Inspired Visionary Awakened Leadership Journey

6 month to 1 year journey


A dynamic and intuitive creative process that translates your talents/gifts and soulful inspiration into tangible products or service using frequency, coherence and resonance to magnetise clients, opportunities and money while creating a win/win outcome for all stakeholders.

Are you ready to take the next step of your awakened leadership?

In a moment of surrender, I received a complete inspirational download from infinite consciousness that were the seeds of this creative & accelerated experience. The message that touched me deeply was, "It is time for those who have been hiding and withdrawing to bring the full magnificence of their being out into the world creating tangible results with a win/win outcome for all."

The opportunity

Supporting souls like you, who are here to support the awakening of humanity, through the  activation of your individuated soul essence focusing your gifts/talents into a tangible business/project acting as a vehicle to create impact in the world. This pathway offers sovereignty, freedom, being in resonance and flow with money and other forms of abundance, living life through positive synchronicity and stepping more into your divine leadership.

Does this resonate with you?

Are you a gifted difference maker with revolutionary ideas but have resisted in grounding these inspirations because perhaps you doubt if you can bring these to life into the world? 

Do you have a business where you are selling your time in exchange for money? Do you feel overwhelmed or uneasy with the number of coaches, healers, difference makers who are already out in this world and wonder if your message, gifts and talents will ever gain real sustainable traction? Are you a sensitive person who feels overwhelmed by being in groups of people where all the attention is on you?

Have you had a quiet moment to yourself wondering if you can step out into the world and be supported financially doing what you love?

I remember when I started following my heart full time in 2012. I felt anxiety and the fear of making a mistake & failure. My heart slumped at the idea of having to go back and work in a job to earn money to live. I wondered if it is possible to succeed while not having complete clarity?

The lesson that I learn't at the end of 2013 when a coaching business I was co-directing failed is that it requires a full hearted decision to say YES and accept the worst case scenario. For me the worst case scenario was to accept not being able to pay my rent.

I embraced the creative tension in making a full hearted 100% YES. Feeling uncomfortable is normal. The experience of witnessing the magic being unconditionally supported by the universe is breath taking. I share this because these concerns may be real and concerning for you in this moment.

I see myself as a partner/guide rather than a teacher. To create & hold a space sharing an effective and powerful blue print map while maintaining the creative tension of staying in alignment as (we) as a group continue to step forward along the path of least resistance. This creative process uses frequency and resonance for moving forward and creating at the soul level.

A key integration piece

The grounding in of your spiritual wisdom/nature within the 3D world using resonance and frequency. 

This journey is different to many of the other business coaching offerings out in the world because it is not another 5 step formula/cookie cutter approach. The structures that are shared will mould around your wisdom and intuitive inner knowing. To move into a resonance and magnetic model rather than a fear/lack/self improvement model. 

High Level of this group:

A potently co-created journey crafted to support you where you are currently at in your soulful journey. This journey provides the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual support to allow your soul nature and talents/gifts to be expressed through a business or project out into the world creating tangible financial results for you and serving those who resonate with your offerings.

This group is for people who are on the awakening path and are committed to integrating the shadow aspects with full ownership of their human experience. This journey is for people who are ready to bring forth their soul essence into their creative pursuits to facilitate change, transformation creating win/win scenarios with self and the world. 

The emphasis is about moving forward and creating. At this level of soul evolution the feeling of excitement and expansion is the default inner feelings that accompany such creations. A certain level of maturity has been reached where handling any shadow elements is recognised and seen as part of the “expansion” process.

We will use intuition, life and the present moment to be the guiding principles on what are the most important aspects to look at. 

This group has a structure which holds the feminine flow of potentiality. This means that more possibilities are available working in a non linear (quantum) perspective taking into account our multi dimensional capacities without getting distracted on crazy tangents that are useless or fruitless. 

In summary we will journey using a blue print map however the order and how we move through these will be dictated by the intuitive flow of your needs.

Here is a snap shot of what to expect:

Stage 1: Understanding Current Reality

This phase is to acknowledge and get clear on what you have created up to this point in life and where are the areas required of expansion required to take you to the next level of your evolution & ascension.

Stage 2: The Foundation

The re-orientation from separation, lack, limitation, victimhood, competition, struggle, strife, chaos, and drama TO the embodiment of your soul nature. What this means for you is the experience of increased life force energy, accomplish more in less time, everything is deliberate, powerful and precise. From this place of connection you can then discern what your heart & soul is choosing to create into this physical realm vs. your ego nature.

Stage 3: Clarity

  • What is your soul mission & your calling?
  • Get Clarity on your “why”, the driver of your inspiration and creative force for life.
  • Receive clarity on how you'd love to express your purpose in the world through: program, events, books, courses or other creations being birthed from an aligned place.
  • Knowing your Ideal Client
  • The journey of your ideal client
  • Packaging your wisdom – creating a non linear program that honours structure & intuition in balance
  • Creating high level offerings (containers) – the pathway designed to assist your clients to evolve effortlessly?
  • Moving out of a time based model to a value-based model
  • Being crystal clear on the value you are offering & pricing the value appropriately

Stage 4: New Paradigm Principles

Receive all the key levels of expanded understanding to know how you can be a conscious creator in your life in a real & practical way.

Stage 5: Soul Power & Increasing your flow of Divine Power

Learn how to tap into your divine soul power at ‘will’ & be liberated with true impact. People feel your energy and are inherently drawn by the ‘energy’ you share. Soul Power is magnetic because it reflects truth, wisdom and unconditional love. The more soul aligned you become, the more magnetic you will be. Life will become easier and easier with positive synchronicity and effortless results in your life.  Key components include:

Stage 6: Transformation Process

Whenever we create a vision that is outside of our current reality resistance within the unconscious part of us will rise up through procrastination, self-sabotage, denial, avoidance and projection.  Receive a variety of effective ways of being your own transformational master.

Stage 7: Soul Alignment & Awakened Leadership

This is the integration process to move from “resistance to flow with your soul vision” Align with the new template of being an awakened leader by standing in your power, having clear energetic boundaries, cleaning up how you relate to all aspects of life.

Who you are being is the primary determinant of what shows up in your reality. Most people get lost in the “doingness” or retreat into the “woo woo’ness” of life and get confused why things aren’t evolving for them. True impact occurs when you are stepping into your inherent & divine leadership and have embodied the frequencies of such a choice . Who you become determines everything.

Stage 9: Communication

Once you are clear on your soul driven business, project or movement AND you are in alignment the next phase is to share your gifts with the world. Unless you can effectively communicate who you are, why you do what you do, what you are sharing and how this can serve others you will remain a hidden secret to humanity. Communicating to your ideal clients in a way that speaks to them directly is essential. You may have all the solutions, but if they can’t see it, they won’t be able to perceive the value you inherently hold. This section is all about putting a congruent message out into the world and having heart to heart conversations with prospects to see whether you can be of service. In traditional terms this is referred as marketing and sales.

Stage 10: Strategies

Unless you have strategies that focus your time & energy in this physical reality then your vision will remain a fantasy. Learn effective and clear ways of bringing your message out into the world AND to stay in a state of being that is conducive for magnetic and effortless results.

Stage 11: Money

Once you unconditionally love who you are, you have created a business/project or movement that is soul aligned and you are creating tangible/real results in the world; being able to receive money is essential. Many people who are looking at making a difference in the world have a negative relationship with money and then wonder why they are poor or struggling to thrive. This stage is for you to create a useful & empowering relationship with money so that you can be more effective in the world. If you are poor and scraping by, you are not useful and will have minimal impact.


  • Ready to become your own sovereign authority
  • Choosing to bridge what you love, being on purpose and creates financial freedom
  • People who are committed to their spiritual evolution to know self at the deepest of levels.
  • Use frequency and resonance as a primary way to create the reality of your preference
  • People who have wisdom but feel trapped, invisible, suppressed, repressed in being able to express their gifts to the world
  • Find it challenging to translate your gifts & offerings in a way that makes sense
  • Change Instigators, truth seekers, trailblazers, difference makers looking to move into a life that is purpose focused, aligning to soul destiny and choosing to make a difference in the world.
  • Find it challenging to stay focused or get distracted easily


  • 4 Individual 1 on 1 Sessions per month
  • Private Community Space to share and connect
  • On-going daily accountability support between sessions to maintain creative tension
  • Daily Pratice to alchemise and support in your integration and embodiment.
  • Step by step journey to keep creating, building and putting yourself out in the world.


  • Being clear on my soul gifts and have a vision that sets my heart on fire

  • Receive money doing what you love in a sustainable way creating win/win for all

  • Become a sovereign leader and self authority making a difference in the world

  • Become more magnetic: Attracting clients & opportunities with ease.

  • Integrative living lifestyle: Have more time doing what you'd love combining purpose, fun, adventure and service as one.

  • Become more in control of your destiny by being the creator of your life

  • Find your authentic voice & connect to the power source within to express your message with potency and aliveness

  • Accelerate your expansion and creation: fast track your soul evolution

  • Embody confidence, clarity, peace, freedom and inner power

  • Become an inspiration to others to follow their hearts desire & highest excitement.

  • Experience higher levels of energy and increase positive synchronicities in your life.

Step into a reality where you experience flow and grace in your life and business. Feel a sense of excitement and curiosity with your life & business as you become the revolutionary and visionary leader that you were born to be.


My name is Nicolas Perrin and I have transitioned out of Corporate banking as a corporate refugee on a quest to know who I truly am AND to live a life that is completely aligned to my highest purpose and soul destiny. It’s been an epic journey where I feel grateful for all the challenges, people and events that have unfolded in my life to support me to be where I am now. I choose to serve and support others who would love to experience life from the perspective of wonderment, awe, curiosity and excitement.

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I am a guide that uses many different modalities such as coaching, facilitation, somatic transformation, frequency attunements and other self empowering methods to assist people to open new doors of possibility, to embody and resonate to the Authentic/Natural Self.

I assist people to create tangible and real grounded results in life & business. These journeys take people from a place of potentiality to creatorship and living your dream life on your own terms.


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Inspired Visionary Awakened Leadership Journey


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