How Self Expression is the key to turning your purpose into profit

Self Expression

Welcome LionHeart to this week’s BLOG, my name is Nicolas Perrin founder and inspirational change agent of LionHeartCoaching.

Last week’s BLOG explored unveiling the 4 myths to experience purpose in your life now.  In today’s BLOG we’ll be focusing our attention on how self expression is a key to success in making a profit from your purpose.


 The Recap

We have already shared that being on purpose means you bringing out your Authentic Self into the world.  An Authentic person would have a zero gap between the identity shared and projected onto others and who you really are and feel.  For most people on planet earth at this time there is an identity gap.  This identity gap takes up a lot of energy to maintain and only brings long-term misery, stress, anxiety and a life that reflects a balloon.  One tiny prick and the balloon bursts leaving a mess on the ground.


 What is Self Expression:

Please read the 2 previous BLOG’s if this is the first time coming on board because the content from today’s sharing follows on from what we have established to date.  Self Expression is your ability to communicate and share with the world your message in a clear, precise and compelling way.  There are many different ways you can express your purpose.  For example in my life I am a coach, a facilitator, a speaker, a writer and I also express myself through dance.  Each of these avenues have unique attributes and qualities that will determine whether my message and purpose is communicated effectively.


So what are the key attributes for self-expression to be easy and flowing?


Firstly presence, being completely present in the moment and being connected with your feelings will have a significant impact on how others receive you.  When you are sharing a message are you speaking from your heart or from your head.



My Personal Experience:

About a month ago I was in the Toast Masters 3rd round of the International Speech contest and during the week of the contest I had an “off week”.  I wasn’t feeling too great and my energy levels were lower than usual.  On the night I felt flat and demotivated which was really interesting because I was delivering an inspirational speech called “Challenging the Status Quo”.  I was the 7th speaker to grace the stage and the words that came out of my mouth were powerful, well constructed and the message was delivered to the crowd however the energy that I usually exhibited was lacking.


 It’s how you feel that counts…

What I learnt is that people who are receiving my message, are moved mostly from the feeling that I generate while I’m speaking.


This point is incredibly powerful and was a big learning lesson for me.  People don’t remember what you say, but they do remember how you said it or how they felt when you were expression yourself through speaking.


 What energy state are you in when expressing yourself?

This is true for all other self-expression methods such as dancing, writing, speaking, coaching, facilitating or creating art.  The mood, the energy that you are in will be felt by others when they interact with your work.  If you are selling a product or service people will base their decision on how they feel.  If they feel energetically drawn to you then the answer will be a yes.


If you are in a bad mood or feeling off, how can you shift your energy?


Firstly accept the current situation.  If you are feeling off, tired or demotivated then just admit to yourself “I am feeling off, tired and demotivated.” Take a moment to really just feel and accept your current reality.


The second step is to take a moment and decide what you would prefer or love to experience?  If say you are about to deliver a presentation what sort of energy would you love your audience to feel?  If let’s say it’s connection and enthusiasm then set your intention by saying, “My intention is that I am now choosing to access the energies of enthusiasm and connection for the upcoming presentation. Thank you for it is done.”  When you state an intention ensure you are in your body and your awareness is placed in your heart.


The third step is to focus your attention onto how the presentation would look, feel, sound and be like if you were in the state of being enthusiastic and connected.  Play a scenario in your mind, notice how the other participants respond to you and feel the feelings associated with this.

The fourth step is to let it all go and choose to be yourself and have fun.


 In conclusion:

If your intentions are to add value and support others and you genuinely love what you do, people will be drawn to you.  The energy you radiate and how you come across while expressing yourself will feel authentic.  Always know “why” you do what you do.  Your why is the key to having a powerful and compelling energy.


On a final note, if you are going to be expressing yourself in front of a large group of people, you may feel scared to express yourself and to really show up in the world owning who you are and what you represent.  The key is to focus on what you prefer and to receive support from a coach if you have unconscious limiting beliefs about yourself or life that is holding you back.  The investment you make will be paid back ten fold over your life.  Living a life of complete freedom and authenticity is absolutely priceless.  There is no better investment than investing in yourself.


How I can support you?

If you’d like to see how I can support you to get on purpose, have absolutely clarity on your authentic direction, removing limitations/fears/resistance and to express yourself to share your unique gifts & talents with the world while making an income then do send me a message at


Have a wonderful week and I look forward to hearing from you on how you are now able to fully express yourself into the world.  Remember that only you hold a unique puzzle piece in the greater picture of humanity.  Express yourself so the whole picture has the ability to be whole and complete.

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