Life is confusing when not on purpose

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LIFE is Confusing when YOU ARE not on purpose

It’s easy to float through life just going through the motions, blending into the crowd and doing what everybody else is doing.  The problem is you never get to really know who you truly are.  Your authentic real self is unique to you and by blending in you are compromising on the life you were born to live.  Often by settling for second best, doing what is easy and doing what we have always done is a recipe for mediocrity and unfulfillment.


Do any of these sound like you?

# Feeling confused about what you are meant to be doing in life?

# Feeling frustrated and angry because you know you can offer so much more to life?

# Deep down in your gut you have a calling or a dream that has been bubbling below the surface for years but the fear of exploring it has outweighed the joy of experiencing your dream?

# Tend to hold yourself back because of the fear of rejection or fear of failure?

# Tend to criticise or judge yourself before even having started something new?

# Are you afraid of stepping into your power and being in the lime light?


Ready To Get Clarity Now?

The good news is that through getting crystal clear clarity on your vision, your focus will be as potent as a lazer.  I’ll support you to move through all resistance that is preventing you from moving towards your dreams and inspirations so that instead of feeling fearful you will feel excitement about choosing a life that is heartfelt, courageous with the results you prefer.


A pre-questionnaire to evaluate where you are in your life now


A powerful discovery session to create your Vision at a holistic level which includes:

# Discovering your heart and shadow values

# Getting clarity on your “why” – the driving force that comes from your heart

# Creating your big picture Vision at an energetic level

# Painting the picture for the next 12 months – including all key areas in your life

# Creating specific inspired action steps for all key areas

# Bringing awareness to resistance and limitations that are currently preventing your vision from moving forward.

# Activating the qualities or resources for your vision to unfold.


Receive Transformation in all areas – going through all the resistance, fears, limitations that is holding you back.

Be held accountable for all your inspired actions

Receive Esoteric & Universal wisdoms to support your understanding of how to allow this process to be effortless including:

A) Foundations of “The Game of Life” – key aspects of wisdom to support your transformation.

B) Accessing the Heart & your intuition – the doorway to infinite living

C) Meditation & Presence – responding to life (empowerment) vs. reacting to life (powerless)

D) Conscious Creation – Knowing alchemy and using it to create what you prefer


Together we’ll shape and create a crystal clear vision around your purpose on how your life would be in your ideal world.

No more feeling confused, apathetic, frustrated, wondering, contemplating, procrastinating, feeling stuck or being a victim to your circumstances. After we’re done you’ll know exactly where you’re headed and the steps you’ll need to get there.

Here’s how the program works

Before we start: I’ll send you over my Comprehensive Pre-Program Questionnaire so we both are clear on where you are now and where you want to be.

The discovery session: Is a 2.5 hour session where we start building your vision together from the ground up.

12 Weekly follow up sessions: Each week we’ll come together for a session where we’ll continue to  work to bring full awareness to your current reality, remove the veils of deception & avoidance and fulfill all the key components necessary for you to be on purpose. This includes all the necessary universal principles that are required for your vision to fly.

Continuous support: Be held accountable to your inspired action steps to support you in stepping forward in your life specifically around your vision.


{To become an empowered individual, get clarity on your vision and move towards the life you deserve please book for a complementary 30 minute consultation where we get to see if we are aligned}


By clicking on the button above, you’ll be taken to a consultation booking page.

Simply pick a time that works for you and we can jump on the phone or Skype for a completely free 30 minute consultation to make sure this would be a wise investment for you.


[one_fifth]LHC Sam Martin Testimonial[/one_fifth][four_fifth_last]”Nicolas! Thank you so much for being you. You are indeed a trust-worthy, supportive and valuable asset to humanity ; ) I’ve learnt so much from our time together and can honestly say that i’ve never met anyone in the empowerment industry as kind, honest, daring, insightful and quick to humour as you. You are great at what you do and you don’t take yourself too seriously – what a mix!”

-Sam Martin[/four_fifth_last]

{To become an empowered individual, get clarity on your vision and move towards the life you deserve please book for a complementary 30 minute consultation where we get to see if we are aligned}




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