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Are your current life choices supporting you OR hurting you to live an extraordinary life?

Most people just hope that things will somehow ‘just’ get better. If I just keep doing what I’ve always done, somehow life will change. Albert Einstein gifted humanity with a key on how to live life successfully and that is, we must shift ourselves to a higher state of being first in order to solve the problems we are experiencing in our lives.

The majority of humanity believes unconsciously that through taking loads of action; that life will improve because I deserve it based on the action I’m taking. This is a flaud principle because quantum physics and metaphysics reveals a deeper truth often ignored.

Here’s a story to share this clearly …

Imagine going onto a golf course with a cricket bat attempting to hit the golf ball 100 metres and feeling frustrated and disappointed that the ball is only going 10 metres.

When you place your hand on your heart, how far is your ball actually going on the golf course of life? Our feelings are the most honest indicators of what is actually going on.

Are you a sensitive soul that has felt misunderstood and perhaps a bit of a misfit in today’s modern mainstream world? Do you deeply feel what is going on around you? You are an old soul that has been invited to journey through this enormous human collective transition. A transition of being your authentic self and then expressing your soul's magic out into the world.

Do you feel overwhelm, confusion and frustration with life? Do you look at your life and wish you were somewhere else? Do you feel stuck in your circumstances whether you are in a joyless job, a relationship that is just humming along with little heart connection or true vibrancy? Do you tend to stay in your comfort zone; doing the same things over and over again, seeing the same people over and over again OR are you expanding your horizons by trying new hobbies, activities, travelling to places or putting yourself out there on dates?

Have you been holding yourself back from ‘getting out there’ because you are afraid of failing, making a mistake or being seen as an idiot or fool? Does change and the unknown frighten you?

The good news is I know how this feels because I’ve experienced very similar things. I was in a 9 to 5 corporate job running on the hamster wheel of life hoping that things will get better in the future. It was only when I experienced despair and had to get real with myself on 2 huge fronts with my mother being diagnosed with cancer and having to face up and acknowledge my sexuality that real change was possible. The journey of transition is a whole hearted choice. What I realized is that it took all of me to be willing to get real with my situation and circumstances. No more pretending or hiding. I remember when I first started the journey of transition; I would avoid looking at my bank account in hope that one day things would just magically get better. I was very shy, introverted and did believe in myself at all. I had a raging inner critic that was highly judgemental and believed that my happiness was found outside of me.

Often it does take extreme circumstances to shake and waken us however it doesn’t have to be this way. You can make a choice right now that you are committing to your evolution and are ready to experience greater levels of freedom, peace of mind, connection and love for yourself and others.

You can choose to step into your power and become a master of your reality. It’s not your fault that nobody gave you the rule book of how to play life to the fullest. In fact very few people are aware of the true metaphysical and quantum principles that govern the truth around successful simplistic living.

In the personal development world; a common dream that is sold is “follow your dreams and be abundant!” What is often not shared is what is required for this to be your reality. During my transition out of corporate I realized that an essential part of the journey is to build a strong foundation where I felt resourced, capable and confident that no matter what life threw at me, I could handle life with ease.

Before you can go into visioning and look at building a legacy, this foundation is essential. If you ignore this part, your life will get torn apart and the path of transition will take longer and be painful. I feel fortunate that I attracted the right mentors and support teams throughout my journey. Others are often not that lucky especially if intuition hasn’t yet been ignited resulting in going down dead ends.

Joy Chau recently went on this journey with Nicolas and this is what Joy had to say ....

If you are feeling a pulse and a sense that now is the moment to bring some beautiful change into your life for the better then you’ve come to the right place.

Ultimately it’s up to you! Nobody is responsible for you or your life except you. When you back yourself, life will back you. Are you ready to say yes to your most expanded, loving, beautiful, extraordinary self?

If you are a YES then the Extraordinary Life V3.0 evolutionary journey is for you as a pathway to allow for the shifts and changes to occur with ease.

This experience has a structure that will hold you in a safe and potent way while allowing intuition to be the guiding principle of your evolution.

You see what I’m passionate about is assisting people to:

  • 1 Get in touch with their authentic & natural selves
  • 2 Understand & integrate how you can live life fully and powerfully
  • 3 Learn the most distilled and powerful tools to purify the mind & have a clear pathway of how you can continue to handle life in a positive and expanded way
  • 4 Paradigm shift yourself into new perspectives and realities that promote an easeful and graceful way of living and experiencing life.
  • 5 Step into a space of potential where you are ready to find out your life purposes and how you can contribute to the world while being abundant and joyful in the process
  • 6 How to experience true freedom and happiness moment to moment and begin to master the art of living
  • 7 Radically love yourself and have a magnetic aura that is positive, powerful and real
  • 8 Let go of the baggage that no longer serves you and free up space so you can welcome in expansive new opportunities
  • 9 Start feeling a sense of excitement about life and let go of the mundane hum drum that the majority of people feel day to day.
  • 10 Become a world bridger where you are aligned to truth, wisdom, divine power and love while being grounded as a human being here on Earth.
  • 11 Become a difference maker where you get to express your genius out in the world.
  • 12 Align your soul and spirit potently with your mind and egoic nature.

What you will receive through joining this community is:

  • 8 specific modules that are essential in building the foundations for your transition into an extraordinary life V3.0
  • A private community space where you can post questions, insights, learnings, wins and meet other like minded people in a similar space to you.
  • Tools and resources that will allow you to be able to handle life with grace and ease. Feel confident that you can step forward and know how to be you in all conditions.
  • Accountability and support in aligning your personal will and focus on the most important areas in your life for an easeful transition into an extraordinary life.
  • A potent daily practice to assist you in integrating yourself in a life that is extraordinary.

The Modules for this evolutionary course are:

  • 1 Metaphysical Principles of Transformation & Living Life with ease
  • 2 Embodying your Authentic Nature
  • 3 Transcending negativity
  • 4 Mastering the Mind
  • 5 Making the Unconscious Conscious - the Pathway to Empowerment
  • 6 Embodying your wholeness & completeness - aligning with Source
  • 7 Opening up your Intuitive & Higher Nature
  • 8 Transcending the Ego strategies of lack, limitation and playing small

How the evolutionary offer is structured:

  • 4 Weekly calls in the first month with 3 calls per month every 10 days for month 2 and 3
  • A module each week for Month 1 and 2 then a module every 10 days
  • A vast library of tools and resources to support you in integration and creating a strong foundation for your transition into the extraordinary life
  • A private community group where you can interact with others who are in a similar space to you

The next step to ensure that you are ready for this awesome opportunity and to check that this offering is the best fit for you; please click on the button below to register for a time to have a conversation that is a gift from me to you.

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I am a guide that uses many different modalities such as coaching, facilitation, somatic transformation, frequency attunements and other self empowering methods to assist people to open new doors of possibility, to embody and resonate to the Authentic/Natural Self.

I assist people to create tangible and real grounded results in life & business. These journeys take people from a place of potentiality to creatorship and living your dream life on your own terms.


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The Extraordinary Life V3.0



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