pinpoint what is the most relevant next step to focus on


Power & Conviction:

// Know how to access your inner soul power, which is an infinite resource that very few people use.

// Learn the most effective and quickest ways to tap into your inner power even when you’re feeling anxiety, overwhelm or out of control

// Create a powerful relationship with universal intelligence to receive support

// Opening your heart & clearing any blockages that may be preventing you from living a heart based life.


Zero Resistance & Flow:

// Explore all the different forms of resistance and how this plays out in your life to keep you stuck and small. The psyche has many unconscious filters that heavily distort your ability to live a free & sovereign life.

// Know how to transform and release this resistance in an easy way that you can take forward in your life on a day-by-day basis.


The Unconscious Egoic Strategies:

// Learn how to identify & release your Egoic Strategies that keep you playing unconsciously within your comfort zone.


Transformation & celebration:

// You’ll be making peace between your mind and your heart, which creates much of the chaos and drama you experience in your life.

// You’ll receive effective transformational tools to align your inner and outer game so that you can receive & experience the results you prefer in your life.


I’ve been on a similar journey to you. Over the last 10 years I’m journeying through an awakening experience where I transitioned out of the corporate world and have stepped into a life that reflects my values and my true authentic voice. I was someone who was incredibly shy, had enormous amounts of resistance to public speaking and being seen by others. I played life very safe and took on the role of ‘the observer’. My confidence was low and I experienced large amounts of self-doubt about who I am and what I was really here to do. I’ve gone through an extraordinary transformation to have found my inner power and truth, which now allows me to share this work with you.  I continue to up level, expand and challenge myself constantly so that I can experience my greatness through this human experience on Earth.  I honour the journey that you have been on to take you up to this point.

Here is how we’ll be playing together during the 6 weeks:

// Each week you will receive 3 lessons that will be facilitated online with a live 1 hour Q&A to answer any questions you may have with any of the lessons & upgrades you are moving through. Each week builds on one another

// The course will start on X and end on Y

// Each session is recorded online so you can review any lessons at anytime and the weekly Q&A sessions will be available if you miss out.

// You will have access to a private community group where all questions, insights, experiences through the course will be held to support you & a place where you can connect with others on this journey with you.

// You will have 1 X 15min 1 on 1 call with Nicolas personally to support you at the beginning of the course to get on track and be aligned.

// You will receive 60 minutes of specific meditations to support you in gaining deeper stillness, clarity and peace.

// You will receive a 7 week online Education course created by myself called “The Pillars of Self Acceptance” which will complement and support the work we do in this course to supercharge your evolution.

If what I have shared resonates and you are ready to up level an area in your life then I’d love to offer this to you for:

$600 AUD for 48 hours only which expires at <DATE>. The standard price of this offering is $800 AUD.  The value offered here is $2,000 and this course will be going up to that price in the not so distant future.

All you have to do is click on the button below to register your details and payment and you’ll receive instructions on the next steps.

My name is Nicolas Perrin and I look forward to being of service to you in support of your evolution as a magnificent human being.


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