Releasing the Inner Critic

Date: TBA, Location: 99 Crown St East Sydney NSW Australia


Society is constantly telling people to look and fit into a certain mold. Anything outside of this mold is judged as unacceptable.

When you enter a room filled with strangers what goes through your mind?

If you…

// Constantly worry what others think of you

// Feel unsafe, anxious, or stressed on a regular basis

// Invest your time & energy attempting to fit into a tight box that others try to put you in

// Tend to focus on and notice what is wrong with yourself, others and the world

// Feel anxious when other people are making eye contact with you

// Look for approval and/or validation from your friends, family, strangers and society


Then the chances are,  your inner critic is running the show.


In this 1 day workshop we’ll be exploring:

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last]a) The origins of the inner critic & how it operates
b) How we can move from Judgement to self-acceptance & freedom.
c) Learning self transformative tools that neutralise the inner critic
d) Learn how beliefs & definitions create your reality
e) Directly experience how your inner critic plays out in your life
f) Learn how to Access the heart and allow new possibilities to enter your life[/two_third_last]


Here’s why this 1 day workshop is relevant to you…

Judgement is the glue that keeps you stuck in the prison of the mind.

To feel real freedom, wake up in the morning and celebrate you for being you, this can only occur when you let go of judgement.

Most of the judgements that you buy into as adults are formed during the first 7 years of your life as children. A child’s mind is open and absorbs everything in the surrounding environment. If your parents were judgemental or critical then more than likely you have taken on these tendencies and are now perpetuating this way of thinking in your life.

Each of us are born as a unique, beautiful and complete being. As we experience life we try and fit ourselves into a cookie cutter and the pain/suffering we feel is when we are not being true to ourselves and ultimately abandon ourselves to please others. The need to belong and be accepted drives many behaviours however they never lead to true happiness, fulfillment and peace.

It is only when you unconditionally accept and love yourself for all the greatness and the weaknesses that you have the ability to make new choices.


Here’s what you’ll get out of this workshop…

When you accept who you are you let go of the debilitating emotions of shame, guilt, anger frustration, apathy and depression.

When your attention is outside of you, you will never have that moment where you feel good enough, pretty enough, smart enough or acceptable enough. There will always be something “wrong” that you will need to fix, change or improve.

Not. any. more.

This powerful 1 day workshop is a key step for you reclaiming your power and experiencing true freedom. This powerful workshop is a key step to you feeling peace, fulfillment and joy each day where you get to celebrate you for being you. This 1 day workshop is a key step to you living the life you were born to live and to bring out your true Authentic Self.

Living on purpose is your ability to be yourself wholly and completely. Once you allow your Authentic Self to shine through you can express this in anyway you desire. You can experience the highest level of excitement, joy and love from moment to moment.


Booking details:

Date: TBA,

Location: 99 Crown St East Sydney NSW Australia

Tickets: Early Bird ends by TBA $120 with full price being $180 from 5pm on the TBA going forward



Early Bird Price $120/General Admission $180

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This is what Sam Martin had to say:

LHC Sam Martin Testimonial[one_fifth][/one_fifth]I went to Nick’s workshop, Releasing the Inner Critic and experienced the wonderful surprise of learning more about myself.

In a space of trust and openness, Nick helped open up a doorway into my deeper nature and as I walked through that doorway, I discovered a hurting, blaming and angry little man. I can imagine some people being confronted and unwilling to see that sort of thing in themselves, but such was the trust I had for Nick and the determination I had to live a free and fearless life, that I embraced the moment and discovered my capacity for deep authenticity and self-love.

Released of that inner critic I experienced immediate changes in my freedom level. I experienced more fulfilling connection in my relationships and deeper trust and joy in myself.
I really loved Nick’s explanation of the nature of mind and reality and enjoyed the friendly and open atmosphere in the room. I would recommend the class to anyone wanting to be themselves more fully, freely and fearlessly in life.[one_fifth_last][/one_fifth_last]

A testimonial from Sam Ades:

Sam Ades“I was touched by the intimacy, truth and hope on the day.  I was moved by the energy, the amazing practical workable exercises that we did and I was inspired to know I can release the old way and bring in the new.”

I loved the way Nicolas took us through the day with amazing insight and passion.  I love the way he walks the walk by practicing the wonderful work he teaches in his own life.  I now feel I can put to rest what doesn’t serve me and bring to fruition the things that do. I now realise my choices are infinite and I can be in charge of making them.


A Testimonial from Sol Heartman:

oct12 217“I attended the workshop called Release the Inner Critic and I loved Nick’s honesty, effort and passion with which he presented the workshop.  It provided a space to be open and vulnerable and honest.

I felt empowered after receiving powerful explanations such as the Be -> Do -> Have model of reality.  I’ve walked away feeling a deeper sense of acceptance of myself and resolution to take fearless inspired action.”

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