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My mission is to inspire 10 million people globally to become self aware individuals, who live on purpose and evolve into inspirational change makers.


Today’s theme is exploring What are the 3 main killers that stop your dreams from becoming your reality?
There are 3 key limiting beliefs that hold people back.

1) The Belief that “The unknown is scarey and dangerous.”

2) The Belief that “I’m not supported and I am separate.”

3) The Belief that “I’m not good enough”.

Where do these come from?


Everyone is born a diamond and over the first 7 years of life we are in a theta brain wave state. This means our unconscious mind is open to receiving all information without any filers to discern what is useful or not useful.


We pick everything up from our parents and other authority figures in our life. Over time we accumulate limitations & fears learnt from others.


These limiting beliefs & fears are out of alignment to our heart’s desires and what is true for us. The human experience does include pain.


A) The mechanism of the mind is to avoid pain and run towards pleasure. As children, when we experience a painful event, We create a story or a perception about the incident and create strategies to protect us from having to experience the pain ever again.
For example…
If we were always told when we were young “You think you’re better than us! Why do you have to be different to us, etc, etc.” the idea of stepping up and being successful is seen as being painful.


The need to belong and fit in outweighs the need to be successful.

We create belief systems around, “it’s painful to be me” or “being me is not okay” or “being successful is painful.”


As a compensation strategy we may become complacent, become a chameleon as a way to feel loved and to be validated by those that we care about.

If we perceive something is going to be painful – we will avoid it at all costs.


Later on in life these strategies that you employed as children are no longer useful and they will directly self sabotage any dreams or visions that you are wanting to accomplish now.


You see… because your unconscious mind has a belief that says, “Being successful or Being yourself creates pain…” it’ll do everything possible to ensure that you are not successful.


B) Now that we understand where these beliefs come from let’s explore what we can do about it?

The most effective way I know to free yourself from limiting beliefs is to integrate them through acceptance.


The emotions you feel in your body are the clues to the beliefs you hold within your unconscious mind.

So, by bringing up a situation that directly goes against the three main beliefs above will create tension, anxiety and stress in the body. The key is to go into the sensations rather than avoid them.

Notice where you feel the resistance in the body. Start to bring your attention and awareness to these sensations and start to breath into them.


Allow the sensations to be there without needing them to be different.

Let go of all expectations and just be completely present with these feelings.

Start to connect to the emotions and feelings in the body. Realise they are only energy and that the experience of feeling them is not as scarey as you first thought.


In my next video I’ll be sharing a more comprehensive way for you to integrate resistance and limitations – so you can start to move towards your dreams from a place of inspiration.

Stay tuned for more empowering ideas & solutions to get on track and to be an inspirational change maker.

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