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I recently got invited onto the Sovereign Medicine Podcast who is hosted by Dan Strelan. Welcoming you to the 5th Episode of this Podcast.

Episode 5 is a dynamic co-created exploration of what it really takes to step away from the status quo and create a way of life that authentically reflects your truest essence. Dan is joined by one of his mentors, Nicolas Perrin, and together they establish the key pillars of what seems essential when ‘Stepping Into The Unknown’.

When we choose to walk our own paths and discover what it means to be Sovereign (The Author, the CEO, the Creator of your life), it’s normal for things to be a little unclear at times. It is indeed a process of developing a relationship of trust in life itself, as we carve out a new path for ourselves in unchartered territory. If we were to condense the message of this discussion down to a central theme it is indeed that we are called to fall in love with the process of self-discovery and expression.

We hope you connect with some of the personal stories shared between Nicolas and Dan as they lift the curtain and offer a glimpse into the formative moments where a strong and counter-cultural decision had to be made that would set the scene for years to come.

Listen to the Podcast here:

Who Is Nicolas Perrin?

The Soul Path is the path less travelled. Nicolas chose to walk this path when he left his job in corporate finance in 2011 with a calling to find his true path. The journey has led him around the world, participating in healing work on Sacred Sites and exploring Conscious Community.

“Since May 2017 I have expanded my experience of what it means to be an awakened leader in my life. I have felt a strong pulse to travel around the world and explore intentional communities that are living life with greater harmony and sustainability for humans, plants, animals and the Earth. I have felt a strong pulse within my heart to begin drawing upon the new templates by which human kind society can live in. I recognise that once consciousness begins to expand and the frequency of an individual rises, the awareness of our environments become acutely apparent of what is IN or OUT of alignment to our Real Self.”

“My ultimate mission and highest excitement is to assist you to create a vision that is absolutely aligned to your Authentic self so that you can live a fulfilled, peaceful and joyful life. Access your inner resources to be In-powered to move through any obstacles or challenges that come your way moving forward.”

“No more wondering, contemplating, procrastinating, feeling stuck or blaming your circumstances. Become a powerful, sleek, courageous Lion that knows no fear and knows he/she can create what he/she chooses.”

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