Visionary Awakened Leadership


This journey guides people to get clear on their soul journey and mission to live the most fulfilled life available

The vision of Authentic Communication

This clarity and deep connection to the soul becomes the driving engine of inspiration moving forward. Obstacles of the past become growth opportunities. A new orientation around the Authentic/Natural self unfolds guiding you down the path of least resistance.

The adventure, joy and playfulness of life returns like a phoenix rising from the ashes of seriousness, mundane and a dull routine. This journey opens you up to new possibilities that may have been invisible to you previously. By understanding the hidden rules of life, you get to step from a limited box of possibility into creatorship with the universe. Allow the magical and flowing nature of positive synchronicities to return with ease.

Does this sound or feel like you?

I remember when I knew it was time to leave corporate banking but had no clue as to what my next steps were. I could feel the exhilaration and the fear of taking the next step while simultaneously knowing that staying in a job that felt flat, boring and mundane was only extinguishing the light and flame within.

Are you ready to step beyond the plank "yes I can feel that life is offering new opportunities" yet not quite clear on what exactly is my path or what I feel excited about creating? Perhaps you can feel that it's time for a change out of a job or career that no longer lights your fire. Where you feel you are drifting along with most days feeling similar lacking that excitement and joy of being in your radiant element.

Choosing comfort, safety and predictability keeps you stuck in a place of familiarity which ultimately leads to boredom, mundane and dissatisfaction. The question is: do I stay in this limited box OR do I take a risk and break free?

What I experienced in my own personal journey, is that when I said yes to a positive change, life supported me. I was amazed at the synchronicities that showed up to assist me in moving forward. Life only revealed the next step once I had taken the previous.  The Visionary Awakened Leadership journey is the opportunity for you to claim the life that your soul chose for you to live before incarnating on planet Earth.

I experienced a fear of judgement from those that surrounded me like friends and family. I was in a financial corporate job that held a particular status in society and I was concerned about the judgement of being seen as crazy. What if I failed and made a mistake then what - humiliation or embarrassment? Well you may be noticing these concerns like me and it is okay. It is part of the process of transition.

Before making the leap I had a battle between my head and heart. My heart wanted change and to be free from obligation. My mind wanted to know what will happen. This battle between the head and heart is common when choosing to step onto a path that unlocks the wisdom of your heart. The Ego self that is designed to orientate around security, safety and comfort will feel threatened and uncomfortable.

The good news is that making such a transition isn't as scary as you may think. The Visionary Awakened Leadership Journey is structured in a hybrid way that works intuitively yet has a structure that holds you the whole way.

Together we will explore the following key pillars together that will allow you to unlock your potential, intuitive abilities and create a life that reflects your hearts deepest truth and desire.

The process

  • Bringing Awareness to Current Reality

    Getting clear on where you stand now

  • Transformation

    Release & Let go of that which no longer serves you. Let go of the burdens and lighten up

  • Accountability

    Dynamically flow with me to be held in a potent structure where evolution naturally unfolds

  • Master your relationships within all key areas in life

    Clean up and create useful relationships with money, human connection, business plus more

  • Vision Creation

    Creating a clear lighthouse that pulls you into your inspiration day by day

  • Universal Principles - Understanding the Rules behind the Rules

    Re-shift your perspectives and awareness to flow through new paradigms that support you to accelerate your expansion and creative abilities

  • Energetic Attunements

    Increase the amount of cosmic light that you hold in your energy body

  • Alignment

    Learn tools to up-level yourself and align yourself to your vision & true soul nature


  • Be clear on your purpose path and the direction that your soul is desiring.

  • Feeling excited about stepping forward on your path to create your dreams & soul destiny

  • Move from being reactive to responsive. Have a deepened sense of calm, peace with more choices. Be the witness of your life experiences like the eye of a hurricane.

  • See how you can make a difference in the world by activating and unlocking your natural gifts and talents.

  • Experience more freedom by being able to live life on your terms

  • Feel more In-Powered as you experience the ocean of the universe moving through you.

  • Experience greater levels of financial freedom and financial prosperity.

  • Experience fulfilment and meaning as you grow by following the path of your heart.


My name is Nicolas Perrin and I have transitioned out of Corporate banking as a corporate refugee on a quest to know who I truly am AND to live a life that is completely aligned to my highest purpose and soul destiny. It’s been an epic journey where I feel grateful for all the challenges, people and events that have unfolded in my life to support me to be where I am now. I choose to serve and support others who would love to experience life from the perspective of wonderment, awe, curiosity and excitement.

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